Chaper 7 of VBR

Tranlated/ Edited by imprefectluck (1st part) and Silver (2nd part)

Chapter 7 – The brother is defeated by the cottage of books
It’s been one month since I recovered my memories of my past life. It’s late in fall now and it’s become quite cold, but today I’m running around on the training grounds as well. Lloyd’s advice had been to try to increase the distance I could run without stopping to rest as much as possible, so I’m working hard with that goal in mind.
Because of this, I’ve finally been able to regain a bit of the feeling I had from my past body due to the difference in physique right after I reincarnated. If I pace myself correctly, even though it takes a long time, I’m able to run thirty laps. When I first completed thirty laps successfully last week, I couldn’t help but shout excitedly and jump up and down in celebration, drawing a strange look from Lloyd. However, even though I was able to complete thirty laps, I would always end up collapsing after finishing. The reason was clear.
It’s just as old man Wolf said.
My change was favorably looked upon by Roy, Kana, and the other servants, as well as Miss Mary and Lloyd. At first, they all had a rather strange attitude towards it all, but by now they seem to have changed their minds towards me. Michelle’s attitude towards me has become better as well, but she still isn’t exercising with me.
However, only Wolfram was different.
Apart from my parents whom I still haven’t told about my change, he’s the only one that isn’t treating me any differently even after hearing from me my reasons for wanting to change. In that tower of books, just like always, he would stroke his beard with one hand and read a book with the other, and would only occasionally have us practice spelling or point out books for us to read. Even though I’m really motivated to work hard right now, no matter how much motivation I show him, nothing has changed.
“What someone thinks will succeed won’t, and what someone doesn’t strive for will succeed – Well then, willst thou succeed, or willst thou not?”
“Shoot for the moon.”
Even though I’ve been thinking about it ever since that day, I still have no answer.
On the following reading day, I used the “pig mode” to try and get a reaction with some threats: “old man Wolf! What did you mean with those phrases before! Tell me! Or else I’ll tell father on you!”
Then, “it’s fine if I tell you, but if you don’t figure it out yourself you’ll never understand the answer in your life, though? Is that still fine?” was his reply.
In the end, what I figured out was that I had to think of the answer myself. And, that old man Wolf wasn’t afraid of father.
I didn’t really intend to tell on him to father, but even when I brought father up he didn’t budge on the subject at all. It even seemed that he was disappointed in me for quickly relying on my father right after I had declared that I would change.
During the last month, I didn’t really apply myself to training or studying.


Part 2

For the next three days, I tried to get the answer from to the problem from old man Wolfram, but there was no change in his response.

Suddenly, out of breath.If being conceiving in the mind, but also the pace.The speed that flow too much declines in an instant, as the legs, heart and lungs could not handle the dissatisfaction of the conscious. As of the 25th lap, I sunk down in the ground of the training grounds.

” Marcel-sama , a towel”

Kana whom ran up, hands it to me.

“Marcel-sama, here is an orange”

Similarly Roy whom ran up too, and hands me the orange. The skin was already peeled, and I threw 3 bunches into the mouth at once.

“… Thanks,. Being prepared is good”

“Mr. Lloyd, said will be here soon and to be ready for him. I was surprised on the street!”

“Hmm, ……, this orange and taste of yesterday’s are different. the sweetness is stronger.”

“Oh, come to think of it a message from Helen was completely to forgotten! I’m sorry! The type up till now can not be gotten anymore, so from today forward this type will be used. ”

Kana was as absent-minded as usual.

“Marcel-sama seems to be having some trouble.”

Lloyd said that it, as he approached unreservedly.

“Today, we will not use the wooden sword to train. Take a rest and do another five laps, after that we will do double usual footwork exercises, at the end”

When “such is double in quiet one!” … … Okay, despite it wooden sword, it is dangerous when you are in the state that you cannot fully concentrate on it. In addition, footwork is important. They say that Raiheart-sama took down 10 robbers with just his splendid footwork.”

There is also a chapter like that about the king’s older brother, as expected!

“I am glad that you understand”

In away I showed a blunder once I finished running, and entered the footwork training I thought about something again, and turned around loudly and let Lloyd disgust it.

Only, old man Wolfram !



“Oh Marcel-sama, you appear to have  repeatedly forgotten about circumstance .”


It was pointed out by Miss Mary, and I raised a voice of surprise. Furthermore, it was not acting. I did not intend to be wrong this time, but the way I’ve been thinking  about it might have been wrong.

“It is a mistake that happens quite often, take care to be careful of it”

Even if it was not serious according to Miss Mary, it was  a considerable shock. Then it is understandable that my face became red.

“Well, Miss Mary. What kind of meaning do you think  “I aim for the moon…”  has?”.

Because I am ashamed that it was pointed out, I asked a question and tried to manipulate the answer out of her.

“Aiming for the moon … … ”

Miss Mary, thoughtfully pondered the meaning. As for my blushing, it seems not to have been noticed somehow or other.

“It is an impression  that “what you try to do hardly comes true” if I read only words, but depends on  what kind of situation it is used in”

“……In some circumstance? Than I should think for myself. Thank you”

“I’m sorry I was unable to help. By the way Marcel-sama, your feelings are unexpectedly reflected on your face; such a cute look.”

You securely noticed! And what do you mean it might be “a cute” kind of look.

“Ah , I don’t know what you are talking about! Well, Miss Mary is the next study, the next one!
“So I have come here without also finding a solution today.”



I saw the tower of the books before my eyes, and I can’t open a door.

“Onii-sama, what’s the matter?”

It such a place, Micheline came. Also following her was one of her  maidservants.

She was slight distance away, but had on a well made fur cape. It was white and bulky and seemed to be quite warm.

“Hmm, no, I’m alright.”

“Though you’re “alright”, you seem at a loss in front of this door. Ah, Emi has already come back.”


Oh, Micheline calls the maidservant by name.

For one month, I taught one paragraph of [The Legend of Queen Lydianne] casually, and the effects that show how to interact with the servants seem to have appeared.

“…… Suddenly smiling again, strange onii-sama.”

Relaxing my occupied mind, I turn towards my loving sister.And without knowing the heart of my younger sister, said

“Micheline  you’re really cute.”

“Don’t look so passionate when you say that!”

Micheline utters a cry of protest.

Did you change a little because your older brother’s  good points are recently high?

“I wholeheartedly believe it. Ah,Micheline is really really cute. ”

“Muu! What do you say was I!?”

Micheline squeaked as she got angry.

“Bah, I spoke out loud because recently I’ve thought that every day-”

I flashed suddenly, and turned around in order to escape from Micheline.

“well … ”

“Yes! Yes!”

Micheline is slapping me on the back warmly, but I’m not concerned.

“―――― !”

“Hey, onii-sama !?”

I opened the door of the book tower, while catching the surprising voice to a back.

“Oh, Marcel-sama, I thought you had broken the door.”

Old man Wolfram had an open book to one hand with some wine in the other. But his expression wasn’t clouded over with drunkenness.

“Old man Wolfram. I’ve found the answer! That is, that question’s words themselves can have various interpretations.”

Even if an answer is choose from there, its meaning can be changed easily.For some, the answer is not to worry, while others become concentrated about such things. That is why, rather than clinging to one right answer,  I take into account various possibilities and tell Wolfram the  importance of such a reason.And that question, is something that if one were able to experience it firsthand, than effects can also can tie up your opponent.I  vehemently argue such a thing.

Then …

“It is possible to to reach 99 points, but your answers comes to 60 points”

Old man Wolfram tips the wineglass while patting his white mustache and grins. Just like an evil wizard.

“Why is that?!”

“Yes, exactly because it is.


In my confusion, old man Wolfram laughs at me.

“HA HA HA, indeed superbly able notice. About the terror of settling down and coping. However, how is your state now?”.


I thought back to my body and blushed.

Having realized the dangers of rigid thinking, I questioned how exactly I measured in Wolfram’s  evaluation.

“At this…”

“Furthermore, 100 points on the answer for realizing that it was not the question.”

Old man Wolfram gulped down wine while smiling as if me  finding an answer and am carried away when I wasn’t  blue.

“Onii-sama! Don’t start running suddenly!, also known as a thing of a while ago don’t yet permit it! Onii-sama!”

I tasted my defeat while being rocked by Micheline who was late coming in.


Silver’s note: Had problems with the last part help if you can.

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    Then, the second part, “Those who believe they will succeed, will not. And those who believe they will not, will. – Well then, willst thou succeed, or willst thou not?”, is a variation from the original meaning of the first phrase, aimed to Marcel, who, while aiming for an (apparently) unachievable goal (Prince Raiheart), lost sight of the things he had already achieved.


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