Hello guys, uselessno4 here, umm it’s actually use less no. 4 a name that i make in my chuninbiyo time, well yeah. In this blog of mine here I’m attempting to machine translating¬†1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku / Founding a nation in the different world for the sake protecting 1000 Homunculus Girls, a translation which started by guro-san. This is a pure machine translator based translation so if there are some awkward, stiff line, wrong grammar and such forgive me. And as I translate this web novel while enjoying it between my life and work, I only have like 1 hour a day more or less at translating, so yeah that’s it. Enjoy your stay. And thank you Guro-san for introducing this series to us.

Oh yeah, if you want to contact me just write a comment or e-mail here uselessno4(at)gmail.com

Editor/ Translator


Hello all, what would you pick between light or darkness? I embrace both aspects because life is more entertaining this way. Killing one minute and giving to an orphanage the next. It is truly the best way to embrace life. OK, in all seriousness I am in college and I’ve always liked ln/wn, manga, and anime. When I decided that I wanted to become more than a spectator of the community, translations seemed like the best fit for me and my skills. On a final note, as I’m a college student my classes take priority over my work here, so whenever I have a major project or exam I won’t be able to focus on this cite as much as I do normally. I will be sure to inform everyone when that happens.

Contact Silver at: turnerjake47@gmail.com (The name is fake by the way)