Gonna be quick

I’m in the middle of writing a paper for one class and I have to study for the 3 exams I have this week. So chapter 15 would have been delayed even farther than it has been if not for the help of a guest editor that offered to help. Depending on their speed the chapter could be out in a day or three, idk. Just remember to thank them when the chapter drops.

p.s. if anyone has a way to implant information directly into a persons brain let me know Immediately!!!!!


7 comments on “Gonna be quick

  1. Hajiko says:

    Well good luck with those Exams


  2. GM_Rusaku says:

    Good luck with your exams ٩(๑•̀ڡ•́๑)و
    And dunno if somthing like puting info directly to the brain is possible…… But.if Doraemon’s gadget is real then I suggest go for the bread that can inprint the text to the bread then eat to gain the knowledge… but all will disappear when you shit lol.

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  3. more on says:

    Let me impart upon you my techniques:

    make summaries of your study material: you study while you write them (25 pages are better than 45). Better yet, find someone to ask them their summaries, saves you time and effort.

    repeatedly apply schematics on paper: graphs and tables are better for memorization

    use music to memorize – write your own lyrics material since it becomes easier to remember (careful cuz this one tends to backfire easily)

    DON’T TRANSLATE OR READ (yes, read text) ANYTHING ELSE: don’t commit your memory to other literary stuff – however manga and anime are OK to relax cuz they don’t tax your memory that much (small amounts of negligible text are ok)

    during the exam, eat mint drops, it helps relieve the stress and raises blood flow (better for the brain)

    Those are my techniques, and they usually work out for me, but don’t expect to keep the data in your brain since they only stimulate short-term memory.


  4. barbaricbob says:

    Step 1: put book into blender, just a precaution in case step 2 fails
    Step 2: sacrifice a virgin to Satan, if he’s not willing or unable proceed to step 3
    Step 3: While drinking the liquid knowledge pray to every deity you can think of and beyond for it’s knowledge to be absorbed by you.
    Step 4: lament ever listening to a weird guy on the internet about drinking a book while you’re in the hospital having your stomach pumped.
    Step 5: in case all else fails open a book and read it’s contents and hope they stick


  5. Vex002 says:

    have you ever seen campione! ?


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