Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 13

Silver here,

Well something happened that hasn’t happened in a while for us and I’m gonna try to manage it when the time comes. Anyway, later this week and all of next week I’m gonna be busy with finals and research papers so chapters may not come or be released at weird times. Just a heads up.


P.S. the PDF of Volume 4 is now on the table of contents so stop asking me about it.


5 comments on “Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 13

  1. Andre Milani Martin says:

    you put the title here and on NU as V3, its V5


  2. franckoa says:

    Thanks for the PDF….

    Now that it is there…

    Hehehe *insert sadistic smile here* !
    Time to pester you for the epub version then ;op !


  3. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  4. devilsadvocate6 says:

    best of luck with your stuff man!


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