VBR Chapter 9

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9. Older Brother training with sister/ ???

10 days have passed since the day I made a snowman with Micheline.
The chill that brought the snow don’t last long, and the snow that covered the training ground disappeared after  the 2nd day, Even the snow  in the shade was melting as well.

Meanwhile, under Lloyd’s instruction, I practiced footwork and stances in the roofed part of the training grounds. Lloyd said that it took three days to regain want was lost from one day of negligent, but he had said was spoken before in previous my previous life. No matter what world, it is always difficult to acquire new skills.

By the way, Micheline had her training debut 5 days ago when the ground dried up. Dressed in her pink exercise clothes, Micheline came with Emi, full of enthusiasm and I was truly touched by it.


“It’s suitable, Micheline”

I was glared at with a complex expression when I said that. I seemed to have offended her somehow, but I have no idea how …… .

Aside from that, I suppressed Micheline’s enthusiasm to start immediately, and had her do warm ups first.

“It is good to relax your joints before running. You could sprain an ankle if you just start running”

While I was leading Micheline through the stretches and explaining the importance of them Lloyd asked,

“Hohou, Marcel-sama where did you learn such movements?”

Oops, I thought.

In this world, there doesn’t seem to be systematized stretches yet. They didn’t exist, but Lloyd saw through the utility from his experience and is interested in where I learned it from.

“Oh, this is…  I read about it in an ancient book, when I practiced my reading and writing.”

“Is that so? I’ll have to try it in the future.”

He did not question it to deeply.

Thank you very much, ancient people.

“Onii-sama! Is this enough already?”

“Oh, yes. Well, let’s get started.”

I go slowly at the start when I sprint, suddenly it became hot. Because it is her first time exercising, I cut down on my speed. I thought she would be able to complete it because even when I was chubby I was able to complete 10 laps but,

“HAA, HII and HAA”

Micheline’s breathing became rough only after 3 laps.

“Because it’s the first time you’ve ran in earnest, don’t force yourself.”

I who was ahead slow my pace and state that.

“we have only just began, sawa!”

I take Micheline, who insists that she is all right to Emi, so that she can eat some oranges and regain her strength.

“Why is it that……, onii-sama can run so much?”

Come to think of it, Micheline must have observed my training for quite some time. Recently I could run 30 laps at a steady pace with little effort, Micheline most have assumed that that was normal. Indeed, before I regained my past life’s memories, I wasn’t as active as Micheline was. If I could do it, no wonder she thought that she could.

“It is a matter of experience and age. I’ve been running for more that three months, and have 2 years more physical development than Micheline does. You will be able to run more if you continue with it.”

When I say so, and try to continue running,

“On the first day how many laps did onii-sama run?”

I was asked so.

I am happy because I saw determination in her eyes.

“13 laps. But there were rests in between. Once your breathing has calmed down, see if you can do another lap. It will not all happen at once, but it will accumulate little by little.”

I started to run after that.

After a little while, Micheline stood up again. I slow down more than at the beginning, and stay with her until she takes a rest.

Also, after the one lap I take a rest. After that I sped through the the last of my 30 laps without haste.

All of a sudden, Lloyd stops me when I was about to practice my footwork.

“Marcel-sama, please go take care of ojou-sama.”

Micheline was just returning to the starting point. I had watched and counted while I was training, so what is the matter?

“Oh, all right?”

Micheline leans on me, to prevent herself from falling over, as she crosses the goal.

“Wow, you did a good job!”

I said and had a look of accomplishment.

“I did my best”

I carry her over to the roofed section of the training grounds.

“I did so well because Blanche was watching.”

Micheline informs my about it and then starts to blush.
“Well, thank you very much, Blanche”

I also tapped the shoulder my sister’s benefactor. To be precise, the area around were the shoulder should be but, Blanche is the snowman made by Micheline and me. The snow around him had melted, but the shade covered Blanche had remanded.

It was an event that happened 5 days ago.

Micheline began talking to the snowman everyday when she came to watch me train. It became clear that she had exercise clothes in a verity of colors besides pink, like in purple and light blue.

It was good, but…

” No matter how much shade there was, it could only prevent the melting so much.”

As expected, Blanche started shrink as Micheline watched. However, the surface remanded as beautifully white as the name implied. I remember from my past life that snow should become dirty as time went on. I was pleased with Micheline’s innocence, but I began to wonder what was happening. Why was he so pristine, even though it was no longer cold out. Roy, Kana, Emi and Lloyd who came to training ground aren’t worrying about it particularly, either, so it may be a commonplace phenomenon in this world. Where the  properties of the water different here?

I asked Miss Mary at time of study.

“Why does the snow melt this way?….. Hmm. I think it’s various by the temperature and the direction of the wind.”

The answer of Miss Mary was very sensible.
“If you go to town you would find similar examples if you ask around.”

Miss Mary says with a smile on her face.



That night I looked out the window into the garden because I wasn’t able to fall asleep. Suddenly, something flickered in the corner of my view.

A small light?

It was a light different from the flame of a lamp.

What is it?

It’s impossible that it could’ve been a flashlight. Moreover, a mobile version of the magic tool that lights my room is impossible.   The light passed out of sight after a while. My curiosity was pecked. Rather than disappear, it seemed to have left my sight. It was heading towards the the eastern training grounds. I known it was improper etiquette, but I put a jacket over my night wear and secretly left my room.

I passed through the usual door and exited the mansion. The chill stroke me immediately. Since the optimum temperature is maintained by the magic tool inside the mansion the weather outside had more of a bite to it. However, I advanced to the east training ground without being discouraged.

Even thought it is a familiar place the atmosphere at night is completely different. My heart throbs. The stars were truly beautiful
I arrive at the place with a familiar roof, and–.



I wake up as usual. Roy comes over with a prepared outfit and tells me that breakfast was ready.I go down to the dining hall as usual and eat the salad, toast, ham and eggs; while talking with Micheline.

Hmm, it might be good to ask for a little more from now own.
By the way, Micheline amount of bread has increased.
My younger sister declares that she shall run  2 more laps then yesterday today. Emi her maidservant smiles modestly at that.

It is a good scene.



Micheline who was here earlier, staggeringly ran around the training ground after taking a short rest after a meal for a while.

I watch her to see how well she does and the say,

“Blanche ……”

Most of Blanche has melted. The main Body that was made of three section barely has two remaining, the pan and the eyes I put on it have fallen off.

“It is truly sad, but there is no help for it. Snowmen melt pretty fast.”

I slept early last night and didn’t notice, but it appears that wind and rain came down hard at night? Because the ground of the training ground was particularly muddy, weren’t they?

Only on the snowman was there no sign of natures touch.

It was steadier yesterday.

Just like–.

《You aren’t supposed to think further ahead.》

I felt a chill suddenly for some reason.

Is it cold?

I held my shoulders unconsciously.

Lloyd who came over noticed Blanche coming undone said nothing. Micheline noticed after finishing 2 laps.

In the afternoon, I told Miss Mary that Blanche melted after we were finished studying. Even a town is left lengthily by a place and time, and. When thinking, it was said to be the fact that it’s better to melt suddenly.



In the book tower.

Today is the day of reading and writing practice. As always, old man Wolfram was reading a book with a wine glass in one hand, gave Micheline and me notes to write out and books to read from. It was a scene that we all had grown accustom to.

“…… You know old man Wolfram”

I stop my writing and call out.

“What is it Marcel-sama ?”

Wolfram answers with a smile that seems to be hiding something as usual.

“No, never mind”

“Hahaha, today’s Marcel-sama seems a little different than usual.”

I was laughed at.

Perhaps it was true though.

I have this strange feeling that I saw Wolfram in an unusual place yesterday. But I last mate the old man three days ago for the regular reading and writing practice.

“Soon you two will be going to the capital, be careful not to catch a cold”

” That is right onii-sama, now onii-sama and Prince Edward can finally meet!”

Micheline stops writing and says that with great excitement.

Oh, that’s right. I have to be in prefect form when it comes time to meet Prince Edward. Hopefully this discomfort I fell will be overcome with a good nights sleep.

As for the snowman’s name. I think it is derived from another language’s word for white.

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