Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 14

Silver here,

You know everyone has their first, so what was the first LN/WN that got you into reading them?

For me, it was  toaru majutsu no index over at baka tsuki.


Path chapter 2


40 comments on “Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 14

  1. Takamiki says:

    For me? same thing xD after seeing the anime i wanted more so i went looking and found there is a whole world of novels that are intresting


  2. devilsadvocate6 says:

    it was gekkou at first, i got into novels after reading gekka no utahime (though it was stopped TT_TT)

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  3. JB says:

    Infinite stratos. I can’t remember why but I recall googling it and discovering Baka-tsuki through that. That was at least 7 or 8 years ago and now I am reading several different light novel and web novel translations. And Infinite stratos can be considered dead at this point as it has been nearly two since vol 10 with no news about vol 11.

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  4. TheLiar says:

    The first LN i ever read was Campione. I found that one to be very interesting, and am still pissed that it got licensed and doesnt show up on Bakatsuki anymore. As for anime,manga,Ln,WN and all that good stuff in general, i watched the Soul Eater anime once out of sheer curiosity and now i cant stop.

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  5. theblackgift says:

    I read the first chapters of the manga of death march kara hajimaru isekai and wanted more. I hesitated for some months and finally started reading it.
    That remembers me of a long chain that began in march 2004 or so. At first I started watching my big brother playing games, after I played them, then I used youtube, over that followed animes, then mangas and at last WN and LN. A long story~nostalgic~

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  6. noritori says:

    I started with TDG on wuxiaworld after some hiatus of the manga and now i check pretty much every manga if it has LN/WN if the releases are slow, also its so frustrating that TDG is being rushed by the author 😦

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  7. Nematoda says:

    For LN… it was DxD….. (i think)
    After watching the anime i begin to read the novel… and not disappointed xD
    For WN… death march… (read that after i begin read DxD)

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  8. Dark Jackel says:

    Wow, I could write an entire paper on the evolution of my tastes in fiction and media… Maybe I should sometime… 😅

    Anyway, as for my first light novel, I don’t rightly remember — but I’m fairly sure it was one I found online because the manga version wasn’t updating regularly. The New Gate is a possibility, or Accel World. Or possibly Spirit Migration or Re:Monster, although I suspect not, since I was only mildly interested in those. 🤔

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  9. kalirion says:

    My first was Overlord, and I started reading it because I was in love with the anime.

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  10. jalil29 says:

    Started reading Arifueta since i was pissed on once a month updates on manga

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  11. Spectator says:

    Overlord, because I couldn’t wait a week for the new anime episode. Turned out the light novel was even better than the anime.

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  12. archknight says:

    mine was “only sense online” because i was waiting for manga chapters of other stuff to come out

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  13. midnight2630 says:

    Legend of the Shield Hero.
    …good times when i didn´t know about Novel Updates and would f5 20 times a day

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  14. noviceeditor says:

    Mine was either golden word master or the shield hero over at Baka tsuki

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  15. ranpunashi says:

    Zero no Tsukaima

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  16. Dragons33 says:

    Gosh, I’ve been reading Light/Web Novels for years now… I think the first Light Novel I ever read was High School DxD. After that I found The Rising of The Shield Hero Web Novel, and then eventually found and


  17. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Hmm, my first time it is? If my memory didn’t play trick on me it’s Campione!…
    Started from my curiosity if the story have a manga version or not, I stumble upon the novel version at that time and start reading novel from that time…


  18. Siestina says:

    First wn tate no yuusha at youraikun. Tate no yuusha introduce me to this world of wn and ln. Haaa good old memories.

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  19. bcahthekill says:

    For me… SAO or Dxd?


  20. No god damn idea. Have an ongoing problem of reading of books that aren’t poorly written garbage then trying to find more good books. So years ago found baka tsuki now only use novelupdates and read a lot. Novels are still novels just varying in size. Still recall reading SAO and then trying to tell people about it when literally everyone had not even the slightest idea of what the fuck it was. The other oldest things I read I can’t recall the long names of. Index was one though


  21. abrafax says:

    Mine would be Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei on Baka Tsuki when it still had about 6-7 chapters available. Followed by SAO and a bit of High School DxD. I only discovered Novel Updates 2 years ago.


  22. Drakuro says:

    the first light novel ever, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.
    got me hooked, so I need to find something else after that


  23. AL says:

    The first WN for me was Death March over at Sousetsuka. My first LN was Log Horizon.
    I read Death March because a friend recommended it and Log Horizon because of the anime.


  24. Anonymous says:

    My first was probably Only Sense Online or World Teacher but what really got me into reading was Mushoku Tensei.


  25. fortress56 says:

    mine was Overlord, the anime was a cliffhanger so I decided to check the novels.


  26. thatguy572 says:

    The one that really started me off was Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka (I’m a Spider, so what?); the wn specifically. MC and plot just so good


  27. VesperOz says:

    My first LN was Vampire Hunter D from a local library, which was around 10 years ago. My second LN was The Twelve Kingdoms. The only reason I’ve found them was because I was a bit obsessed with those two animations & learned that they’ve been based of a novel.

    It’s only a few years later when I’ve discovered other novel translations online. It felt like the information about WN/LN translations was pretty scarce at that time. The knowledge about those weren’t really spreading around much, even among anime/manga forums. I just accidentally stumbled on the Moonlight Sculpture, and it just went from there.


  28. mark-18 says:

    My first LN that i search is Utsuro no Hako


  29. mark-18 says:

    My first LN was Utsuro no Hako


  30. Oh boy , I don’t even remember what is the first nv/wn I ever read lol… Only thing I can think back back is Overlord or Re:Monster


  31. First Ln that I read that got me into reading LNs then WNs was Campione!. Kept seeing a gif with that kiss scene that happens towards the end of the series. I instinctively knew I had to learn where it was from, lead me to watching the anime which in turn got me reading the LNs on Baka-Tsuki around 2012 and the rest is history. And yes I’m still salty about that DMCA from Shueisha for no other reason than just because they felt like it.


  32. forgame says:

    I think the 1st one that made me into reading on web this much was Re:Monster (I don’t remember the web but I think 1st its baka but then I went to mtl group archive that have super long ahead from baka but in mtl and I somehow understand most of the story without worries. But it was really unreadable, don’t know how I understood them all at that time. Still question my brian at that time)


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