1000 Homunculus Girls

1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku / Founding a nation in the different world for the sake protecting 1000 Homunculus Girls


Author: Hatsue Renge

Synopsis: (*Taken from guro-san’s blog)

Dragged by the ritual for the revival of the evil god of the different world, an ordinary senior high school student Furutera Isshi, meet 1000 Homunculus girls that were created for the sake of sacrifice. Hearing about the horrible treatment of them as just as a tools by the humans, he decided to found a nation for Homunculus, where he promised to give them a peaceful life.

Summoned with gift and the innate magical ability endowed to the girls, half-united with the Evil God due to the botched ritual, Isshi stop being a human. While flirting, the story of the strongest nation founder on the different world will begin here!
※Basically a happy ending

Chapter 1: 1000 Girls
Chapter 2: The First Girl
Chapter 3: To the Surface for Light (guro) / my version
Chapter 4: Are Heroes Ally of Justice?
Chapter 5: The Girls with One Digit Number
Chapter 6: The Girls who Govern Death, Destruction, and Cleaning (TL: LOL)
Chapter 7: Reason for Wickedness
Chapter 8: It was Started in A Shabby Fort
Chapter 9: The North End of Mitolshia Continent
Chapter 10: The King of the Girls
Chapter 11: Territory Violation from Ibuhl Nation
Chapter 12: The Girls who Return in Triumph
Chapter 13: A Visit From The Evil God
Chapter 14: Princess of Homunculus
Chapter 15: Town of Jirumu
Chapter 16: Guregin, 100 Assassination
Chapter 17: Occupation Strategy
Chapter 18: The Hero Kazami
Chapter 19: The Violet Girl
Chapter 20: Guregin’s Counterattack
Chapter 21: The Homunculus Sisters
Chapter 22: The Fruit that Rot and Fall
Chapter 23: Which One is the Witch?
Chapter 24: The Decisive Battle of Jirumu Town (Before)
Chapter 25: The Decisive Battle of Jirumu Town (During)
Chapter 26: The Decisive Battle of Jirumu Town (After)
Chapter 27: The Darkness of Wehal Family
Chapter 28: Conferment of a decoration
Chapter 29: The Saint Premier
Chapter 30: Serenade of the Scouts
Chapter 31: Requiem of the Nocturne
Chapter 32: Ballad of the Necromancer
Chapter 33: General Staff Headquarters is a happy workplace where we always smile
Chapter 34: The Great Walking Library
Chapter 35: Twilight of Reignite
Chapter 36: Librarian’s Taste
Chapter 37: Parent and Child
Chapter 38: Fortress City Reignite Battle Plans


40 comments on “1000 Homunculus Girls

  1. chaosjones says:

    Pretty good story but your translations is way too bad no offense, but its way too hard to understand what is going on.

    While I love that people is translating novels, I would not be able to read otherwise. Please don’t do it if you are not good at it. it just causes disrespect to the author in regards to quality.


    • OP.MC says:

      You know you have the choice to read or not right, be glad someone EVEN translate this good piece of work.


      • chaosjones says:

        Which I do, but I’m just stating my opinion on te fact and hoping the translator ups his game.


      • uselessno4 says:

        Anyway, thanks for visiting and the motivation


      • Flounder2760 says:

        dont worry about it man. anyways you can make these translations better for future readers by being a comment editor just finding bits you think are incorrect and correcting them and eventually the translater gets better over time and needs editing less and less.

        though a lot of mistakes can be attributed to tiredness when they are working late.


    • nitreallydj says:

      Not much worse than your comment tho….. I mean, when you are dissing for grammar or coherency in writing, you kina should’ve check your own, right?


  2. oh may gah!! says:

    Will u releash this novel daily, weekly or mountly?


  3. Celan says:

    instead of whining about bad translation. please help him inform where he wrote wrong instead.


  4. Chapter 11: Territory Violation from Ibuhl Nation link isnt working and Chapter 12: The Girls who Return in Triumph isn’t up plz fix


  5. Rockwall says:

    Before i start reading this, can anyone tell my if this guy vaderizes? As in, does he turn into a heartless fucker? If it’s only insofar as, say, how naofumi was in Tate no Yuusha , then fine, but if he gets to the same areas of fuckery as the mc’s from Overlord and Re:Monster, then I want to know before hand. And please, a simple yes or no.


  6. exqalph03 says:

    Just found out about this, good thing I noticed. And nice for the one that posted/linked it.
    Right~! Thanks for doing this! Seems really amusing and just right! kukuku…~!

    — Thanks again~!


  7. Ascending Flame says:

    The links for chapters 18-30 are there, but don’t seem to be working. Are they links for chapters that have yet to be translated? If so, you may want them to redirect (for the moment) to a page stating that it is still in translation/yet to be translated.


  8. Kaiser says:



  9. talons claw says:

    26 and up aren’t working btw u should get a English grammar check machine or what ever to correct mistakes that way it’d take a load off your back


  10. akupan says:

    Links 27 and up aren’t working , fix plez


  11. MrSplashy says:

    Seems like ch30 isn’t working or you haven’t still updated, but damn can’t wait for more! Keep up the good work!


  12. commonsense says:

    So, this is pretty much Japanese version on “Minions” eh?


  13. midoyashii says:

    Yep need more ASAP


  14. lnwnepubs says:

    I made an EPUb/Dark PDF of ch 1-41


    The translator and had been properly credited in the post and page of the site. They were also properly credited inside and outside the epub/pdf and links to their respective sites has been added.. Kudos to the translator ..


  15. halo101master101 says:

    Do you plan on continuing this story?


  16. Apostle_ says:

    LOL pls update your chapter list pls


  17. crywolf641 says:

    Ummm would are you translating the chapters or taking a break? since the raw has like chapter 93 already just asking.

    Since this is a good story after all.


  18. shadyren says:

    Do the translation still going on? I really love the story tho.


  19. Cursedealer says:

    Awesome story! Just read all in one go, hope it keeps going!


  20. Rachel says:

    There’s no link for the other chapters like chapters 39 and on of the 1000 homunculi.


  21. Dragons33 says:

    Wow, Just about everyone here who made comments about the translator’s bad grammar is just as bad themselves. Always remember: Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and context.


  22. Oviie Mbem says:

    Are you dropped this project sir? I like this novel and I would love if you might continue to translate it, thank you for the chapters.


  23. arken00 says:

    is this dropped bro ? really liked the story >.< hope you will continue it some time in the future huhu


  24. Daniel G says:

    apparently it isn’t dropped yet as they did translate up to ch 41 they just haven’t up dated this list above

    use this link: http://www.novelupdates.com/series/1000-nin-no-homunkurusu-no-shoujo-tachi-ni-kakomarete-isekai-kenkoku/


  25. Brandon says:

    Will you be updating this anymore? Its a really good read.


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