V2 Chapter 19

Translator: Silver  Editor: Namorax

「Collaborative Scheming 」Part 2

In Rhoden Kingdom’s capital city Olav, inside the royal palace, a man with visible blue veins on his hands was throwing a silver cup on the floor of a private room that was illuminated by magic crystal lamps.

There was a dull metallic ping when the cup hit the floor before it slowly rolled into the corner. The mellow fragrance of the wine that had filled the cup spread throughout the room.

The eyes of two of the men in the room followed the cup as it rolled on the ground, before they glanced at each other and turned back to the man that throw it.

“Fuck! Why now! Why was Earl Hoban killed now of all times?!”

The man that had thrown the cup was sitting on a leather sofa and clenching his hands as hard as he could. His normally handsome features were twisted beyond belief and a cold anger filled his blue eyes. This person was none other than Douglass Shishle Carunon Rhoden Vetoran, the second prince of Rhoden.

“We’re having difficulty contacting anyone in Hoban due to all the confusion the rebellion is causing.”

One of the men looking at prince Douglass spoke to him in a serious tone.

The man’s hair was a blend of gray and brown and he sported a respectable beard, but only a feeling of masculinity could be sensed from the man’s muscular body

He was Marudoira De Olsterio, one of Rhoden’s seven dukes and the Major General of the unified national army. He was the one that had read the report from his liaison in Hoban.

“If those Haunting Wolves hadn’t appeared on the highway we could’ve stopped Sect’s schemes!”

“Your highness, we could have prevented the rebellion had the monsters not forced us to delay our plans.”

When Douglass began to berate the monsters, the man beside Marudoira stepped up to calm him down.

The man that spoke up wore a military uniform over his stout body, as he was Setorion De Olsterio, one of Rhoden’s three generals.

Despite Setorion’s efforts Prince Douglass continued his anger induced rant.

“That’s too convenient! Now Sect will be able to take advantage of the situation and quell the rebellion.”

The two generals blew out a sigh without looking at the enraged Prince Douglass.

Originally they were supposed to meet with Earl Hoban and conspire to assassinate Prince Sect. However, the highway that led to Hoban was threatened by monsters and Earl Hoban had been slain in the revolt.

“I can only say that all of this happened in an untimely matter. We need to focus on the next opportunity……”

Marudoira began speaking in a booming voice.

Members of the king’s personal army have already been sent out to deal with the monsters along the highway.

It would be difficult to leave the capital until things calmed down, making all their plans  to visit Hoban for naught, and visiting somewhere else is impossible without preparation.

“Juliana also seems to have slipped off to Rinburuto undetected!”

As Douglass muttered that curse, someone started to heavily pound on the room’s door.

“Marudoira-sama! There is an urgent matter that requires your attention!”

General Setorion quickly responded by opening the door a little to receive the messenger’s report.

The soldier saluted General Setorion before whispering the content of the message in his ear.

Setorion nodded at the message and dismissed the soldier before whispering what he had heard into his father’s ear.


Prince Douglass, who so far had been quiet throughout the exchange, asked Marudoira what was happening.

Marudoira reviewed what he had heard before he started speaking to Prince Douglass.

“Your highness,  the main building of the Etsuato company is under attack. The assailants seem to be quite skilled and the company representative is requesting aid from the army…… How should we respond?”

Wrinkles formed on Prince Douglass’s forehead as he listened to the report.

“Why are problems like this popping up one after another?!”

Not only was Etsuato a major trading company, they were the ones used to evaluate the price of the elven slaves, so he couldn’t simply refuse their request for assistance.

As the room filled with prince Douglass’s curses, Setorion sighed before turning to the grim-faced Marudoira.

“Father and I shall deal with this. We’ll take some of your personal soldiers to help stomp out the criminals. The other side will be ever so grateful of the Major General for directly helping in this  situation.”

“As you will.”

Seeing Douglass’s twisted grin at the proposal, Setorion give a subtle smile of his own.

After Major General Marudoira received prince Douglass’s command he quietly left the room.

When Setorion was about to leave he suddenly turned back to prince Douglass and started speaking.

“Your Highness. Concerning what happened in Hoban there was an unconfirmed report that elves were involved.”


With that single sentence, Prince Douglass returned from thinking about his future plans to the present.

“The attack on the Etsuato trading company may be their doing.”

“……What do you mean?”

The prince’s voice was fraught with tension and worry as he questioned Setorion.

“To be honest, I received a report that the elves Diento had secretly been keeping disappeared after the assassination. Lord Hoban previously purchased an elf of his own. Although nothing has been confirmed, the same thing might have happened in Hoban……”

Setorion remained perfectly claim as he voiced his suspicions.

“Are you saying that the elves are pulling the strings behind the scenes?  That’s a terrible thought…… but I doubt they can get into the palace in the first place.”

“However, things would be troubling if they have someone guiding them inside…… Diento was a fort in it’s own right, but you’ve already seen the results. If we assume that the uproar in the town is a feint, then there is the possibility that someone people are being lead here to take your life.”

“……What should we do?”

“It’d be best if you hide in an unknown location. We should head to your secret mansion in the first district. Your Highness.”

Douglass hesitated for a moment before offering a small nod, Setorion proceeded to give an order to the messenger waiting outside the room.

“Prepare a carriage for his highness at the back entrance. Hurry.”

When they received a quiet confirmation, Douglass and a small group of imperial guards made their way to the back entrance.

Since only members of the royal family and their close relatives knew of the passage, only the sound of the groups’ footsteps could be heard in the nearly empty hall.

Despite sneaking around in the at night without a lamp, the group soon arrived at the back entrance where a small black carriage with the royal family’s crest on it was prepared.

In front of the carriage were four guards on horseback.

Setorion opened the carriage door and allowed Douglass to enter before entering it himself.

Once the two were inside the sound of a whip was heard and the carriage was soon on it’s way to the rear gate.

The soldiers stationed at the gate simply allowed the carriage to pass when they saw the crest that adorned it.

The black carriage raced across the stone pavement of the first district’s residential area.

The atmosphere inside the carriage was rather heavy as only the jostling of the carriage and the hoof beats could be heard.

Suddenly the horses started neighing and the carriage came to a stop, causing Douglass to lost his balance and fall over.

“What was that?!”

Instead of a reply, the sounds of the guards charging at something and the start of an intense battle was heard outside.

“Setorion! What’s happening?!”

Douglass peered out the window and looked out at the dark streets, but could only make out moving silhouette.

“Please calm down your highness. There is nothing to worry about.

Setorion unsheathed his decorative sword that hung at his waist and stabbed prince Douglass in the chest as he said that.

As he looked down at the silver sword inside his chest and back to Setorion, the prince’s eyes were full of confusion.


His words were cut short as his head drooped and blood started to spill from his mouth.

As if waiting for that moment, the carriage door opened and one person entered.

Setorion quickly pulled his sword out of Douglass’s chest and sheathed it before kneeling in front of the person that entered.

“Things seem to be going according to plan…… though there was some trouble.”

The person who had entered was tall, had light brown hair and handsome features, and he was showing a thin smile as he expressed his thanks to the kneeling Setorion.


“Your praise is wasted on me.”

Setorion looked up as the country’s first prince, Sect Rondaro Carunon Rhoden, took a seat.

“Despite this being an improvised plan, it was wonderfully executed.”

“No, I simply grasped the opportunity presented by the beastmen crawling into the city. If there’s anyone deserving the praise, it’s the Etsuato company that reported their troubles.”

“Good work. Still, it is quite fortuitous that the spark we sowed in Hoban managed to reach even this place.”

Prince Sect handsome features were distorted as he laughed maniacally.

“Yes. The force sent to deal with Juliana should be returning soon. The dealings with the representative have also been complete.”

“I’ve been aware of  the situation with Juliana for a while now. However, most of the group sent to deal with her was wiped out by a monster attack……”

The prince simply shrugged his shoulder as he said that.

“I understand that my trip to Hoban will be delayed due to the monsters but apart from that there’s no real damage……”

“Well, at least that obscene bishop’s group was successful. ……Princess Juliana’s memento arrive a little while ago. Once this affair with Douglass here is settled we will announce her passing to the public.”

Prince Sect let out a sigh before looking at the loyal retainer kneeling before him before muttering in a low tone.

“Afterward, it’s Marudoira…… Such a shame to have  to undermine the hard work of one’s own parents.”

“Father is already an old man. Is it not one’s filial duty to take over for the parent once their time has passed…”

Setorion nodded at Sect’s words before calmly offering his reply.

“Is that so──, I take it that the necessary preparations are complete?”


When the two’s eyes caught one another, Prince Sect prompted Setorion with a nod, who proceeded to draw his sword yet again.

“Should I refrain from making it too deep? That said, it would be difficult for me to not hold back.”

Accepting the difficult order from Sect, Setorion nodded once before stabbing his sword into the prince’s left arm in one stroke.


The prince a short pain-filled shout.

The sleeve of Sect shirt was torn and blood sprayed in a flashy manner, making the injury appear rather serious.

Once Setorion confirmed his handiwork he quickly sheathed his sword and offered it to the prince.

“Your highness, please report to the temple of healing as this affair is settled.”

Sect received the sword and nodded as sweat streamed down his face.

Setorion quickly stepped off the carriage and instructed the driver to head towards the nearest temple.

Soon the sound of a whip cracked in the dark of the night as the black carriage ran towards the temple at full speed.

For a moment, Setorion looked back at the disappearing carriage before glancing at his subordinate knights, then at the sky in the direction of their destination.

“To the Etsuato company, quickly.”

Setorion’s low voice increased the knight’s tension.

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  1. tonyorobsky says:

    … What a smart bastard…

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  2. meshaal1416 says:

    And the second prince is probably gonna be saved by arc and arc would be racking favours here and there with royalty

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    • farkhanplanet says:

      why would he saved second prince?


      • meshaal1416 says:

        He might save him without knowing who he is and even if he knew that guy is the second prince he has no way of knowing that he is the one responsible for enslaving the elfs.

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    • AnimeLover says:

      Have you not been paying attention? The prince is the enemy of the Elves. He will not save him. He already saved the Princess and he will definitely benefit from that future queen. Everyone believes she’s dead

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      • RoflCat says:

        First prince sent his soldiers to kill her and took a memento as proof she died.
        Arc saved her, and the princess kept going towards the elves to discuss things.

        So the first prince have her memento, and will use it later to announce that she’s dead (and that the second prince died as well) to ensure he himself is the sole heir.

        Of course since she’s alive, this will get complicated. On one hand without the memento she won’t have any actual proof that she’s the princess, but on the other hand since she talked to the elves, she should have their support (and Arc’s indirectly…who might freaks out a bit when he learned who she is)

        In an ideal scenario, she might out the first prince as the mastermind behind her attempted assassination and that by the will of God she’s given a second chance (after all, he was the one proclaimed she’s dead and even have her memento that a ‘bandit’ should have)

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      • @RoflCat
        (Of course since she’s alive, this will get complicated. On one hand without the memento she won’t have any actual proof that she’s the princess,)

        you forget all the dukes that support her will recognise her and that is all that really matters.

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  3. Dark Jackel says:

    I think this comes at the right time, though. A play for the throne was obviously inbound, and it just so happened that the opportunity provided by Arc & co. worked well for Sect’s scheme.

    Of course, Sect doesn’t know yet that Arc already spiked his wheel, and what was supposed to be a smooth usurpation is about to turn extremely messy… 😈

    Thanks for the chapter! 😃

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    • Silver says:

      What I meant was that there could have been a lot more weight to his demise if we had seen more of him falling apart at as a result of Sect’s schemes and Arc’s interference. Build it up a bit before hiving him stab in the back is all I’m saying.


      • Dark Jackel says:

        I guess I understand what you mean…but I have to disagree. For all the dramatic significance of this storyline, you have remember that, for the time being, it’s just a background event for the main storyline following Arc and Ariane’s shenanigans.

        Well, that’s how I feel anyway. 😅

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      • rickymex says:

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      • atiredperson says:

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      • franckoa says:

        I think to first prince is trying to pin everything on the elves (death of the second prince, and maybe the future death of the king and the suposed death of the princess too), after all to legitimate a new king, using a conflict against an evil foreign agressor is historically a popular and easy method (xenophobia and fear mongering are two of most used tool of demagoguery (say hi to mister Trump ;o) ), even if you fabricate a false threat, or escalate tensions secretly by yourself.

        Afterward, going to war with the elves (and winning it) can grant the first prince an expansion of territory that would be good for his image and a lot of funds by selling (or gifting) the elven war slaves to secure his authority on the court and the influents people of the kingdom and the neighbouring countries.


      • Alort says:

        I won’t say that I disagree with Silver’s point, however, we have to keep in mind that this fight for the throne has been going for quite some time before Arc got summoned to this world and the impression I get is that they were rushing to the last pieces of their plans.

        On one had we have the first prince with his plans already in full motion since he already had his guys inside the second prince’s faction, which may also be happening to the princess side. The second may have got his faction built up through illicit acts, like a group of corrupt nobles going all together to his side to have his favour and then we have the princess that not only wants to win this fight but she wants to do so by proving both are corrupts.

        But still, you are right: to us, readers, the second prince wasn’t shown as a threat, like the first one is, but more like a stepping stone.

        Now, on to what @franckoa:

        Things won’t really escalate. They – the elves – have solid proof about their brethen being enslaved by those nobles, which is a break of their agreement. And at least two of those nobles were allies of the second prince, then his faction will be smoked out for everything they may have done. And the first? The moment he shows up with proof of the princess death it’ll go all like “Ho ho ho, but i’m well and alive, so how does you have this ‘proof’, a memento even, that I lost in a bandit ambush?” and there it goes all down the drain for him too. And, even if he does not get thrown out of the fight for the throne, he’ll still lose allies and power.

        It’ll be even worse if Arc ends up, by unknown reasons, mediating between the elves, beastkin and the princess.


      • franckoa says:

        I wasn’t talking about what will happen next in the novel, I was talking about the actual plans of the first prince (who is, of course, delighted by the fact that the elves are cleaning his brother’s faction, he may even be the one that discretly “helped” them to find the firsts clues leading to the trail of their missing people).

        Of course his plans won’t succeed, this novel doesn’t seems steered to go on this kind of dark story (no mentions of what happened to the female elves during their slavery time for exemple, and a lot of japanese authors usually don’t write that kind of stories).


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      so next ch we get to see knights try to fight Arc if they can even get there before he is done freeing all the slaves and setting fire to the buildings.
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        Except the one who ordered the knights to go secure the elves was the now dying second prince (the first prince is clean in this matter).


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    If this continues, I’d even be ready to predict that the 1st Prince Sect will bait the Royal Palace with kidnapped elves, and when Arc and Co. arrives for the rescue, he will, in the ensuing chaos, assassinate the king, then subsequently use this as an excuse to wage war with the elves.

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