Skeleton Knight

 Skeleton Knight in another world./ 骸骨騎士様、只今異世界へお出掛け中

Arthur: 秤 猿鬼

The protagonist fell asleep while playing an online game. However, he awoke in a strange world with his game characters appearance. In a state of shock, he noticed that he was equipped with nothing but his strongest weapon and armor. To make matters worse, our hero’s appearance was changed by the special avatar skin 『Skeleton』 when he entered this new world. The protagonist wanted to live without drawing attention, but he got acquainted with the dark elf Ariane and received her request.

Original work 

Russian Translation

Spanish Translation

Arc vs Ainz

Volume 1: New World (PDF/PDF2)


Chapter 1 「I’m in a Different World」

Chapter 2 「A Surprise Attack Isn’t Cowardly」Part 1

Chapter 3 「A Surprise Attack Isn’t Cowardly」Part 2

Chapter 4 「The First Town Rubierute」 Part 1

Chapter 5 「The First Town Rubierute」 Part 2

Chapter 6 「Seeking Employment as an Adventurer」 Part 1

Chapter 7 「Seeking Employment as an Adventurer」 Part 2

Chapter 8 「What, These Aren’t Medicinal Herbs? It’s a Monster!」 Part 1

Chapter 9 「What, These Aren’t Medicinal Herbs? It’s a Monster!」 Part 2

Chapter 10 「Strategic Retreat」

Chapter 11 「Form of the City」 Part 1

Chapter 12 「Form of the City」 Part 2

Chapter 13 「Just Passing By」 Part 1

Chapter 14 「Just Passing By」 Part 2

Chapter 15 「I Received an Assigned Request」

Chapter 16 「Waiting to Infiltrate」 Part 1

Chapter 17 「Waiting to Infiltrate」 Part 2

Chapter 18 「Operation Commences」 Part 1  

Chapter 19 「Operation Commences」 Part 2

Chapter 20 「Assault on Diento’s lord」 Part 1

Chapter 21 「Assault on Diento’s lord」 Part 2


Volume 2: Blade Heart Clan (PDF/EBUB)

V2 Prologue

Chapter 1 「Onward to Raratoia」Part 1

Chapter 2 「Onward to Raratoia」Part 2

Chapter 3 「Forest Capital Maple」

Chapter 4 「Tour of Raratoia」

Chapter 5 「The trader Doesn’t Bargain」

Chapter 6 「The Purpose of Preference」

Chapter 7 「Troublesome Things」Part 1

Chapter 8 「Troublesome Things」Part 2

Chapter 9  ⌈How Unreasonable⌋

Chapter 10  ⌈Reasoning the Unknown Away⌋

Chapter 11  ⌈Strategic oblivion⌋

Chapter 12 「Hoban Visit」Part 1

Chapter 13 「Hoban Visit」Part 2

Chapter 14 「Rebellion in Hoban」Part 1

Chapter 15 「Rebellion in Hoban」Part 2

Chapter 16 「The Capital City Olav」Part 1

Chapter 17 「The Capital City Olav」Part 2

Chapter 18 「Collaborative Scheming」Part 1

Chapter 19 「Collaborative Scheming 」Part 2

Chapter 20 「Raid on the Etsuato company」Part 1

Chapter 21 「Raid on the Etsuato company」Part 2

V2 Epilogue

Volume 3: Humans and Elves (PDF)

V3 Prologue

Chapter 1 「To the West」Part 1

Chapter 2  ⌈To the West⌋ Part 2

Chapter 3 ⌈The wasteland town Buranbeina⌋

Chapter 4 「Monster Researcher」Part 1

Chapter 5 「Monster Researcher」Part 2

Chapter 6 「The ones you’re with」

Chapter 7 「Harbor City Lanbaltic」Part 1

Chapter 8 「Harbor City Lanbaltic」Part 2

Chapter 9 「The Elven Bride」Part 1

Chapter 10 「The Elven Bride」Part 2

Chapter 11 「Disturbance in Lanbaltic」Part 1

Chapter 12 「Disturbance in Lanbaltic」Part 2

Chapter 13 「Disturbance in Lanbaltic」 Part 3

Chapter 14 「To the Eastern Empire」

Chapter 15  ⌈Meeting in Rinburuto⌋

Chapter 16 「Border Town Gurado」Part 1

Chapter 17 「Border Town Gurado」Part 2

Chapter 18 「That which brings blessings and tragedy」Part 1

Chapter 19 「That which brings blessings and tragedy」Part 2

Chapter 20 「Thanks Ninja Chiome」

Chapter 21 「Leibnitz Incident」Part 1

Chapter 22 「Leibnitz Incident」Part 2

Chapter 23 「Leibnitz Incident」Part 3

V3 Epilogue

Volume 4: A Spring and A Curse

V4 Prologue

Chapter 1 ⌈Sparring⌋

Chapter 2 「The Next Journey」

Chapter 3 「Is This What They Call Damage?」

Chapter 4 「I Have A Bad Feeling」

Chapter 5 「The Trip Underground」Part 1

Chapter 6 「The Trip Underground」Part 2

Chapter 7 「Dragon King」Part 1

Chapter 8 「Dragon King」Part 2

Chapter 9 「Dragon King」Part 3

Chapter 10 「The Power of the Spring, the Power of the Curse」

Chapter 11 「The Return of the Princess」Part 1

Chapter 12 「The Return of the Princess」Part 2

Chapter 13 「Nightmare」

Chapter 14 「The Hot Spring’s Effect」

Chapter 15 「New Home」

Chapter 16 「That Which is Inherited」

Chapter 17 「The Hidden Village」Part 1

Chapter 18 「The Hidden Village」Part 2

Chapter 19 「The Hidden Village」Part 3

Chapter 20 「Setting Off For Their New Home」Part 1

Chapter 21 「Setting Off For Their New Home」Part 2

Chapter 22 「We Meet Again」

Chapter 23 「Something to Aim For」

V4 Epilogue

V0lume 5: New Continent


Chapter 1 「New Problem」

Chapter 2 「Traveling is More Enjoyable with Company」

Chapter 3 「Landfria」Part 1

Chapter 4 「Landfria」Part 2

Chapter 5 「Voyage」Part 1

Chapter 6 「Voyage」Part 2

Chapter 7 「Harbor Town Plymouth」Part 1

Chapter 8 「Harbor Town Plymouth」 Part 2

Chapter 9 「Border Town Fernandez」 Part 1

91 comments on “Skeleton Knight

  1. Guys what do you think is Arc’s strongest spell from what we have seen up till now?


  2. phamvandung says:

    Thanks for the translation


  3. Diego Lopez says:

    no abanso mas 😦


  4. GunsX Xroses says:

    is it possible to ask when the epub for volume 4 will be out or if anyone has made one?


  5. King says:

    Does anyone know how often this Web Novel is updated/translated? I have fallen in love with it and am wondering when Volume 5 Chapter 2 comes out. Thanks -King


  6. Sourire says:

    Perfect story, thank you very much for your effort. Hope you’ll stay with us till the end


  7. lordmufa says:

    thanks for the translation, love the story so far


  8. don500488 says:

    Can we have V4 PDF pls? Thank you for your hard work!


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