VBR Chapter 8

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8. Older Brother’s new Determination

The season changed to winter.

After dinner, I step out of the bath and passed the body towel to Roy. I then look at my belly, arms, and legs. Three months ago they were showing signs of a pig-like form, but now have become firm and neat. Still the abdominal muscles have yet to appear, but slim muscles can be felt on the arms and legs. It’s a good trend.

I am also aware that my height is increasing as well, do to the well-balanced diet I have taken on during my growth period.I intended to ask Roy, but I think that he would not notice the delicate changes because we see each other every day.

I look back on the content of my recent training, that brought about this body with a good feeling. Recently,in addition to the footwork and swinging of the wooden sword, stances have been incorporated as well. Skills of offensive and defensive styles have been established within the basics of the training. The first week of  learning these styles, I questioned their importance as the movements were so slow, I even complained about it in “pig mode”, but once the speed of the techniques increased it became difficult to keep up.

Even a wooden sword can create destructive power when enough speed and power is put behind it. Do to the concentration necessary to remain uninjured, I would become worn-out at the end of each training session. But as a result my stamina and physical strength have greatly improved. I was still running 30 laps for warm ups, but my speed rose and fatigue greatly decreased. Lloyd will most likely adjust the the contents of the training soon, to match my physical capabilities.

Old man Wolfram is still the same, only providing the martials for reading and writing practice. He has show little interest in my actions so far. Basically, I’m a bookworm in the grasp of a drunkard. {this is most likely an Idiom} However, although it is small, I do feel some interest from the old man.

As for my other studies, since arithmetic hasn’t changed all that much from my past life, I have become praised for my memorization and studious nature.

There is also the matter of the history of the Arufetozo kingdom, my new home country.

Geography, terrain and locations of major cities are all learned little by little. I did not systematically study science related fields, however when the type of oranges eaten during training changed I was taught about harvesting and seasonal crops. When Miss Mary lacked the information asked for, I would check in a book or go to the local town to research it.

Therefore, my efforts in studying could be said to be going smoothly.

However, it could be said that that is all that’s  going well, the relationship with and behavior of Micheline needs more adjusting, as they have been neglected since spring.

When I’m with Miss Mary, she will always say this and that as a comparison of Micheline and myself. However I can not speak out against her attitude.There is a danger of the relationship between me and Micheline falling apart.

I may have to burn her hand, so that things don’t fall apart here.{this to}



It is very difficult to acquire proper manners, but I’m am expected to attend a party at the royal palace on New Years, so I have to know the correct etiquette. At the party, I will finally meet prince Edward. In the original game, the pig used the authority of the duke household and the title of brother-in-law to get close to the prince, but I plan to build a solid relationship with him in this world.

On the prince route of the game, Edward was a mild, gentle and resolute person; that showed no fear in standing against wickedness. In short, a true prince charming. If nothing goes wrong here, the two of us won’t have to be at odds with one another.

While thinking about this on the way back to my room ー

“What do you mean?! It was said that it would arrive today!”

I heard an enraged voice from Michline’s room

Recently I thought that attitude with the servants had softened, but is it still no good?

Even if I invite you exercise with me, it is still a long road ahead.

I grazed at Roy’s eyes, finding sympathy there, before knocking on the door announcing my presence.

“Marcel-sama seems to want to meet with ojou-sama , is it alright?”

I heard a some noise in the room, but after a little while I was let in.

“Onii-sama, it is a violation of etiquette to suddenly visit a lady’s room unannounced”

Micheline says that in a calm tone of voice, but hints of anger manage to linger on.

“A lady would not utter a voice filled with such anger, that it could be heard outside her room. What was that?”

“…… It is not related to you onii-sama.”


Her manner of speaking suddenly stiffens, probably because of the tone I was speaking in.

Then I thought about the New Years party next month. I have to teach her not vent her anger on the servants before than.

“Micheline. It doesn’t matter if it is connected to me or not. A while ago, I heard a scream, perhaps it has something to do with a delivery being delayed? It is not the fault of the maidservant who reported the progress to you.It is not the figure of a lady to vent her anger on those that haven’t wronged them in anyway.”

I thought that I was little cold with her, but for the sake of our future , I gave my piece on the matter.

“ー Onii-sama you idiot!”

Micheline with tears in her eyes, disappeared behind the bedroom door.

“…… Marcel-sama, I ask that the rudeness of ojou-sama be forgiven this night”

Emi the maidservant of Micheline lowered her head, pleading to me. It should be the person that shouted at me apologizing, but the atmosphere seem to say that I was somewhat responsible for the situation, so will let it slide.

“I see …… when others have been troubled by you, Micheline you apologize though other people. you should talk to onii-san more.”

I said so, but the reaction was unfavorable for the time being.

“Thank you very much for your consideration. Please have a good night.”

At Emi’s kind send off, I was driven away, and returned to my own room.

‘Hey Roy, did I make a mistake on that situation?”

Because I was lost, I asked for clarity.

“No, the lesson Marcel-sama tried to teach was a good one……”

He says so, but Roy has the face which seems somewhat complicated, too. How should I say…, it is a feeling of grieving over the wrongness of the whole thing.

What do you Know?

“…… Tomorrow, why don’t I do things that will cheer Micheline up?”

“I think that it is a very wonderful idea.”

Roy agreed without a second thought. He definitely knows what is going on. But the atmosphere told me that I would not get an answer out of him.

Despite not being satisfied with how things were, I went to sleep.



The next morning.

“Snow …… !”

From the window, one could see the entire garden was covered with pristine white snow. It seemed to have piled on thick last night, for a clear blue sky can be seen now. The sunshine reflects off the snow, with dazzling effects.

“Well, lets go with this.”

When I saw the snow I was struck with an idea, and called for Roy.

Finishing breakfast, I immediately return to my room. Recently, I would eat breakfast with Micheline, but today she had excused herself saying that she had already eaten.

Well I expected as much.

I change into my usual singlet at once. Usually I would end it what just this, but I also add winter clothing and prepare gloves and a hat.With preparations done, I hear a knocking a the door.


“Excuse me. Marcel-sama, ojou-sama appears to be ready.”

“That is good. I’m also ready. Let’s go.”



“Onii-sama, what intentions do you have taking me out at such a time?”

Micheline appears to be dissatisfied with me as we and Emi make our way towards the east training ground.

After all the events of yesterday seem to have left an impact on her.

However, being both as fast and as warm as possible I said,

“Because it snowed really hard last night, let’s make a snowman?”

I had this idea when I saw the snow; the make a snowman and make up with each other operation. In addition, for this operation to happen, I even cancelled training with Lloyd today.

“Snowman! Is that possible?”

My younger sister’s mood completely changed and she had an interesting expression.

“it was drawn in a picture of one of old man Wolfram’s ancient picture books. It would be impossible to build alone, that is why I want your help Micheline.

“Well, it is inevitable, I’ll help you. It is a large project after all!”

I am visibly excited when that remark comes.

Children have high spirits when it comes to playing in the snow. Even I myself in this body, become somewhat lively.

” The first step is to make the base”

I strengthen and shape the snow into the feet that will become the base of the project. Fortunately, it snowed lightly enough that it was easy to manipulate the snow on the ground.

“Only onii-sama is doing anything! I can help too!”

Micheline rushed over and insisted on helping, so I passed the mound of snow to her and she triumphantly began to roll it.

When it grow to the height of Micheline’s thigh her movements started to become dull.

“Onii-sama! Please help me!”

“Ok, here we go!”

The mood seemed to improve somehow or other.

The bottom part of the snowman was moved by the two of us around the training grounds.

When its size reached to my chest, Roy lent a hand to help push it to the roofed part of the grounds.

“why’d you put it here”

“Because there is a roof, and the sunlight can be stopped. If the snowman  becomes warm it will melt. I’d like to make it last even a little bit longer.”

Micheline then spoke,

“……you know the child of the book cast a spell on his snowman.”

“《you who are not anybody yet, Iー》”

“《Myself give the a name》”

“《That tells of winter’s arrival. That tells the awakening of spring.》”

Micheline recites it, as if it were a song

“《My friend who will stay inside》”

I participated in the last one sentence, too.

“Despite it being from a picture book, does reciting an ancient language finish the spell? That was great, Micheline.”

“Because it was a good story, I memorized the chant to heart”

Micheline says such a modest remark as if it were natural.

“Come, onii-sama let’s create the stomach and the head”

Then Micheline and I make the middle and the head while reciting the story of the snowman.

The body was placed on the base, however it was to high for the two of use to place the head so we had Roy and Emi do that. Kana brought a carrot from the kitchen to use as a nose and I found some relatively round pebbles to use as eyes. An old pot was then placed on its head.

“It is finished!”

“It’s pretty!”

I’m satisfied and I look at Micheline and the people that helped make this snowman.

“It would be nice if it began to move like in the picture book”

But, it didn’t.

“Micheline you should immediately go take a bath to warm up. Also we appear to have worked up quite a sweat. When we cool down we might catch a cold.

Kana, please hurry with preparations!”


Kana acted unusually alert and nimbly.

It is possible for you act lake that?

“While we were in the middle of making it, I didn’t notice, but I did sweat a lot”

“It was good exercise. Training was cancelled today, but I might have sweated just a much a usual. I’m a little tired.”

“I’m tired, but it’s somewhat pleasant.”

Micheline says with a simple expression.

“As expected, more,ーー”

“Hmm Did you say something?”

“I don’t say anything!”

Micheline was mumbled something, but denies it in a hurry.

“I’ll go take that bath”

After declaring that Micheline returned to the house.

Because I would get cold If I merely waited for Micheline to get out, I practiced my footwork in the snow.



After dinner that day I was waiting for Micheline in my room.

It was rare for her to come Inside, but there was something she wanted to show me.

“Just want on earth could it be”

In preparation for the receiving of the gift Roy and Kana wait with me.

A knock sounds.

“Marcel-sama it is ojou-sama. I’m ready. Please, madam, ”

Roy opened the door and received her.


I saw the figure of Micheline who came in, and uttered an astonished cry. They were pink colored, but they were obviously the same type of exercise clothes that I use.

“Micheline, is it…”

“I also thought it was bad that I keep declining onii-sama’s invitation, so I had this prepared. Also, there I a story of Queen Lydia running nonstop to inform the king of a great crisis.”

Not use to her current appearance, Micheline blushes

And the  truth of yesterday’s affair became clear to me.

“I’m sorry, Micheline it was because it did not arrive yesterday that you shouted!?”

I lowered my head with all of my might

Thought she was angry that she could not join me in training, I scolded her far stepping out of line.

Because Emi understood Micheline’s feeling, too, I got such a cold reply from her.

Roy should have known it, too.

“It’s okay onii-sama. I who shouted at blameless Emi was as bad as onii-sama said ……”

Micheline began crying.

Remembering yesterday’s sorrow, it is a relief that one’s feelings were understood. My eyes became hot, as I hugged Micheline and started to cry myself.

I could not even notice the feelings of my sister, yet continued to act superior. I am still immature.

I continued hugging Micheline while making up my mind to become a more excellent older brother.

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