VBR Chapter 014

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14. Older Brother, picks out sister’s dress.

Yesterday after my stent with Gasper I as able to peacefully enjoy the rest on my day. I planned to greet the day with high spirits.

“Onii-sama! Please get up !”

It was Micheline’s that voice woke me. What was a lady shouting so early in the morning for?

I wondered what happened.

Roy, who usually woke me up was waiting outside the room. Apparently Micheline had come with Emi to personally get me up.

“What happened! Give me a second to change my clothes.”

While speaking, I noticed that unlike usual, there were multiple outfits laid out for me. Ah, today is the New Year’s party in the castle isn’t it?

The clothes I normally wear were nice, but the outfits set out for the party were truly stunning.

How many commoner families could eat with the cost to make them all?

But I try not to let it trouble me, because the outrageous spending habits of nobles can finance improvements in technology and culture. As it stands now simply trying to cut back on spending would be detrimental to the betterment of the commoners; I need to accept things as they are for now.

It was after all a large part of noble culture.

However, even with just this, I can still be looked upon as being indecisive.

Anyway, I first get dressed in my everyday clothes, and head to breakfast.

As for the reason Micheline was so energetic.

“I have finished changing my clothes. You can come in.”

When I said so, Micheline pushed Roy aside and entered.

“Onii-sama! Please choose the best outfit to wear, we have too look our best today.”

While giving a brief explanation, Micheline took my hand and dragged me into the changing room.

She was in such high spirits, that not even I could refuse her. Naturally the family’s capital villa is smaller then the mansion in the dukedom, but the changing room is larger and is filled to the brim with clothes. There were simply more opportunities for social gatherings in the capital.The work of the nobles, has mother and father staying in the capital half the year after all. Therefore, the various clothes are necessary.

The New Year’s party, is one of the most informal events ,of its nature, held in the capital. To onlookers, it seemed like a free and relaxed celebration. However, the event still carries formalities; as it’s an event that allows all the potential successors of the noble houses to be observed at once.

Under these circumstances, we as the children of a duke and duchess have to be adorned the proper attire.

Micheline was acting with the concern of the family’s reputation in mind.

“Onii-sama, a gentleman’s perspective is needed. How those this dress look!?”

Though, I imagine that prince Edward’s attendance might have something to do with it as well.I can understand your reaction, but you’re a little too fired up and it comes off as intimidating. This…… Prince Edward might feel the same way if hit with this amount of force.

I have to correct this somehow.

“Micheline, which do you think is the best?”

“This one is my favorite.”

She held up a brilliant red dress.

Oh, the Micheline in the game also wore a lot of red.The impression that color gives off is rather large.Whether it reminds you of good or bad image, depends on the person who wears it.

In the case of the original Micheline, coupled with her grim expression, the color invoked “Anger” “Aggression” and “A sense of fear”. All negative in my book.

The current Micheline wearing red does not invoke those feelings, but with her love for prince Edward raising her excitement and aggression, things could start going down the wrong path.

Since I was asked asked to give my opinion, lets try to prevent that from happening.

“When you meet prince Edward last time, what type of dress did you wear?”

“At that time, it was this dress. Edward praised it for it’s beauty!”

The excitement from that time was leaking out, as Micheline was thrown into a torrent of uncontrollable emotions. Thanks to the affair the other day, this onii-san seems able to recognize when you go beyond your limits.It is regrettable……, but let’s not worry about it now. I have to endure it for now.

After all it was the red dress that Micheline pointed to.
For her, the color seems to have have become her trademark.

Perhaps Micheline has already decided her choose. Unconsciously, she just might want my advice as a boost of confidence.

At this rate, even with the changes that have occurred do to my efforts, Micheline might ended up with the original’s personality.

There was no information in the game about what happened at a parity that the 8 year old Michelle had attended. However, it was well documented that prince Edward felt nothing when he met his fiance the first time.

This is bad.

Micheline = Red.

I have to do something before that idea is fixed.

But will she hear me?

She can be quite stubborn, and might not even consider a non-red dress recommendation from a gentleman.

I worry.

To have to worry about the simple color of clothes is maddening. However to ignore the unconscious symbolism would be truly terrifying.

Like《           》

……What was I thinking about. I thought I remembered something, but it was gone in a instant.

On the other hand, I incidentally remembered something else.

“That reminds me, did I tell you how my outing went yesterday?”

I suddenly questioned.

Because of the the fashion obsessed Micheline, I didn’t notice something this morning that I normally would have.

“I saw yesterday and wanted to ask! But――”

“But? ”

“Onii-sama, you seemed somewhat satisfied, and the air around you seems to be soaked with that feeling. I didn’t bother you because of it.”

Oh, so you were being kind yesterday.

Considering the circumstances that may be possible.

The weight on my shoulders was lifted. As my previous worries faded away.

Micheline, even as a child can pickup on the feelings of others.

Surely my advice won’t be ignored.

“Thank you Micheline. I am also sorry. I let you worry by not informing you of the results of the duel.”

Ashamed of my own ignorance, I lower my head.

I couldn’t even comprehend the feeling of my younger sister.

“It’s fine. I know you were okay from the state you returned in.”

Micheline smiles.

The impression of a good child is left in my mind.

“So, did onii-sama win? With that wonderful weapon, did you beat Gasper-sama black and blue?”

My lovable sister grasped a fist in excitement as she asked.

Well, the weapon was wonderful because it didn’t leave bruises……That excitement most have been left over from the red dress.

I’m sure.

So let’s pick a non-red dress.

That is the solution to all of this!

“No, it was my complete defeat. But, it was a nice match.”

I paused, remembering that refreshing time.

“……Even though you lost, ……I’m glad. In other words, it was onii-sama that was struck……!”

That is different from what I meant.

Stop Micheline! Don’t imagine unpleasant situations for Onii-chan as wonderful things!

“So, this dress has a story.”

“Yes! This dress does!”

The pull of the new door was strong, but thoughts of Prince Edwards were stronger.

Thank you Prince!

With that, I take a look around the changing room, and stop in front of the one dress.

“Micheline, come here please.”

“Is there a good one over there?”

Micheline asked me, while I held up a pretty pink dress.

“Mmm, though I wore pink dresses a while ago, it seems childish now. The dress is alright to wear for everyday, but to a party in the royal castle……”

I frowned after all.

Since her main exercise clothes were pink I had a slight hope, but things don’t seem to be that easy.

“Micheline is surely an already excellent lady, yet you a still surrounded by children. Rather then trying to dress more maturely, I think that people will like a more childish and cute side to you.”

“That would be for the adults, but what would prince Edward think!”

“Well, that’s difficult to say. ……due to the differences in individuals not being clear.”

“……What do you mean?”

When I put on a series expression, tension ran through Micheline’s face.

“Most men seem to like girls that are older or younger then themselves”


“Micheline and prince Edwards are the same age. It would be more likely that he likes older or younger girls. You have already show him your mature side, but that doesn’t mean that he likes that type of girl.”

“T-That right!”

“For a man, we would posture in order to show we a more reliable then those of our same generation.”

“……I see”

“So, rather then trying to be a lady in red, I think you should behave naturally in pink.”

“Mnn, that is true. ……but red is 〜”

I was starting to lose her. I need one more push.

“Also Micheline, in a red dress, your beautiful crimson eyes are unremarkable.”

I said so while watching Micheline. Coupled with her blond hair and white skin, Micheline’s eyes were very impressive.

“What, my eyes?”

“Ah, although they are beautiful, in a red dress they don’t stand out. However, matching the red with pink, I think would cause them to stand out.”

“I want this dress!”

She was able to make a swift decision.

“Although I was perplexed, the answer was quite simple.”

She unintentionally told me.

“Yes, With this, prince Edward will surely notice my eyes if I attract attention.”

Micheline says with a smile.



Micheline, that red dress before was anything but conspicuous. I muttered to myself.
……Wait, did Edward not make eye contact when the engagement was set?

It’s said that your first impression wasn’t good, it can’t be possible that it was that……

However, the engagement was set before my changes, so at the time Micheline was still on track to being a selfish noble daughter.

My older brother sense is telling me that I will need to be prepared for this party in more ways that one.

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