Skeleton Knight

 Skeleton Knight in another world./ 骸骨騎士様、只今異世界へお出掛け中

Arthur: 秤 猿鬼

The protagonist fell asleep while playing an online game. However, he awoke in a strange world with his game characters appearance. In a state of shock, he noticed that he was equipped with nothing but his strongest weapon and armor. To make matters worse, our hero’s appearance was changed by the special avatar skin 『Skeleton』 when he entered this new world. The protagonist wanted to live without drawing attention, but he got acquainted with the dark elf Ariane and received her request.

Original work 

Russian Translation

Spanish Translation

Volume 1: New World (PDF/PDF2)


Chapter 1 「I’m in a Different World」

Chapter 2 「A Surprise Attack Isn’t Cowardly」Part 1

Chapter 3 「A Surprise Attack Isn’t Cowardly」Part 2

Chapter 4 「The First Town Rubierute」 Part 1

Chapter 5 「The First Town Rubierute」 Part 2

Chapter 6 「Seeking Employment as an Adventurer」 Part 1

Chapter 7 「Seeking Employment as an Adventurer」 Part 2

Chapter 8 「What, These Aren’t Medicinal Herbs? It’s a Monster!」 Part 1

Chapter 9 「What, These Aren’t Medicinal Herbs? It’s a Monster!」 Part 2

Chapter 10 「Strategic Retreat」

Chapter 11 「Form of the City」 Part 1

Chapter 12 「Form of the City」 Part 2

Chapter 13 「Just Passing By」 Part 1

Chapter 14 「Just Passing By」 Part 2

Chapter 15 「I Received an Assigned Request」

Chapter 16 「Waiting to Infiltrate」 Part 1

Chapter 17 「Waiting to Infiltrate」 Part 2

Chapter 18 「Operation Commences」 Part 1  

Chapter 19 「Operation Commences」 Part 2

Chapter 20 「Assault on Diento’s lord」 Part 1

Chapter 21 「Assault on Diento’s lord」 Part 2


Volume 2: Blade Heart Clan (PDF/EBUB)

V2 Prologue

Chapter 1 「Onward to Raratoia」Part 1

Chapter 2 「Onward to Raratoia」Part 2

Chapter 3 「Forest Capital Maple」

Chapter 4 「Tour of Raratoia」

Chapter 5 「The trader Doesn’t Bargain」

Chapter 6 「The Purpose of Preference」

Chapter 7 「Troublesome Things」Part 1

Chapter 8 「Troublesome Things」Part 2

Chapter 9  ⌈How Unreasonable⌋

Chapter 10  ⌈Reasoning the Unknown Away⌋

Chapter 11  ⌈Strategic oblivion⌋

Chapter 12 「Hoban Visit」Part 1

Chapter 13 「Hoban Visit」Part 2

Chapter 14 「Rebellion in Hoban」Part 1

Chapter 15 「Rebellion in Hoban」Part 2

Chapter 16 「The Capital City Olav」Part 1

Chapter 17 「The Capital City Olav」Part 2

Chapter 18 「Collaborative Scheming」Part 1

Chapter 19 「Collaborative Scheming 」Part 2

Chapter 20 「Raid on the Etsuato company」Part 1

Chapter 21 「Raid on the Etsuato company」Part 2

V2 Epilogue

Volume 3: Humans and Elves (PDF)

V3 Prologue

Chapter 1 「To the West」Part 1

Chapter 2  ⌈To the West⌋ Part 2

Chapter 3 ⌈The wasteland town Buranbeina⌋

Chapter 4 「Monster Researcher」Part 1

Chapter 5 「Monster Researcher」Part 2

Chapter 6 「The ones you’re with」

Chapter 7 「Harbor City Lanbaltic」Part 1

Chapter 8 「Harbor City Lanbaltic」Part 2

Chapter 9 「The Elven Bride」Part 1

Chapter 10 「The Elven Bride」Part 2

Chapter 11 「Disturbance in Lanbaltic」Part 1

Chapter 12 「Disturbance in Lanbaltic」Part 2

Chapter 13 「Disturbance in Lanbaltic」 Part 3

Chapter 14 「To the Eastern Empire」

Chapter 15  ⌈Meeting in Rinburuto⌋

Chapter 16 「Border Town Gurado」Part 1

Chapter 17 「Border Town Gurado」Part 2

Chapter 18 「That which brings blessings and tragedy」Part 1

Chapter 19 「That which brings blessings and tragedy」Part 2

Chapter 20 「Thanks Ninja Chiome」

Chapter 21 「Leibnitz Incident」Part 1

Chapter 22 「Leibnitz Incident」Part 2

Chapter 23 「Leibnitz Incident」Part 3

V3 Epilogue

Volume 4: A Spring and A Curse

V4 Prologue

Chapter 1  ⌈Sparring⌋

Chapter 2 「The Next Journey」

Chapter 3 「Is This What They Call Damage?」

Chapter 4 「I Have A Bad Feeling」

Chapter 5 「The Trip Underground」Part 1

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    Was this dropped or is the translation slow or what?


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    epic so far keep it up (:


  8. Is this novel dropped ???


  9. Jd says:

    If Ainz from Overlord And Ark meet what would you think happens


    • lygarx says:

      They would bond as friends and rivals. If they did a no penalty 1v1 duel, Arc would be stronger. They may both be Max Level and have maxed out equipment, but Ainz has some flaws that don’t really make him combat oriented. Since they were both of their characters were turned into real bodies when summoned, many of Ainz’s death skills would be useless against a fellow skeleton. Meaning only his one time use with a heavy cooldown trump cards would work on Arc. His attack Magics would be useless against a fellow Maxed out player since his magic is weaker in comparison to other Maxed out Mages since he focuses on Death Skills. And since only one of is actually weak against Holy Magic and Arc gained all of the skills of the previous job tiers he had to get to his current job, Arc would have an overwhelming advantage.
      I am not saying that Ainz would definitely lose, there are no 100 percent chances in a fight, but Ainz would have to put a lot more effort, planning, strategy to win. A lot more planning than when he fought any other person in his world. It would be like him fighting against the previous leader of his guild but at an even greater disadvantage as one of them can use holy magic


      • Hữu Thăng says:

        U forgot Ainz’s skill : he can instant kill anything with his skill TGOAID ( even immunity ) , he can stop time , and evenly he has skill Wish upon a star ( reality wraping ) . And read lore of Yaggdrasil’s lore . Players in Yaggdrsil can against World Boss can eat Countless Worlds . i don’t see any chance for Arc in this comparation


      • Bob, son of Bob says:

        Arc is outmatched in every category, including physical abilities. Since he also can’t fly, he’d be utterly helpless against Ainz if he decided to just float out of reach and rain spells on his head. Sure, he can teleport, but so can Ainz and only one side can put up an anti-teleportation field.

        Furthermore, they come from different game systems, so don’t try to pretend they have the same strengths and weaknesses. Arc’s skeletal body is mostly cosmetic since still needs to eat and sleep and healing spells affect him normally. There’s no reason to believe he’d have the same immunitites, weaknesses and resistances of a Yggdrasil type undead. So Ainz would have no trouble killing him with his death spells.


  10. Raizu says:

    Just finished read it till the latest chapter in syosetu.
    It’s interesting and different than Overlord.

    When Ark’s real form after he found solution to recover ‘his curse’.
    I didn’t saw that coming. Well played Author-sensei!

    Now I’m looking forward for the next update, I hope the flag will triggered soon between MC x Dark Elf heroine.


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    Prologue link is down…

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  19. Is web novel o light novel?


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    Great when will a new chapter come out?


  21. jazz154 says:

    Skeleton that can eat, drink and sleep… So what’s the point of him being skeleton? None.That is just stupid.


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    can some one share pdf link ? pretty please


  23. the protagonist is immortal? because they do not need to eat , drink to survive


  24. Alfha Robby says:

    Sasuga Ainz Sama “lol wrong LN”
    thank you very much for translating this masterpiece


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    I lost your email. I have vol 4 illustrations of the LN… Let me know when you want me to send it


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    is this a rip off of Momon(Overlord’s Ainz Ooal Gown)?


  32. Rimuru says:

    anyway this is an interesting story and the translation is easy to comprehend. good job guys


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    Is it Ln or Wn?


  34. lnwnepubs says:

    I made an EPUB/Dark PDF of Vol 1-3 (up to the latest chapters)

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    Great battle between the dark elf and high elf


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    Is it being put on hold for a while?


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    Thanks for your great work, we really appreciate it.
    Btw, I’m translating this to spanish, hope you don’t mind, this is the page:


  41. thatguy572 says:

    With Arc’s situation, being sorta kinda pseudo-undead but still able to eat and the like, I would personally be inclined to stay a skeleton assuming that doing so would allow me to avoid dying of age and the like and continue to live as an OP peerless badass. But if he still has his human lifespan even with that body, then it would be for the best to get rid of it since it is minorly inconvenient not being able to walk around without armor, and not being able to have sex as well (probably the biggest con).


  42. Acedia-chan says:

    I made the PDF’s of first three volumes with all the pictures feel free to download


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    But i have a question.
    After you finish translate one volume, Do you make the pdf file after that?


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