V2 Epilogue

Translator: Silver  Editor: Namorax


The Rinburuto Arch dukedom was located southeast of the Rhoden Kingdom.

It was originally a territory of the Rhoden Kingdom, but during the war with the elves six hundred years ago, Duke Tishiento and his family advocated peace with the elves and broke off from the kingdom and formed the Arch dukedom.

Back then, the Kingdom harbored no goodwill towards Rinburuto but after losing the war against the elves, Rhoden wasn’t in any position to challenge Rinburuto over the matter.

Since the Tishiento family has promoted harmony with the elves since the founding of the Rinburuto Arch dukedom, the Dukedom became the only human trading partner of the elves.

The performance of elvisn magic tools was superior to those of human origin, and for that reason they were very sought after.

Rhoden Kingdom originally started the war against the elves because they desired their magic tools and knowledge, but the war ended with the overwhelming victory of the outnumbered elves of Great Canada Forest against Rhoden Kingdom, which had been the continent’s second largest country back then.

The other foreign countries that had wanted the elves’ technology were surprised at the result and abandoned their plans of attacking the Elves, trying to shift their focus towards trade negotiations instead.

However, the elves withdrew into the Great Canada Forest and the only country they would trade with was the Rinburuto Arch dukedom. As a result, Rinburuto held the monopoly on elven magic tools, allowing such a small country to rapidly raise in power.

Currently in Rinburuto’s capital, an enormous harbor was built along the gulf of Arudoria that housed ships from all over the northern continent. Adjacent to this magnificent harbor was a sprawling city.

Naturally, the population here was higher than Rhoden Kingdom’s capital city. Merchants came from all over the world to buy elven magic tools, resulting in a booming sea trade that surpassed both of the Empires. Even the elves, who had long ago disappeared from other countries, could be seen walking the city’s streets.

Said streets were unusually active today as more than a hundred of the nation’s soldiers were leading a black carriage, in the middle of a military formation, straight to Rinburuto’s palace.

The one inside the carriage was none other than the second princess of the Rhoden Kingdom, Juliana Marill Melissa Rhoden Olav.

Her long, dark blonde hair that hung in loose waves from her head, only complemented her beautiful brown eyes and lovely features.

She was viewing the lively cityscape from the carriage window as it slowly passing by her eyes.

Ten days had passed since the attack in the forest at the base of the Annette mountains.

After leaving the area of the attack, her party had been on high alert as they avoided the main roads and were somehow able to cross the section of the Riburuto river that separated the Kingdom and the Dukedom.

Immediately after entering the Rinburuto Arch Dukedom, they proceeded to Marquis Vibrato’s castle and asked him for protection.

The thirty guards that had survived the attack had been exhausted by the time they reached Riburuto.

Miraculously, there was nary a wound to be found from the attack, but the lost horses, their wariness against pursuers, and minimal number of rest had caused a remarkable amount of fatigue to accumulate.

After thanking Marquis Vibrato for allowing them to stay in his castle, Juliana sent a messenger to Lady Serena in Rinburuto’s capital.

The messenger returned almost immediately, along with the soldiers, on the third day of her stay with Marquis Vibrato.

It was under the protection of the Arch dukedom’s national army that Juliana was escorted to the capital from Vibrato’s domain.

Before long, Juliana’s carriage approached the large stone bridge that lead to the Archduke’s palace at the center of the Rinburuto.

A large moat had been dug around the palace and filled with seawater. The bridge crossing the moat was surrounded by a crowd of people with fishing lines extending towards the water, creating a peaceful scenery.

After crossing the moat, the carriage passed the castle ramparts and the white walls of the palace from which the Rinburuto Arch dukedom was ruled became visible. A multitude of elegantly decorated/carved spires gave the palace a solemn atmosphere, displaying the country’s power and abundant wealth.

“The beauty of this place hasn’t changed at all……”

Feruna’s comment broke the princess’s chain of thought and made her look up.

Princess Juliana silently nodded in agreement before turning towards the palace entrance.

What she saw was a line of guards standing in front of the palace’s grand staircase. Standing behind the soldiers dressed in excellent body armor was a familiar face.

The carriage slowly advanced through the palace gardens and stopped just before the grand stairway.

The moment the driver opened the carriage door, princess Juliana jumped out and ran towards the familiar person.


“Maril, you’re safe!”

The person princess Juliana called Melia ran towards her and softly embraced her while tearfully addressing her by her childhood name.

Her hair was the same dark blonde shade as Juliana’s and neatly tied up while her brown eyes were filled with love. The women who embraced Juliana and was wearing a beautiful light blue dress was Juliana’s older sister that married into the Archduke’s family, Serena Melia De Olav Tishiento.

“All that matters is that you’re alive……

“I’m sorry I made you worry Meria-oneesama……”

Juliana’s eyes teared up as she heard her sister speak and she buried her face in her sister’s bosom.

“I fainted when I heard that you were struck down by Douglass in Rhoden……”

“Onee-sama, what in the world are you talking about?!”

When Juliana heard her sister’s comment she lifted her head and demanded an explanation.

“There seems to have been some chaos in Olav a little while ago. In the midst of that confusion, Douglass tried to kill Sect. Though Sect was injured, he managed to turn the tables and kill Douglass instead……”

“……Is that so. What of my supposed slaying?”

“When Douglass was defeated he was carrying the necklace mother gave you in his breast pocket. Major general Marudoira was implicated in Douglass’ actions and his execution was announced.”

Juliana looked down at her own chest as Serena spoke.

The memento from her mother was something she had always wore, but she had been unable to find it after the attack. Since they had to be on the lookout against pursuers, she had been forced to leave empty-handed with tears in her eyes.

It seems to have been stolen by the assailants so Juliana was outraged and relieved hearing it had been in Douglass’s hands, but feelings of doubt began to stir in her heart.

“……What’s the situation with major general Marudoira?”

“Apparently, the chaos in the capital was his doing, but his son, general Setorion, swiftly stopped him.”

Hearing the whole story Juliana turned around to hide her complicated feelings. However, her sister softly patted her head and quietly whispered gentle worlds in Juliana’s ear that calmed her troubled heart.

“……You survived, that’s all that matters to me.”

The worries in her heart incredibly faded away as she buried her face into her kind older sister’s chest.

Emperor POV 

The Holy Leburan Empire was located in the northeastern region of the Northern continent.

In the center of the Empire’s immense territory, situated on a large plain, was the capital city Habaren, which boasted a total population of 80,000 people. The city was built in a circular configuration where all the main roads lead to the elevated palace of the Emperor.

Siguenza, the palace at the center of the capital, was austere rather than elegant since it had originally been built as a fort back when the Leburan Empires had still been a single country

In the inner sanctum of Siguenza Palace was a room serving as the emperor’s office.

Sitting in the chair reserved for the ruler of this country was a young man. His head was covered with red, slightly curly hair and he was dressed in a plain, military uniform.

This man was Domitianus Leburan Valetiafellbe, the young emperor of the Holy Leburan Empire.

He had been quietly leaning on his elbow and staring at the enlarged map of the empire when he heard a knock at the room’s door.


Since there were no servants at all inside the room, and only a few specific people had permission to enter this room in the first place, the permission to enter was given in a rude tone.

When the door opened, a slightly overweight man dressed in flashier clothes than the emperor entered. His large stomach shook as he walked, a pitiful excuse for a mustache grew under his nose and his smiling face gave off a shady impression.

This person, dressed like what appeared to be a wealthy merchant, was Verumoasu Du Laizehl, the chancellor of the Holy Leburan Empire.

“What do you want Verumoasu?”

The emperor looked up at Verumoasu’s shady looking smile and immediately asked his question in a curt tone.

“Yes, your majesty. A short while ago I received a letter from our contact in Rhoden. It appears that first prince Sect has been declared as successor to the throne.”

“What did you say?!”

The emperor shouted in response to chancellor Verumaosu’s casual explanation.

Domitianus’ outburst was unbefitting of an emperor but he just glared at the smiling chancellor.

Normally, one would try to hide the fact that they were taking pleasure in the misery of someone who was receiving terrible news.

However, chancellor Verumoasu made no attempt to hide his ever broadening smile as he offered the emperor a large nod.

“Yes. It seems that prince Douglass attempted to eliminate princess Juliana and prince Sect. The result was the death of the princess and prince Sect turning the tables on Douglass and killing him.”

“What?! Why would that idiot Douglass carry out a plan like that?! This is the first time I’ve heard about this!”

Emperor Domitianus scowled as he cursed at the now deceased prince Douglass.

“They say Diento has been assassinated not too long ago. Is it possible that he grew impatient when the foundation of his faction was shaken?”

When the chancellor said that his belly shook in blatant amusement.

“The supplier of elves…… With Sect chosen as the next king, his ties with the west will strengthen and they’ll encroach on the southern front……”

Domitianus started to groan as he folded his arms and looked at the map in front of him.

“The monster tamer corps showed promising results when they were tested in the northern raids on Wetorias, right?”

“……That’s right. If the damage done by the monster tamer corps at Wetorias is any indication, then there would be no way an army can strike from the south. However, moving the monsters alone is certain to draw attention.”

Looking at the same map, chancellor Verumoasu answered and vagely pointed towards Wetorias, a fortress inside the Great Leburan Empire, while Domitianus’ pondered over his next course of action.

“After the attack on Wetorias, there were reports of a “great harvest” of magic stone……”

“……It is as you say. I’ll convey your instructions to the Magic Institute.”

When the chancellor bowed to him, Emperor Domitianus suddenly noticed something and asked the shady man a question.

“That reminds me, what happened to Funoba?”

“He is currently traversing the area around the Fire Dragon mountains. A particular strong monster seems to be frequenting the area.”

“I see, he is bound to receive more work once the monster tamer corps becomes more active. Tell the Magic Institute to increase the production of the 『Ring of Submission』……”

When he finished speaking, emperor Domitianus gave a magnificent laugh

Silver and Namorax’s Thoughts

Gonna try to keep it brief. This Volume wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best either. The majority of the problems I have come from the pacing. The start was rather slow and once thing did pick up it didn’t last long, then there certain thing just feel out of place. There’s my opinion on the second prince and you can go back to read that, but there’s also the fact that the Blade Heart Clan is only important for the last third despite their name being the volume title. I think I understand what the author was trying to do with this volume but the presentation was just handled poorly. Now what I did like was the character personalities and interactions. Arc isn’t a Mary-sue in my eyes he’s just thorough in and thoughtful of his actions. Ariane is passionate and impulsive. Chiome is pragmatic and skilled. There were some great thing in here, but for V3 the author needs to cut some stuff or expand on things further.

Namorax: (End of vol2)

Hi everyone, first time I wrote a comment about the story I helped translating/editing, so I apologise if my 5 cent are boring and/or rambling xD

What to say about Arc…the way he stumbles from one event to the next reminds me a bit of a teddybear… together with Ponta we have Papa Bear, Baby Bear… and Ariane could be… Mama Bear? Dunno where I wanted to go with this… *ahem*

In any case, I think the events in this chapter kinda indicate what will happen in the next volume. We definitely haven’t seen the last of our princess, and I have the suspicion that Chiome will more or less become a member of Arc’s party. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that. I kinda like Chiome (or at least what little we have seen so far from her outside battle), but whenever a “male” protagonist starts gathering nothing but women in his entourage I start to fear that the author drifts into the harem route. Still looking forward to see what Arc stumbles into next!

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