Arc VS Ainz

Silver here, well this has been a long time coming and even a few commenters have brought it up, but I decided to wait till I had a good understanding of both characters before I threw my two cents in. Now I want to be as unbiased as I possibly can with this fight analyzes so here are the ground rules that are in place:

  1. The leveling and magic/skill systems of the fictional games that act as a the power base for both characters are impossible to fully examine and compare due to lack of information. As a compromise, the twos’ abilities will be judged based on an assumed universal fantasy realm settling and both will suffer a 15% decrease in effectiveness of spells and skills due to differences.
  2. The allies and followers that both combatants have shall not take part in this battle in any way whatsoever. This shall be a true one-on-one confrontation.
  3. As both combatants could benefit from certain environmental settings, the field of battle will be an unpopulated, medium-sized forest.
  4. This confrontation will be a random encounter. No prep-time will be given to either combatant, as such, both of them will only carry their standard gear and items.
  5. This shall be an analysis of 6 attributes that will affect the final outcome: The racial characteristics/body features, the physical capabilities, magic (which has been split into 4 subcategories), equipment & items, trumps card abilities, and personalities
  6. Since I consider this to be the best way to express the final verdict of this fight, the results will be presented as a score out of 100 simulated battles, followed by a detailed breakdown.

Racial Characteristics/Body Features: The most fact based category.

Ainz: While playing YGGDRASIL Ainz choose to play as a Skeleton Mage and eventually evolved into a magic centric Overlord. Thanks to becoming an actual undead, Ainz is a cold and calculating man whose emotions are suppressed if they exceed a certain threshold. As an undead, Ainz is blessed with immortality. Immunity to low level spells & physical attacks, ice, acid, and electric attacks. Resistance to slashing and piercing attacks. Extreme weakness fire, light and holy attacks. Nightvision. Requires no food or sleep, and is immune to critical damage. Damaged by regular healing items. As a result of his race/class Ainz has access to an aura of despair that has a chance of inducing fear, panic, confusion, insanity or instant death. Deals negative-type damage to the object being touched, attacked or skill-attacked by Ainz.

Arc: While initially playing the unnamed game Arc played as dark elf, somewhere along the way he applied a skeletal skin to his avatar. This skin would manifest a number of effects when he was transferred into his new world. To start off, the majority of Arc’s body and emotional processing capability has been left in stasis in the game world, only temporarily accessible to him through the use of curse removing spells and a certain spring’s water. Thanks to his warrior-centric character build Arc has been gifted with superhuman physical abilities. Arc is unaffected by extreme temperature shifts such as extreme heat and cold. His build has high fire and light resistance. While Arc is capable of eating and sleeping, it is done mostly out of habit as Arc doesn’t get hungry or fatigued as a skeleton. Since his true body is trapped in another plane of existence Arc’s skeletal body does not age and further increases slash and piercing resistances. While Arc’s body lacks many of the downsides of an undead or living being, the emotional backlash (he will experience all the emotions that were “dulled” by his skeletal form at once, in full clarity) when reverting to his original dark elf body could kill him.

What I see here is a “no edge”-situation: While each combatant’s body does play a role in the fight, it is impossible to say which one is better than the other based on their own merit. If Arc’s dark elf form was his standard state of being, then the edge would go to Ainz, but that isn’t the case. The limitations and benefits only show major influence when combined with other factors outside of this category.


Physical Capabilities: Encompassing fighting experience, reflexives and strength.

Ainz: In terms of physical abilities, Ainz comfortably sits in the superhuman category. Some of his greatest feats include shattering the bones of low level undead with ease, kicking up large dust clouds when frustrated, equaling a party of adequately skilled mercenaries without the use of magic in combat, and withstanding blows from a troll without taking damage. Around the start of Overlord’s second volume, Ainz began taking combat lessons in between running Nazarick and his adventuring work, though that seems to have been throw to the wayside in favor of running his newly formed Kingdom. Beyond that bit of training, Ainz has to rely on the ranged combat style he developed over years of playing a full-dive VRMMO as a magic caster. Should he desire it, Ainz can use a spell that turns all his caster attributes into warrior attributes, giving him the stats of a max level warrior with none of the skills, and at the cost of his other spells.

Arc: While Ainz has a comfortably superhuman physicality, Arc may stand above even that. Some of his greatest feats included holding down various monsters with ease, breaking down a security gate with a shoulder ram, ripping metal doors out of walls, blowing away crowds of people with a single attack, shattering steel with his bare hands, punching a hole into a ship, outclassing ogres in a contest of strength, and repelled a tail whip from a dragon king with only his arm going numb afterwards. When he uses his skills, the range and destructive force of his actions increase exponentially, allowing him to cut down flying enemies and trees from a distance and easily destroy fortified structures. Arc appears to have no formal training in fighting, but overwhelms almost all of his opponents using just his physical abilities. So far, the only person able outclass Arc was a centuries old, female elven warrior during a mock fight. However, it should be noted that Arc refrained from using skills since the purpose of the fight was to test his swordsmanship.

The edge here has to go to Arc. His physical abilities and willingness to use them puts him above Ainz by a large margin. While Ainz has a couple of months of training under his belt, it’s nowhere near enough for him to bridge the gap between him and Arc in this category, lest you forget that he also relied on his superhuman strength to get by as an adventurer. It’s also unlikely that Ainz would use “Perfect Warrior” since doing so would only put him at a disadvantage in other areas.


Magic: This Category has been split into battle oriented, summoning, utility and capability

  • Battle Oriented

It has been mentioned that Ainz has learned over 700 different spells, but most of them are related to death magic and instant-kills. Based off the light novels, in particular the opening stages of his fight with Shalltear Bloodfallen and the annihilation of Sunlight Scripture, he is capable of casting high-level defensive spell and buffs, creating oneshot black holes, cutting through space, stopping time, a variety of instant death spells and a few mid-tier energy and elemental based attacks.

Arc falls short in this category because he actively avoids using his high-tier magic since  most of them are AOE spells, even though he has maxed out the Mage and Priest class trees in order to obtain the Heavenly Knight class. Instead he has shown creative uses for low level magic such as rock bullets and flamethrowers. Can level buildings with earth spikes, fry flying enemies with lightning and blow enemies away using gusts of wind with intermediate magic.

  • Summoning

Ainz is capable of instantly summoning 20 low-level, 12 mid-level, and 4 high-level undead a day without a corpse and with little mana cost. Should he have corpses on hand, those numbers can be greatly increased, depending on their quality. Ainz is also capable of creating a fortress out of thin air and other elemental summons, but their cast time increases with how far they are away from the Ainz on the karma scale.

Arc is capable of summoning a variety of different creatures with a five minute time limit. Despite the time limit, Arc’s summons have the benefit of their strength scaling with his mana pool without the altering the amount of mana needed to summon them.

While it seems that Ainz should win here, I have to give it to Arc because there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of times he can summon his creatures beside the cooldown time.

  • Utility

Including the above mentioned buffs and debuffs, Ainz is capable of temporary invisibility, surveillance prevention, altering memories, item creation, delaying teleportation within a small area around himself, teleportation, flight, long-range teleportation, enemy detection, increased vision range, and limited reality manipulation.

Arc falls short here. He is capable of short range teleportation with a defined 500 meter range and long range teleportation. He’s been stated as maxing out the priest class but has only shown curse removing spells, varying levels of healing magic and resurrections. Although he has spells effective against undead (even one that instantly kills them) he has yet to use them.

  • Capabilities

Ainz has been stated has having a larger than normal mana pool, but his higher tier spells drain it away when used in quick succession. With only his standard gear, Ainz is dependant on magic to a fault. In fact, one of the viable strategies for defeating Ainz is to tank his magical assault until he depletes his mana.

Arc’s greatest asset is that even his highest level spells are only a drop in the bucket that is his mana pool. It took 30+ casting of a total resurrection spell before he even noticed any loss. The second largest advantage he has is the scale of escalation between tiers.

Ainz has the slight edge in this category. The sheer number of number of spells and their myriad of uses simply outclass what Arc has to offer. However, the gap isn’t as insurepassible as some might think it. The lower mana cost for spells and power scaling of his summons gives Arc a fighting chance.


Equipment & Items: The easiest part to write.

Ainz’s standard gear and their known or assumed effects are as follows:

  • Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown: It allows the user to freely teleport between every room inside Nazarick.
  • Shooting Star: Allows user to activate over-class magic, “Wish Upon a Star” three times without consuming experience.
  • Ring that allows user to revive with little loss of exp.
  • Ring that protects user from detection by all kinds of divination-type magic.
  • Ring that protects user from behavior disturbance.
  • Other Rings are assumed to increase stats or have other one shot effects.
  • Boots: stat increase.
  • Circlet: stat increase.
  • Cloak: It has a Chaotic Aura Effect, causing a rippling dark red aura to rise from the feet, an aura that felt turbulent and sinister.
  • Gauntlet: small stat increase.
  • Necklace: stat increase.
  • Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown (replica, Ainz rarely takes the real one out of Nazarick): The staff has seven snakes engraved in it with gems of Divine class artifact. Each with a unique ability and the power to summon monsters level 85 and above once a day.


Ainz is also capable of drawing a number of consumables from his item box, such as mana & health potions and items that can reduce cast times on higher level spells.

Arc’s Standard gear and their known or assumed effects are as follows:

  • 『Holy Armor of Belenus』: A five piece set of armor that enhances defense and periodically restore a fixed amount of health, increases attack power, as well as increasing curse resistance. In addition, fire and light attribute damage is reduced by half.
  • 『Holy Shield of Teutates』: High defense and knockdown invalidation, it raised all abnormal status effect resistance values.
  • 『Overcoat of the Night Sky』: Reduces darkness attribute damage and restores a set amount of mana over time.
  • 『Holy Thunder Sword』: increase in attack power and agility boost. Skill: 【Sacred Lightning Sword】( 10% increase in offensive power, inflicts low-level paralysis on targets, and increases the sword’s range.)

Just as with his sword, each piece of Arc’s gear is said to have a unique skill of its own. Arc also lacks an item box and doesn’t carry jewelry as the devs in his game had to nerf the armor in some way for balancing

The slight edge goes to Arc. While Ainz is carrying more equipment, the majority of their uses are unknown which makes it hard to state what kind of effect the would have on the battle’s outcome. Though his item box and consumables even the playing field a bit, the fact that he has to stop what he’s doing to use them is a limitation in a fight like this. While there could be some potential game changing abilities in Ainz’s gear, the clear benefits Arc’s gear provides can’t be overcome by potential alone.


Trump Cards: Both combatants have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Ainz’s known Over Rank Magic:

  • Creation: Changes field effect.
  • Fallen Down: Calls down a huge pillar of blue light from the sky that will burn so bright and hot that it will appear like the whole world has turned white. After a few seconds, it will leave behind an area burned to cinder, devoid of life. This spell deals massive damage, especially to undead-type enemy.
  • Iä Shub-Niggurath: Summons a black cyclone and kills everything in the area. The victims are sacrificed to summon monsters over level 90, “Dark Young”. The number of summoned dark young is proportional to the total number of sacrifices.
  • Wish Upon A Star: Consumes the caster’s experience points to grant a wish. Ainz used this spell by using a special item, but he said that he has also learned the spell.
  • Pantheon: Summons 6 level 80, “Cherubim’s Gatekeepers” through the use of an Over Rank, holy-type magic under his command.

Over Rank Magic can not be activated consecutively, only 4 in a single day, it has an activation period and certain amount of damage done to the magic caster will interrupt the casting. Ainz possess consumables that reduce the activation period.

Arc: The Four Heavenly Knight Skills

  • 【The Executor】
  • 【The Judge】
  • 【The Guardian】
  • 【The Prophet】

The Judge is said to give Arc the ability to fly, but not much else is known about the effects of the these four skills. What is know is that Arc is capable of using three of these skills consecutively before his mana is completely depleted and that they all have 12 hour cooldowns.

To no one’s surprise the edge goes to Ainz here. While it’s possible to speculate what Arc’s skills can do, speculation can only do so much in the face of facts


Personalities: The category that’s the most subjective to my jaded mind.

Ainz: He has a deep seated “paranoia” that stems from his early time playing Yggdrasil. It was stated that players playing as Monster races were hunted down for fun, resulting in an environment where he constantly had to fear being killed by others. On earth, his apparent lack of a family left him with little social interaction outside of work and the game. His loyalty lies with his friends, the NPCs created by them and not much else. Ainz even shows slight psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies as he cares nothing about the outside world, except in that they might be useful in locating his friend, only showing empathy when he thinks that his friends would disapprove of his actions otherwise. While he has his own sense of justice, it does not necessarily apply to himself as he treated an enemy to a slow and painful death because of their actions, actions that he admitted he would have done, and has allowed to be carried out by his followers. In battle, Ainz has a tendency for overkill due to the (sometimes unexpected) difference in power between himself and his opponents. Although the Ainz personal was created to protect himself, at this point it seem to have become the dominant one.

Arc: After awakening in the other world as his game avatar, Arc has shown a rather laid back attitude about most things in life. His fear that his skeletal form will lead to him being prosecuted means that Arc avoids extended interactions with those unaware of his secret. Despite his altered perception of reality, Arc acts in a respectful manner to innocent civilians and those in positions of authority over himself. He has very little connection with humans and other races in the world, as a result, he’s willing take any job so long as it catches his interest and doesn’t go against his personal sense of justice. i.e. saving the wrongfully enslaved or preventing a dangerous monster from destroying the city when he has the means to stop it. When threatened or on the clock, Arc shows no hesitation in killing humans and other creatures alike. In battle Arc tends to think on his feet, assessing the situation before taking the most suitable action. Though Arc does things for equally selfish and selfless reasons he tries to maintain an image of himself that could be seen as positive and trustworthy in the eyes of his allies.

Both characters also suffer from a form of emotional damping. Ainz is capable of feeling emotions, but the “Immunity against status-debuffs” that undead players get as a racial bonus blocks them when they exceed a certain point. While capable of joy, sadness, rage, etc., Ainz can only feel a brief flash of them before he’s reset to a emotionless baseline. Arc is different because his dampener can be disabled. Unlike Ainz, Arc does still “feel” every emotion he has. It’s just that in his case, the curse forcefully bottles the emotion up and when Arc “breaks” the curse, all the bottled-up emotions are released and Arc is forced to work through them all at once, effectively frying his brain if the amount of emotions becomes too much to handle. So long as the “curse” is in effect Arc operates with extremely muted emotions, a mere shadow of with they actually are.

I can’t really give other of them an edge for personality. While Ainz’ character alignment is stated to be extreme/chaotic evil, his action and mannerisms make him out to be lawfully evil. For better or worse, he has a code and method to his madness which he bases all his actions on. Arc, on the other hand, is a truly neutral soul. He is capable of doing the wrong things for the right reason and vice versa. When it comes down to it both have glaring weakness in how they operate, but against each other their strengths more than make up for them.

Final Verdict: Out of 100 confrontation these is how I see it all playing out. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO KILL OR DISCRETE ME

5/100 confrontations will end with the two not fighting each other. Some may hate me for this, but when you take everything these characters have to offer into account it’s possible that Ainz and Arc will decide not to fight. While the both of them are more than willing to kill, they are not mindless husks that see killing as their only option. It’s not hard to see reason winning out in a situation where the risk is high for both parties.

10/100 of the confrontations end in mutually assured destruction or the fight ending in a draw. At the end of the day, both Ainz and Arc are beings capable of unparalleled destruction. Though there is a difference in how the two choose to use their power, and for whom they use their power for, both possess world-ending strength. Under the right circumstances, a fight between these two can devolve into a “unstoppable force meets immovable object”-conundrum, and given their methodologies and fighting styles, those circumstances can be achieved rather easily.

20/100 of the confrontations end with one or both parties escaping during the battle. While Ainz does theorise that it could be possible for him to revive, with a possibly permanent (and crippling) loss of power, he would still try to avoid this outcome whenever possible. Arc on the other hand has to assume that his death in this battle would be final, making him more likely to use his long-distance teleportation to ensure his survival once it becomes apparent that Ainz is a force to be reckoned with. Ainz was (and still is) a very cautious player who tries to account for every variable before confronting an enemy, and even then he will do his utmost to prevent his opponent from having a chance at victory. Faced with an opponent like Arc, throwing the battle and escaping would be a sensible decision for Ainz to make. Something else to keep in mind is that Arc primarily fights out of principle, or because he expects to gain something from winning a fight. As such, there is little reason for Arc to risk his life trying to win this battle, unless he believes Ainz to be a danger to his friends.

32/100 and 33/100 battles go to Ainz and Arc respectively. Now before you write your comments explaining how wrong I am let me explain. There are a few reasons I gave Arc the last win and why the result were so equal to begin with.

  • First and foremost, the way Arc’s skeletal skin works negates the majority of Ainz’s death magic. Had the effect been purely cosmetic, Ainz would have gotten 60 wins hands down. However, as stated in the fourth volume of Skeleton Knight, the rest of Arc’s being is in another plane of reality entirely. Arc is just a conscience piloting a skeleton, meaning there is nothing on his skeletal body that can be killed by death magic. The only thing that might work would be The Goal of All Life is Death/Cry of the Banshee combo he used against Shalltear, but Arc falling victim to that spell is unlikely thanks to the second reason
  • Arc’s teleportation outclasses Ainz’s and his defenses against it. Delay Teleportation is a spell that can briefly hinder teleportation effects targeting an area close to the caster, buying them several seconds of time during which the caster would flee or counter-attack. It is an impressive spell that would allow Ainz to retreat or land a few hits on Arc, but based on the light novels and anime it’s a spell that would need to be recast after the spell’s effects activate and does nothing if the opponent is trying to teleport away from the caster. In the middle of battle Ainz can’t afford to waste mana or time like that because of Arc’s Dimensional Step. With a max range of 500m and mana cost so small he doesn’t even notice it, Dimensional Step is gonna be a major part of Arc offense. Delay Teleport might work a few times in the beginning, but as the battle drags on it would become a non-issue. Given the 12 sec delay of the above mentioned combo, the fact that Arc can cast Dimensional Step instantaneously, and the spells range, it’s extremely unlikely that Arc could fall victim to it.
  • Chances are high that the fight would turn into a battle of endurance, which is the last thing that Ainz would want. Arc’s HP and Mana are constantly replenished by his equipment, while Ainz is mostly reliant on his consumables. To be frank, only one of them has to stop and reach into an item box for recovery.
  • There is a limit to what spells Ainz can cast when he freezes time, and they mostly seem to be death spells and debuffs.
  • Finally, Arc is a magical tank in similar fashion to Shalltear Bloodfallen, i.e. the worst build Ainz could fight against. It was only through prior knowledge, prep time and access to the other guild member’s weapons that Ainz was able to best her, all thing that he won’t have access to here. (Those weapons in particular are normally left in Nazarick).

This has been my take on Arc vs Ainz, let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d really like to hear what you guys think.


84 comments on “Arc VS Ainz

  1. soldmars says:

    Ainz seems to have a disadvantage, huh~
    Thanks for taking time to write this! 🙂


    • ruwi says:

      Ainz is from a guild that were capable of being PK oriented and Arc is just playing for fun do you honestly believe Ainz was in a disadvantage lmao

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      • Scfer says:

        On one hand, I completely agree. To my opinion in 100 out of 100 encounters Ainz would experiment, flee and take countermeasures. The only way he could lose would be due to an instant death strike but as said above Arc is lacking in this category.

        On the other hand if you remove his right to retreat, Ainz might lose if Arc attacks relentlessly.


      • Ixiaz says:

        Without getting into a deeper discussion for which there is no real basis, Death magic is efficiently useless vs. Arc, being that his body is strictly not alive to begin with. His gear also reduces darkness aspected damage which is Ainz’s forte. He has every advantage Shalltear has and possibly more in addition to being an unknown entity for Ainz.

        No matter how powerful Ainz is compared to the other characters in his story it is clearly stated that his build is a pseudo RP/gimick build, eschewing optimal build paths to act out his role as an Archlich necromancer/death mage(Overlord). It has also been stated that he was far from the most powerful member of his guild and was only the guild master due to being the better mediator between the rather strong personalities of the guild members.

        Looking at the baselines discussed in Authors post, even when disregarding the obviously powerful skills Arc has been holding back, I’d be inclined to agree that Arc holds the overall advantage in a hypothetical fight.


      • HOMOSENSEI says:

        @Ixiaz While it is true that Arc’s skeletal body serves as only a proxy of his original body whose not considered living, this does not mean Ainz’s instant death magic is useless as countermeasure. Remember during his fight against Shalltear, The Goal of All Life is Death killed everything in approximately 200 meters in distance, including the ground, turning it into piles of sands. And the air, making the area an unbreathable ground. Lastly, Shalltear, an undead being that is already dead, and not to mention, all of which are classified as non-living.

        As for magic and resistances, it was not stated that all of Ainz’s magic are dark attributed, nor was it implied that dark was his forte (Example being are Fallen Down, Astral Smite, Reality Slash, and so on and so forth…). What all we know for sure is that instant death is his specialty, something Arc that doesn’t have a resistance to.

        We are also forgetting the fact that his ring, wish upon a star exist. Ainz could theoretically wish to be transported back to Nazarick, gather everything he has as well as his guildmate’s equipment, and several world class item to use against Arc. Or better yet, wish for Arc’s dark elf body to be brought to site from whatever plane of existence it currently resides, and kill him.


      • soldmars says:

        I meant his mana pool and overall ridiculous abilities, not his combat experience


    • skullphantom says:

      While the fight appears to be very even on the surface, I honestly believe that Ainz would win. I have read both stories(though I will admit that I have only read skeleton knight in my spare time and have actually researched Overlord), Ainz appears to have a much better chance at winning. And while Arc is listed as being Lv 255 and Ainz is listed as being Lv 100, that’s only because of their perspective games scaling differently and it is stated that they are both maxed level, so going by that logic we can assume that their fight would scale them.
      Now while Ainz is stated to not be using a dedicated PvP build he has a very good PvP record. His build has an emphasis on death and instant kill magics (HE IS NOT LIMITED TO THEM) as his build is mainly a RP build, he has learned strategies and techniques from his guild mates. he is also stated to have a world item on him at all times with the ability to completely negate and attack and destroy the attacking weapon (though this is implied by the author and not officially confirmed) divine level gear, and multiple enchanted rings(which have been mention) each with different effects) as well as a large inventory for many different situations, as well as a large array of spells and knowledge of spells, even ones he does not have(though that will not help against arc) he is very versatile. He has also stated in his fight Vs shalltear that he properly takes countermeasures to protect himself from his weaknesses aka holy and fire damage. Ainz also has the “Perfect Warrior” spell which temporarily converts all of his mana into bonus raw physical stats equal to that of a max level warrior, so he can compete with Arc in a pure physical brawl very evenly, however he does not have any warrior skills and is completely cut off from his magic. He does however have the benefit of some training as a warrior, though in a fight this most likely wouldn’t have too many benefits up against Arc and would most likely be used as a last resort. Also his stat sheet shows that other than his mana and magical attack, he has mediocre physical defense and very good magical resistance, so he can presumably take a few hits. How his death magic works is: on a lower level entity with little or no resistances to instant death attacks= instant kill, if not it has a higher chance to apply based on level difference. on similarly leveled enemy, it most likely has a lowered or only uses the base death chance unless they have a specific resistance or counter. Ainz’s trump card “The Goal of All Life is Death” allows his instant death skills to bypass all immunities and resistances to instant death at the cost of a delayed effect. This would mean that even if Arc had a resistance to instant death, it would simply be ignored. the only way to “resist” this is if you posses an item to auto revive yourself.
      Arc on the other hand has is using a front liner build, which is once again not a dedicated PvP build and also a RP build. He is much more casual compared to Ainz, which puts him at a disadvantage strictly based on strategies and reactions to the flow of the battle, though it can somewhat be made up for by his stats and abilities to take hits and hit back. Most of his spell arsenal is made up of low to mid tier spells, which are nullified by Ainz’s passive immunity skill(it states lv 60 or lower but we can assume that a majority of Ark’s mid tier spells are obtained at lv 40-60ish). One thing that Arc has going for him is his “Immunity/resistance to status” passive which I assume nullifies statuses inflicted on him by lower level entities, but only offers resistances to ones inflicted by higher or evenly leveled entities, this however most likely means that he will still be affected by Ainz’s debuff spells albeit a reduced duration. this however does not give him immunity to Ainz’s time stop as specific items and counter measures are required(as stated by Ainz himself), we can however assume that he will not be affected for the full duration. He is also shown to be very powerful physically, being able to perform tremendous feats of strength, however he has very little formal training, as shown when he fights the elf woman, he lacks the finesse and the ability to chain and combo attacks up against a more experienced opponent. While it is true that his summoning skills are quite good they don’t quite compare to Ainz’s summons, as Ainz’s summons are completely loyal to him, and while his lower leveled summons are very weak, his higher tiered undead are a force to be reckoned with but they have a limited amount of summons, while arc’s summons are hard to control and have a cool down they do have the benefits of not having a limit.

      So over all I believe that Ainz has a much higher chance of winning. Please tell me what you think and your opinions as to why.


      • skullphantom says:

        This is also assuming Ainz doesn’t just use “Greater Break Item” and simply just destroy all of Arc’s gear.


  2. ruwi says:

    1st, Ainz had time magic with no cast or delay that would give him the most advantage… heck even black hole had no cast time ;p

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    • ruwi says:

      also Ainz has a passive skill that intantly negate lower tier attacks/magic that Arc always use so lel


      • Scfer says:

        Will time magic and black hole work on Arc ? We can’t be sure but if it does, there won’t even be a fight, right ?

        Lower tier attacks/magic. Arc can use high tier magic and attacks.


    • gengareric says:

      I agree with this especially if you take Ainz’s battle with Gazef into consideration where he used time stop and delayed magic to instantly kill him once time began to flow again.


  3. kirby1hero says:

    wow, i like it and can confirm that you have too much time on your hands!


  4. Hmmmm, i can’t say anything……..

    let’s insert saitama [bald group]

    sorry just kidding


  5. psychobee says:

    thank you so muh for the info!! xD


  6. psychobee says:

    thank you so mcuh for the info!! xD


  7. Junedawgg says:

    Well. I will add my two cents into this. I like how you tried to be fair about it, but gonna have to say. Time stop magic would trump almost every outcome they would have. Even if most of the spells he could use would be death and debuffs. It doesn’t make it the only thing he can use, and not only that, but arc is only reducing the dark magic attribute. not like it negates it. So considering the lvl of power Ainz is working with. I would say he could probably just wear him down while frozen in time/space. constantly recasting time freeze if need be. It would be a miracle alone for Arc to even have a chance to register he was just blasted for most of his hp if not outright killed. let alone have enough time to react. Not to mention experience of pvp combat in that aspect Ainz pulls in at a whopping high amount of experience, and with about 700 spells (give or take) to pull from. He would just experiment with what worked best while time was frozen. Its not like Arc couldn’t win, but he would have to be seriously out of character and go full bloodlust mode with holy magic out the wazoo to be able to pull off a win. Meanwhile Ainz would just be Ainz and would try doing time freeze on an enemy like Arc who seemed like a threat out the gate. Hell just thinking on it. Was it established if he could pull items out or not while time is frozen? Would Arc’s armor even heal him while he was frozen in time/space. since there would be no time passing by for it to heal him. Half of his biggest endurance advantage would be lost in just one cast of time stop it would seem. So on pure speculations. I would say its closer to 60/100, and 10/100 for Ainz and Arc respectfully. I don’t see Arc having a huge amount of endurance against a high lvl spell caster like Ainz who can pull from multiple elements and has access to items+space time magic, and is heavily disadvantage in pvp knowledge. Interesting matchup none the less.

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    • Namorax says:

      If constant re-casting of Time Stop was an option, why didn’t Ainz do it during his fight with Shalltear?
      I assume it’s because it is one of the Over Rank Spells which all have a limit to how often they can be cast.

      The same would be true in this case, Ainz cannot nilly-willy cast super spells whenever he wants… So, even if he casts Time Stop once (Let’s not discuss whether Ainz would cast the Spell in the beginning of the fight or in the latter half), Ainz would have to use that chance to throw everything he has at Arc and hope it is enough to take him down.

      And honestly? I kinda expect Arc to survive that because of his armor. and his strange body.
      Even if Ainz is a powerful mage, his options are limited by Arc’s “undeadness”: His best spells are Death magic, because of the above mentioned RP build of his, so any other spells wouldn’t be as effective as those.

      In the end, you could say the outcome of the battle depends on whether or not Arc survives Time Stop… if he does, Ainz has already lost, and if not… well…*shrug*


      • Junedawgg says:

        Actually the reason why he didn’t use constant time stop against Shalltear is because every single NPC in the guild has anti time stop. Did you forget what he said when he used it against the guy? It’s a basic defense that every player who goes into pvp must have, because otherwise they could just lock them in time.

        So no its not an Over Rank Spell. Far from it seems to be mid tier for Ainz at best. So the constant time lock is without a doubt constantly recastable and seems to have no downside other than it just limits some of the spells you can use and just to tack on. pvp rules 101 for anyone past mid tier. You always have access to back up skills/spells/items for anyone you fight if possible. So even if you aren’t the best in that element you would still use those because if your bread and butter doesn’t work you have to be flexible.

        Also yes I would expect Ainz to use it early on rather than later BECAUSE he wouldn’t want Arc getting close to him and that is his “serious” fighting style. He even said it himself. Overall unless Arc goes 100% out the gate and just blast a holy hole in Ainz. Arcs getting a lesson in YGGDRASIL pvp 101 almost everytime.


      • Namorax says:

        Well, it has been a long time snce I last read the chapters in question… but still, are Ainz’ magic spells even doing something while Time Stop is active? As far as I remember, Time is completely stopping for everything except Ainz (and those with counterskills)… Doesn’t that mean that any spell he casts is “active”, but will only resolve its effect once Time Stop is over?
        Which would result in multiple spells going off at once from the opponents perspective?

        In that case Arc would have a split second to react and evade with Dimensional Step.


      • Silver says:

        I actually reread the chapter myself. here’s the exact quote “No attacks would work while time was stopped. Even if he used attack magic to barrage Gazef, it would cause him no harm. Because of that, Ainz cast a spell while keeping track of the time.”


      • Junedawgg says:

        Well under the assumption that Ainz doesn’t use a skill that completely engulfs his vision and under the assumption that Arc could even register in literally half a second a barrage of spells and find a safe spot to teleport to. Yes he could dodge maybe once or twice, but you really think that will be enough to overcome constant time stop?

        Also there may be a spell under Ainz belt that makes the area a no teleport zone. That one may actually be one of the super spells, but when you can time stop. you can spend all the time you need to cast spells. Then he can just drink some mana pots and recast time stop as he spends all day just doing aoe converging spells in a full 360 Degree till Arc is dead. His armor might heal him once or twice, but I doubt it would give him much of an edge when fighting against a pro pvp player who would be max stocked on all the items he would need 24/7.

        Not impossible tho. If Ainz doesn’t take it seriously enough in the starting phase, but Arc does. I can see Arc using his teleporting powers to move in front of Ainz and super combo him before Ainz can register he got hit, but that also comes down to how strong Arc is and how many attacks would he need to do before he can kill Ainz. No way in hell will Ainz let him do any kind of holy buffing or summoning. Not when he knows time stop works.


    • Michael Yan says:

      We have to take into consideration the 15% decrease in effectiveness in spells and skills due to them being in different universes. With a 15% decrease presumably Arc could still move albeit slowly against Ainz. Also seeing as how Ainz doesn’t have time to prepare or knowledge about Arc beforehand it is still a question if Ainz would even use his time stop fighting against a seemingly knight class enemy.


      • uekso says:

        well actually ainz is a coward when it comes to unknown enemies but that what makes him dangerous since he would overestimate his enemies and go all out, not to mention he used time stop when battling against the strongest warrior of the kingdom in his latest war and just 1 hit kill him with instant death magic, so why not against arc?


    • renny says:

      Ainz has:
      Extreme weakness fire, light and holy attacks.
      Damaged by regular healing items.

      Arc has priest skills maxed out

      if timestop isnt high tier but mid tier and “It’s a basic defense that every player who goes into pvp must have, because otherwise they could just lock them in time.” implies high level players wouldnt fall for it.
      Why woud arc when
      1) his class is superior (fusion of max level clases)
      2)the twos’ abilities will be judged based on an assumed universal fantasy realm settling and both will suffer a 15% decrease in effectiveness of spells and skills due to differences. If they shared a universe (in order to enable a fight) he wouldnt fall for something “mid tier”
      3)him being stronger (strengthwise) isnt his only advantage
      endurance, agility, CAN USE Ainzs WEAKNESS, is not as weak to light, fire thanks to armor? and he even has a bigger mana pool
      vs ainz who has more experience
      not to mention arcs super strong summons
      intermideate = dragon
      high = ?
      if we include allies arc is screwed, only the dragon can probably match up and he isnt really an ally, more aquaintance

      But your mistaken Arc has every advantage except knowledge and experience
      how did ainz beat shaltear?
      without use of items that arent on him (normally) ainz might not have won against an ai ………..
      if he leaves to get something doesnt that count as “escaping”

      im in no way saying it is an easy fight but I think class difference puts Ainz at disadvantage from the beginning
      Arc has varying class skills, isnt his (combined)class an undeads nightmare


    • Aedwynn says:

      Timestop isn’t that powerful as you think because there are rules on it’ use: 1)No damage can be done during timestop – he can’t “wear down” Arc during time stop. 2) Timestop does not delay the resolution of spell – stacking multiple spells during time stop is impossible as each spell will resolve after it’s casting ends, Ainz can’t cast multiple spells simultaneously. 3) Timestop still has time limit, he doesn’t have eternity to setup a perfect assault. As such, the only uses for time stop is either to prepare one strong melee attack/one strong spell or escape/evade attack. If that attack can’t oneshot target, using timestop just to reduce cast time of one spell to zero is pointless.
      Plus, Arc has immunity/high resistance to abnormal statuses through his gear, so it is questionable whether he is affected by timestop in first place.


    • Arc couldn’t win even if he did manage to “kill” ainz in some miracle of a feat.

      Why? Because Ainz, in his full gear, is considered unstoppable. Part of what makes Overlord a good read is the fact that he is an unstoppable force. Even without his 718 spells at his disposal or even the use of his Supreme magic Ainz would still win. This is because his gear is top notch. If he uses the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown then he gains a drastic boost to his stats and abilities. That he is already at the pinnacle of magic power is more than enough to fight on par with Arc but to “Drastically” boost ALL of his stats means that he would gain a significant advantage, even without the use of the World Items that the guild possess.

      Even on the extremely off chance that he somehow managed to defeat Ainz. Ainz would just resurrect with the power of one of the rings he holds that would return him to the guild hall. Once there he would then declare Arc a major threat to the guild and would use the World Items as well as the Guardians to completely crush him. Ainz is a tactician at heart and is very careful. After seeing how strong Arc can be Ainz wouldn’t hesitate to use full force to end his existence.


  8. Dark Jackel says:

    Interesting. If I were to quibble, I’d say that the odds of Arc simply bailing out on the fight are a lot higher, though. It is nigh impossible to get that guy to fight seriously. 😅


  9. ruwi says:

    a PvP player always has different sets of equipment in the inventory, it was already hinted and explained on bloody valkyrie arc and arena arc that Ainz is in fact had multiple sets of equipment in his own inventory even without going back to nazarick which Arc can’t do since his equipment are what he has, Ainz can use time based and spacial magic; stopping time while doing reality slash combo even if we say Arc can do dimensional step it can’t be much better than stopping time instantly and while we think Arc has advantages on being a warrior here nope I beg to differ, The previous chapters we saw Arc being a lousy swordsman + being unable to fully control his own magic/spells or even summons.. Ainz on other hand fully knowledgeable on all Yggdrasil’s spells on their strength and weaknesses and can use variety of spells to make his disadvantage to his own advantage, Ainz can use different elemental attributes not only death/darkness or time spactial since we have seen him use lightning and freeze spells. being able to use 300 different spells like the novel hinted weak or strong can be his arsenals but here we have Arc that can use a few and still haven’t mastered them like wtf?

    mana capacity : Arc can use 30 low tier resu (low tier coz it can fully revive decapitated one unlike what Ainz can do) and Arc also can use 3 high tier combo he has before mana depletion BUT remember this Arc went crazy or delirium when all of his mana depletes and had to take some long time before being able to recover. Ainz can use ALOT of spells/buffs/debuffs before his mana get depleted and even on depleted state he can still fight with his mind getting any statuses unlike Arc.

    Summons: Arc can summom Ifrit and some giant w.e guardian swordsman but thats all… he cant control it as far as we can see

    Ainz can summon undeads from low mid or high but thats not all, he was able to summon angels too like wtf undead that can summon holy beings.

    Equipment : All Arc’s equipment vs shooting star? cmon Ainz basically op if he use it even once and Arc has no hope to topple it.

    Warrior strength: Arc is the same as Ainz as Momon they can only swing swords around why? Ainz is a magic caster while Arc isn’t really that powerful as a swordsman/knight (got utterly defeated by an elf arghh wtf is that and how is he heavenly Knight when he isnt even that good at swordmanship.

    Also did you guys know about Ainz that the armor that ainz’s wore during his battle with shaltear doesn’t really belong to Touch Me?

    Fact: That armor is a price for winning world championship and can only be worn by the champion….. so what does that make Ainz? he has it and wore it, doesn’t this mean Ainz was in fact also a world champion capable of winning warrior events? so lol Arc sorry but Ainz has better experience with PVP.


    • laharl8080 says:

      Even if he does arc have strong magic resistance and he will resist it…


      • laharl8080 says:

        I mean arc can resist his time magic also… Arc armor can easyly resist ainz attack, well even ainz use debuff it useless against arc as it stated his equipment resist it…


    • HOMOSENSEI says:

      No, the armor belongs to Touch Me. Ainz was only able to equip it even without being a world class champion because of a spell he cast, Perfect Warrior.


    • Kepper says:

      Aniz was able to equip Touch-me’s armour because of perfect warrior, its actually stated that the spell allows him to equip any warrior gear regardless of limits like being the champion.


  10. Arc is a hard working person in real life

    While ainz is a worthless and hates working

    Hence Arc already won


  11. vandal says:

    If Im gonna side which is gonna win, Im betting in Ainz, cause originally he’s a PK type player who strategize his opponents moves, also you didnt include ainz world class items which are cheats and those items too many, and also ainz cash items which arc doesnt have, if they go both go all out, maybe arc would win in the first bout but The next and so on itll be ainz all win outcome


    • vandal says:

      On the gag side i prefer arc, but On the story plots Ainz my favour”there is just no mercy” and “the looser will be played by their prey”. Arc story is nice and has some ero words he’s saying, while ainz got none cause of his emotional suppression passive


    • ruwi says:

      there’s no prep-time, they’ll fight with their default set when they first came to their world. That being said Ainz will just use shooting star (over skill item that can grant the user’s any wish that only fall short to world class item) to strip Arc all of his equipments heck even Arc’s skeletal skin would be remove (cosmetic skin is still an equipment) and that would end their fight.


  12. Huyhn says:


    it’s really hard to somewhat compare the 2 as there is more of Overlord volumes compared to Skeleton Knights.

    We’ve yet to really Arc use any of his knight skills as most times he simply overpowers his enemies with brute strength. At the moment I believe Ainz would win since of his cautious nature and meticulous planning which is a part of him being a PKer, compared to Arc’s impulsive behavior on being a play-for-fun.


  13. Fino Fido says:

    I don’t see why Ainz can’t just teleport away, then use Wish Upon a Star that is, quoting the novel, an item that can bend reality itself, and just wish for Arc to be killed.


  14. Ainz later on transcends being a slight sociopath to above and beyond even the sickest and most selfish one fiction or no. Also becomes rather filled with hypocrisy due to selfish one goal mindset. He unawares to himself becomes exactly what he pretends to be and also becomes exactly what his former comrades would despise and would likely kill him for if they retained human state of mind. Especially whats his name I dont recall would try to kill Ainz for the monster he has become. Arc however dampened shows significantly more emotion likely due to being pseudo undead. Arc also has pseudo body functions noting sexual features is beyond extremely important as to even think or process such thought reactions from a solid body are needed. Arc showcases other emotions minor they may be like enjoyment.

    In a straight on fight with forewarning Ainz is more like to win by stocking up consumables and blessings.Not guaranteed but has better chances. Also certain spells are also useful. In any form of melee Arc would win. Long drawn out battle Arc would win. Without forewarning and clashing strictly one on one into battle both even out in a way.

    Overall Arc is stronger and better then Ainz in strictly one on one comparison. Having holy abilities and ability to resist dark attribute gives Arc a step up. A medicore example would be charizard may be great but no matter what a blastoise has a natural advantage.


  15. lygarx says:

    change ‘plain of reality’ to ‘plane of reality’


  16. Bloodylord says:

    Plot twisted: Ainz and Arc find out that they’re both Japanese and they become friend and live happily ever after.


  17. lygarx says:

    As they were both max level characters in their respective universe’s games. Ainz is a non battle oriented build and in pure magic attack he has said that he is weaker than someone that is a pure attack mage since he was building an overlord build. Since they are both max level characters, most of the weaker spells like the one where ainz crushes someone’s heart I would have to say would be ineffective. They are pretty much both about even to me with all the variables added together. The only difference is that Ainz is weak against Holy and Arc is not and that Arc can use Holy magic. Ainz and Arc should be about the same in magic attack power scaled to what is considered the max limit in their games. Not having time to prepare puts Ainz at a severe disadvantage. Ainz is better at strategy. It is like a battle against Batman vs Superman and Batman doesn’t get to know about Superman ahead of time. That is like one of his main weapons, the ability to plan ahead. I pretty much agree with the numbers. They are essentially completely even with only a slight upper hand towards Arc. With effort and quick thinking, anything can really happen. I have pvped against people and purposely restricted myself to not using certain powerups and easily won with my wits. Pure body versus body goes to Arc. But it is really anyone’s game.


  18. Commander Dulton says:

    In all honesty I’d say the fight would be more like 50/100 Ainz fleeing after one or two minutes of combat. His go-to strategy for PVP is forfeit the first fight then destroying the enemy in rounds 2 and 3. So the fight as described wouldn’t even start if that was an option. If Arc say saw Ainz killing people and attacked as a result Ainz would just run once it became clear he was fighting a player. Then he’d use divination magic to find out everything he could and bomb Arc from miles away with all the forces of Nazarick because no mistakes. Its also important to note Arc would be the first player class enemy Ainz has seen sense the game. Meaning he’d assume Arc was his enemy because of what happened to Shalltear.


  19. bloodemon666 says:

    ainz has multiple incredibly strong subordinates
    and a personality that makes it highly unlikely that he would fight him one-on-one
    don’t forget he only fought shalltear because he didn’t want to see the sight of his comrades
    Creations which he said he viewed as their children killing each other


  20. MisleadingCowman says:

    They would only kill each other if one of them ended up killing one of their allies but if they just happened to meet face to face first, they’ll probably just end up being buddies with highly different opinions on handling certain matters.

    Heck I think Arc might be even granted a member position if he met Ainz first rather than anyone else.


  21. laharl8080 says:

    Also dont forget arc have holy magic that can insta kill all undead and it seems he can use almost all magic since he is a elf now its possible he can learn sporit magic later, also for 5 minite summoning also limeted by arc(my guess from reread 3rd time), dont forget about his trump capable for mass desc you can think as strong as nuclear or atom bom…


    • laharl8080 says:

      Also dont forget about, arc can use healing that with ease whencer he is damaged also his cloack recover his mana, and its unknow whenever he can summon holy spirit to support him in batte


  22. EUREKA says:

    I believe Ainz tested to see how much damage he would take by falling over at least 100 meters. Ainz took no damage. Arc took small damage when he fell a little over a dozen meters.


  23. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    And nice to see someone compare it like this…


  24. Kepper says:

    If neither had any information on the other and they knew they had to fight/kill the other, I’d say its Arc’s win 9/10 times. Simply because of what Arc appears to be, a 2 meter tall Knight armed with a sword and shield. Ainz would have no idea he was facing another “undead” nor would he be expecting a knight to be able to cast magic and while Arc is a Heavenly Knight his armour doesn’t really look all that holy. Ainz would begin the fight taking counter measures against a pure melee class and instead find Arc has vanished, then most likely a sword through his chest. While Arc isn’t a very competent swords man, he can still teleport and slash his opponent and that doesn’t really take a lot of skill.


    • Michael Yan says:

      Arc does appear to be a gold and silver knight in a large black cloak. Nothing about him would make Ainz think that he’d be capable of instantly teleporting behind him and swinging at him suddenly and we know Arc has done surprise attacks before. His sword also seems to be quite powerful and may be enough to go through Ainz even with his slash damage resistance.


  25. Val says:

    Interesting analysis, but imho Ainz values information… if Ainz randomly encounters a skeleton knight wearing high level gears on whom he has no intel whatsoever, I think he will most likely retreat and regroup o_O


  26. Tatari says:

    While I agree with most of what is here, I think the probability of one or both parties escaping should be way higher, at least double.
    As you said, Arc doesn’t know if he can revive, and he also doens’t have a clear edge over Ainz, so to him that would be quite a dangerous battle. As Arc doesn’t really have a reason to stay for dath battle since it’s a random encounter, when Arc’s HP gets to like 25%, he would probably teleport away.
    As for Ainz, while I don’t remember where it was stated, I remember that in the novel, Ainz said that in a PvP battle against an unknown, he would most probably forfeit the first battle and prepare and study for the next one. Ainz is paranoid as fuck, if he sees a possible player, who’s wearing what seems to be high level gear, is hostile and capable of putting a fight against him, when Ainz understands that negotiation is impossible, he will probably teleport away as soon as his HP drops to 75%.


  27. monitorman06 says:

    I think Ainz Time Stop magic will work on arc very well because arc does not have any anti time stop items and yes it is said that no attacks would work while time is stopped but ainz can use (delay magic) as said in Overlord volume 9 If no spell could affect an enemy while time-stopped, then all one needed to do was
    delay the activation of the spell until the moment the ‘Time Stop’ ended
    if your wondering why he didn’t use it against shalltear means shalltear has anti time stop magic
    I mean come on for a guild to be so pvp wise do you really think they wont give their guardian npc who protects their floor 1 to 3 a anti stop time item

    And then theres The Goal of All Life is Death
    this spell delays other instant death type spells for 12 seconds, but allows them to ignore any types of resistance
    meaning in can be use with other instant death magic not just cry of the banshee

    ainz just use cry of the banshee against shalltear because of the wide range to be sure he would not miss? or he just want to see what kind of effect that spell with do with the surroundings lol

    an instant death spell under the effect of the “The Goal of All Life is Death” will kill anything even those which has no life it was even shown against his fight with shalltear the ground became sand and the air itself became unbreathable

    the only thing I see arc surviving that is that he has a auto revive item or magic

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  28. Can you say Arc bias?


    • monitorman06 says:

      Cant really say maybe arc will reveal some skill on later volumes
      but for what i have read till now arc reminds me of how momon(ainz) who is under the Warrior transformation magic— 「Perfect Warrior」spell
      he simply fight with overwhelming strength against his enemies
      which is very clear when arc fought Glenys also when ainz fought clementine
      both of them just don’t seem to be sword fighting wise(sorry bad english)
      don’t get me wrong their overpowered strength will destroy low to mid class sword fighters
      but against really good one they will be like a child with a stick

      Now then moving to magic

      While arc magic is very strong especially that ifrit summon and his teleportation magic
      is very strong but when fighting someone on his level he simply lack the experience to use it in a real fight this is shown when he fought the dragon king while ainz on the matter has

      This is coming from the game they played ainz played yggdrasil it is a DMMO-RPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for those who dont know its more like a virtual reality game while arc played on the traditional monitor(for example ragnarok) remember in volume 1 when they are explaining dimensional step (In the game, no matter what you did, the skill could only take you to the edge of the screen)they even said (But after the middle stage of the game, when the monsters and the
      boss’ attack range took up the whole screen, it was regarded as a useless skill)

      Their both gamers even if transported in a different world experience is a must
      I mean which do you think is more favorable
      you playing virtual reality game suddenly transported in a different world
      or you who played while looking at the screen suddenly find your self in a different world

      both of them have overwhelming strength but one who uses his powers more efficiently has a clear advantage in combat

      but then again I can’t really say maybe arc will reveal other skill on later volume


      • You’re absolutely right. Given the nature of both novels, I’d say that currently Ainz would win hands down, but Arc’s overwhelming plot armor will further enhance his abilities to a point Ainz could never compare to. The novel Overlord is more grounded in logic with its themes, while Skeleton Knight disregards reason in order to better portray its shounen romcom themes.


  29. peroroncino says:

    Arc’s build is a total BS, lol.


  30. Akis says:

    Just a thought here, but if Arc can summon Ifrit. a giant fire demon with the fires of hell, why cant he summon all other popular aeons as well. Since the author already went this way and already named the damn think Ifrit and with that clearance i can easily see him summoning more classical jrpg summons, which would be really cool and OP as fuck as well. If he can really do that then he would have a big advantage cause some aeons in popular JRPGs like Neo Bahamut or Knights of the Round, Odin (yes i did only write about ff summons) etc are already close in powers to gods, hell Odin is a god, same as Ramuh and other OP summons that JRPGs have.


  31. You guys should call Wiz and Boomstick from Screwattack’s Death Battle……


  32. 1mitator says:

    there’s 1/100 encounter that they turned to make friends xD


  33. Michael Yan says:

    I’d give this match to Arc. While Ainz is a strong enemy, Arc’s defense should be enough to tank most damage. He also has more heals than Shalltear and a mana regen and health regen due to his equipment. In a long drawn out battle Arc would still be standing unless Ainz decides to go for the RKO. However several of Ainz’ skills wouldn’t work against him. Grasp heart wouldn’t work for one and black hole is debatable. Arc could presumably dimensional step out before he’s sucked in as there is an apparent lag before actually being pulled in. Time stop would only be a time slow as there is a 15% decrease in effectiveness of skills and spells. Instant kill moves would only be big damage. Wishing would also only partially work. With that in mind if Arc teleports behind Ainz unexpectedly and pulls out a combo on Ainz we’d have a done deal. Ainz wouldn’t be prepared for a knight to teleport like that.


  34. Aedwynn says:

    People who comment here often forget that it is a sudden encounter, with no prior preparations and NO KNOWLEDGE on other party. It’s silly to read “Ainz will timestop Arc to death”, “Ainz will use his Purpose of all life… combo”, or “Ainz has 700 spells so Arc’s resistances are useless”. What actually happens is Ainz meeting an opponent that he will consider a “Player”. And as been stated many times, Ainz is not a PK character, all his victories against tough opponents came from information gathering and preparation. For Ainz it would be battle to gather information, not to instakill enemy because from his PoV enemy is most likely has timestop countermeasures, enormous health pool, resistances/immunities he doesn’t know off. In that scenario, Ainz won’t rely on strategies people write here because unlike us, he doesn’t know what his enemy is capable of. Which means he will be wary and that will give Arc time to show his worth. So Author is right, in sudden encounter Arc is stronger, he does not need to prepare to go all out.

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  35. ran says:

    If ainz use world item Longinus: It has the power to completely remove any target from existence at the expense of the user’s own existence. There was no way to restore the data of anyone deleted by that World-Class item, other than by using the resurrection powers of other World-Class Items. Neither cash items or resurrection spells would work.


  36. aapmens says:

    i just read the part about arc fighting the dragon and i have a feeling if ainz fought the dragon he could probably kill it in a second and arc beating it in just a few moves is doubtfull, will probably take some time and one or more of his final skills. i dont think arc even stand a chance at fighting ainz i think his skills are way OP and arc wont be much trouble.


  37. Randomness178 says:

    Found this a bit interesting so here it is, rant away :D.

    To start off while mentioned above it is hard to estimate the lvls between the two characters I actually believe this is doable to a certain degree. To start of the basilisk Arc fights early on is stated to be around lvl 150 from his gameworld, while for Ainz it is more close to lvl 20 with a Gigant Basilisk which is several times larger, stronger and has a natural armor that is as strong as mithril, at approximately lvl 27. We can then make a certain guess, especially since there has also appeared a dragon king and an elder frost dragon who according to what I have read are also similar in strength. In Arc’s case, it is said to be similar in strength to his own strength and in Ainz case, it is said to be lvl 46. Now if we use the basilisks known lvl numbers we get something like in Yggdrasil lvls Arc is at around lvl 34 but has stats like a lvl 40. Is this unbelievable? Not really and I’ll get into it again later why this is.

    Also for argument’s sake if we compare the Gigant Basilisks lvl with the Basilisk instead (though there should be no need to since he one shot the Basilisk, but a Gigant Basilisk is as hard as mithril which he was unable to cut with his sword with a full power swing.) In that case his lvl should be around lvl 46 but with stats of lvl 54.

    So on their physique,

    I wont go to much into Ainz here since a lot have already been mentioned. A thing to remember here though is that his strength physique is estimated for a lvl 33 warrior while his defense is around lvl 65-70 and especially his magic resistance being his strongest point making him immune to magic below a certain lvl and also reducing the dmg taken from anything he is not immune against. He is also immune to any physical attacks below a certain degree of strength, materials or enchantment. Unknown to what degree but he has on several points shown to be immune to mithril weapons or even weapons made from the next tier material Orichalcum.

    A lot of stuff mentioned here has me confused seeing as mentioned in the story has stated that his normal physique is a dark elf and the skeleton form is simply a skin that has no effect whatsoever. This is endorsed throughout the story in the form that even in skeleton form healing or light dmg doesn’t harm him but instead heals him like a living being, he is also not weaker or stronger in either his dark elf or skeleton form, but simply that he has a cowardly nature which is suppressed in his skeleton form but emerges in his dark elf form and this makes him weaker because he is scared. Therefore I can only conclude that he is a dark elf but with a skeleton form that suppresses his emotions. It is also shown throughout the story that he eats and sleeps, feeling tastes and presumingly transferring the food into his body, even falling asleep while trying to stay awake. Since he has never stopped any of it and at least seems to need to do it we can only assume even furthermore that he is classified as a living being with need of food and sleep.

    Throughout the story of both novels they do feats of strength but how big is the difference? Both show being able to cleave through ogres with their swords with ease but Arc does so much more in comparison to Ainz as mentioned above right? Yes Arc does more, however, he never really does anything extraordinary compared to Ainz. In the first volume, for instance, Arc uses his full force to twist a normal human’s neck, but he doesn’t tear the head off easily or anything like that instead, his strength easily breaks the person’s neck. In the second volume Ainz hugs Clementine to death crushing her and breaking all her bones. Reading the both of the stories up to their latest translated chapters. I would say that yes Arc is stronger then Ainz, but not by a huge margin and we haven’t really seen Ainz perform man feats of strength. This further cements that Arc’s lvl can be said to be somewhere between lvl 35-40 in warrior strength.


    Now first of again in Arc’s case the world is not really fleshed out enough here to give a grasp, therefore, I will go with Yggdrasil’s magic system especially since the effects and names are similar in both novels. While some might say this favors one over the other. I do believe this is the fairest way since for example, in Arc uses dimensional step which isn’t stated on what lvl of skill it is, while in Ainz world the exact same spell exists with, dimensional step being a third tier spell.


    Ainz has a huge variety of spells to choose from for combat use, seemingly able to cast any elemental magic but because of his build choice favoring instant death spells making him a true enemy of anything living with his eclipse spell even making them work on anything, undead or even non-living material. All his spells also have the added effect of negative status effects and extra negative dmg, which he can choose to turn on or off at will.

    Arc get’s the short end of the stick here, previously mentioned he could use his stone fangs to destroy a building, but in the story, he has to use it and then shoot multiple rock bullets at the building support pillars to make it crash down. With the spells shown so far from his three magic caster classes mage, wizard and summoner. With them being divided into low, mid and high tier. It is unknown from as far as I’ve read if the summoner class has attacks spells as only attack spells from mage rock bullet low-tier, stone fang mid-tier, and wizard lightning storm mid-tier. The strength can be pretty accurately guessed at giving spells at tier one, two and five strength lvl in Yggdrasil’s spell system.


    Ainz forte lay in his undead horde and his insta death spells, being able to summon as previously mentioned 20 low tier, 12 mid tier and 4 high tier undead every day for free (if I remember correctly) for a limited time estimated at a couple of hours, but is able to make them permanent summons if used on a corpse that is strong enough to host the undead. He can also choose to sacrifice the free high tier summons to either strengthen his summoned creatures or combine the 4 high tier summons into 2 super tier summons or even sacrifice some of his experience to do a super duper summon :D. He is also able to cast any of these spells or a number of other summoning spells to summon elementals for instance by using his mana but the cost of summoning an entity far away from his alignment increases the cost of the summon. His undead summons also gains increased strength because of his skills.

    Arc has shown to summon two different entities Ifrit his low-tier summon and Seteka his mid-tier summon. He can only summon one at a time and they only last for 5 minutes but a big advantage is the fact that their strength grows with the size of Arc’s mana pool.

    While the author here states that Arc has the edge here because there is no limit to a number of times he can use his summon, on this point I don’t agree. Why? Simply because in volume four when he summons Seteka he clearly mentions that he can really feel the mana pouring into the summon circle, clearly stating that it is taxing for him.
    Ainz, on the other hand, has the advantage of no limit on a number of active summons clearly shown in volume nine where he has 500 skeleton summons and having them ride another 500 horse summons. Time is also another factor with Arc having to resummon every 5 minutes while Ainz should be able to at least keep his active for the entire battle with no problem. The absolute biggest weakness is the control ability of their summons, Arc can only use a simple attack command after which the summon appears to become uncontrolable simply attacking the target until it dies. Ainz summons, however, can be controlled to the smallest details and are even self-aware, intelligent and capable of performing tactics.


    This part doesn’t need to be mentioned since Ainz has so much utility that he would even make a team of buffers and debuffers cry tears of blood from the amount of stuff he can do.

    Arc’s only utility is being able of short range or long range teleportation coupled with healing and some status clearing of what has been shown.

    Versus Ainz, Arc would even lose his short range teleportation most likely since, his dimensional step is classified as a third tier spell in Yggdrasil, where there exists dimensional step, teleport, and greater teleport. Greater teleport is the only teleport spell that can’t be stopped but with delay teleport, if you teleport close to the caster they become aware of your position and you become stuck for several seconds. Leaving Arc only with his healing and status removal.


    Ainz is said to have a mana pool beyond what should be possible, using a massive amount of spells, using it to trade for health dmg and then still have more to give. He is used to only using tier eight spells and above seeing anything beneath that as being too weak for usage, and it was I believe stated that if he uses the lower tier spells his mana regen will pretty much fill up his mana pool even with constant casting. The sheer number of spells and their strength, some capable of destroying entire cities and presumably even entire kingdoms.

    Arc in the story casts spells pretty much all the time and teleports freely with not much apparent mana drainage, however, the spells he mostly casts are very weak the strongest spell he ever casts is resurrection which he casts thirty times after which he is considerably drained, resurrection is in Yggdrasil seen to be a seven or eight-tier spell. His summons also scales in power which is a plus but the magic power lvl are again shown to be around lvl 30-40 in Yggdrasil lvl’s coupled with his only utility being healing and status removal.

    Ainz, in my opinion, is miles ahead with his huge repertoire of spells, being able to deal dmg, heal himself, buff, debuff, turn invisible, stop time, magic immunity etc etc.

    Equipment and Items.

    I won’t mention again what has been mentioned above on equipment, except that Arc’s gear isn’t even a fart in the wind in my own honest opinion compared to Ainz after having finished volume four of Arcs novel. While the status effects might look nice on Arc’s equipment it doesn’t really grant any real edge. Ainz standard equipment is mostly unknown but said to grant him immunity to fire making his only elemental weakness holy/light. His gear comes from a gameworld where game balance is nonexistant and the devs pretty much love that some things overpowered to a fault. It also doesn’t help that Arc’s equipment comes from a gameworld where mytril is seen as a material used to make advanced items and his sword is unable to dmg it. While Ainz gear is from a gameworld where even a lvl 60 character sees’s adamantine as a soft metal, when adamantine is at least two steps higher in the material ladder compared to mithril. Even Ainz magically created armor and weapons that he summons to use to play out his side hobby of fighting as a warrior is stronger than adamantine.

    I mean Arc’s gear was even nerfed for being seen as too powerful by players. Coupled with all the gear Ainz can instantly swap in and out I mean according to the novel Skeleton Knight if Ainz put on his summoned gear he could just stand there and take no dmg, even worse if both novels are to be believed Ainz could simply fight Arc naked and he would deal almost no dmg to him whatsoever his sword being useless since Ainz bones are too hard, but maybe his skills could make a dent you ask? Well maybe, but gear wise the sword in itself should not be able to harm him, and added on his super high slashing resistance the sword in itself I would guess needs to be much stronger compared to other weapons, maybe the swords special skill would allow him to hurt Ainz maybe.

    But frankly, just his ring that allows him to wish for pretty much whatever he wants for free two more times at least.

    The gear topic is in short like comparing the gear of a player who just hit lvl 60 from vanilla WoW compared to someone playing Legion end game with the best gear. Or someone just finishing regular BG 1 and make them go into BG 2 : TOB with their +1 sword where the standard is a +3 sword at least and all the enemies are immune to anything below +3 and say go ahead have fun.

    Simply put the materials used are on such a different lvl for Ainz gear coupled with the fact that there is no limit to their boosts or immunity while my guess is Arc’s gear has a hard limit and uses sub-par materials at best in comparison.(and this is me being generous to Arc for realz)

    Trump Cards

    As mentioned Ainz has over magic skills or eleventh tier magic as it is also known. What wasn’t mentioned is that there is no cost for using the spells except for a cd before it can be used again.
    It was also said that he could use a cash item to reduce cast time, but it actually makes the spell instantly activate, or at least become instantly activatable.

    Arc is mentioned to have 4 super skills from his heavenly knight class, their usage unknown for now but he can only use them once every 12 hours with each usage depleting a third of his mana pool.

    While Arcs skills might is unknown the novel have shown Arc to be strong, really strong but he isn’t overpowered, I can’t therefore really imagine there being anything extraordinary like Ainz instantly killing everything living, soldiers, horses or even the grass they stood on numbering over 50 000 lives to summon five massive tentacle monster that crushed another 200 000 strong army like they were ants, or instantly freezing and entire lake so big it was impossible to see the ends of it.

    What is worse is that Ainz game world again has a pay-to-win look at the gameplay with Ainz putting in everything he owned for several years and being a real miser he pretty much saved everything as well, on top of the fact that he has a whole treasury of stuff his guild has gathered throughout the year and the members giving everything they had on themselves to Ainz. While poor little Arc only appeared with his standard equipment on him ;,,,(.


    In short, Ainz has shown to be fairly paranoid and always ready for the battle coming from a guild that specialized in PK. The new world has made him a bit arrogant and starting to become less prone to thinking everyone is out to get him.

    Arc, however, is more what I would say a happy go lucky type of guy that seems a bit too kind for his own good and getting pushed around frequently. An example being that he took a job to save the elves does it, get’s paid but then pay’s much more back to the elves gives them a big magic crystal for free, gives them a bunch of more magical crystals for free and then get scolded by waifu that he needs to earn his keep after using the bath a few times.

    Ainz has seriously focused and gotten into combat training to make himself stronger while Arc still hasn’t gotten to the point where he has even started to get the basics down and taking the danger of this new world seriously.

    I could never imagine Ainz being killed from the get go because of underestimating Arc, Arc, on the other hand, has a huge chance of being instantly killed by Ainz. This will probably change later in the story as Arc starts to take things more seriously, but at the moment he is overly concerned about collateral damage coupled with him seemingly being to used to simply instantly killing everything he has faced so far. While Ainz would rather drop a mountain to squash an ant than risk there being a mistake.

    Battle outcome.

    While I agree on the point that a lot of the time battle would not even occur.

    To start of this is not a fair face of in any way. The game worlds as previously mentioned are just too far apart. In Ainz game world there have been fourteen expansions if I remember correctly and the end game bosses are demi-gods, gods or world eaters/destroyers. Ainz is max lvl while it is unknown if Arc is max lvl at all, it is mentioned that lvl 250 was max lvl but then you could keep lvling through special ways and each lvl was worth 10 of the previous lvls in stat boosts and he has gotten 5 lvls in total. But how many more lvls are there actually? What if the max lvl is actually lvl 300 which would give you stats like a lvl 750 in his game world. We just dont know, we do know however that the material lvls are as mentioned on completely different lvls so the gear Arc is using for maybe at best around lvl 40-50 in Yggdrasil while Ainz has some of the best Yggdrasil has to offer for lvl 100 players.

    The combat experience cannot be overlooked with Arc not even knowing the basics yet and is in my opinion being hinted at being a semi-casual player while Ainz is a seasoned magic caster PK from one of the top PK guilds who has also during the last months even become a fairly experienced warrior.

    The only skill Arc has shown so far is dimensional step and then swing the sword when their not ready while fighting against mostly amateurs who only seem able to threaten weaklings, when they have hostages or outnumber their target five to one.

    Okey now to a bit of debunking.

    First of the whole undead thing, don’t seem true to me in any way. First of, Arc has no undead aura and is healed by light magic, he uses a shield which usage is to block negative status effects and an armor that blocks curses. It is clearly stated that the skeleton look is only an appearance gimmick that gives no effect whatsoever, he even shows a need to eat and sleep not out of habit but an actual physical need this is true until the author either a) makes him stop sleeping or eating for a long long period of time or b) it is clearly stated seeing as, again it has already been stated to only be an appearance gimmick with no effect in the first few chapters.

    I also do no understand where the whole his body is in a different dimension so it is safe and his skeleton body is only a husk that he pilots so he’s in no real danger comes from. It is clearly shown in my opinion when he uses anti-curse or the spring that his dark elf form and the skeleton form are connected at all time, but even if he pilots the skeleton compared to a normal undead it is classified as a living being and has a real soul in it compared to just negative energy with a conciseness. Therefore even if his body is in another plain of existence his skeleton form and the dark elf form is connected therefore by extension magic like grasp heart should target his dark elf body. If it doesn’t, then seeing as he needs to protect himself from status effects, curses and such spells like instant death that targets the soul instead of the body could instantly snuff out the soul that moves the skeleton form.

    The part that Arc’s teleportation outclasses Ainz just made me smile, Arc has no real experience fighting while teleporting since as he himself mentioned it was seen as an extremely low-class skill that no one used in his game. While again in Ainz world it is seen as a third tier spell and he only uses delay teleportation against Shalltears greater teleportation which is 2 classes higher then Arc’s dimensional step. It is also only greater teleportation that cant be blocked. But even if it is unblockable and Arc can use it anyway, saying that this skill gives a big advantage is just weird. Comparing someone who has used the skill for a few weeks to then appear get his bearing and then use a slash attack to instantly kill stuff compared to a PK magic caster who has been using the spell for years and learn how to fight with it and counter it. Again even if Arc can use it as he wants Ainz battle experience with using it is so far ahead of Arc that this part just put a smile on my face.

    Endurance, it is completely unknown how good or bad Arc’s gear is when it comes to regenerating his health or mana. Both are capable of healing themselves but only Ainz has shown the ability to completely negate dmg or use his absurd mana pool as a substitute for his health. Same goes for Ainz but again Arc is from a fair and balanced game world which Ainz is not. Ainz also has what at least would appear to an extreme amount of consumables while Arc has none, there hasn’t even been a hint to the fact that they exist. The very worst part is the fact shown in volume four that his sword can’t dent mithril which could very well mean Arc cant even damage Ainz to begin with.

    Time stop and it’s talk here has been huge, there has been no mention on any real limit of what kind of skills, spells or whatnot that Ainz can use it is only mentioned that he cannot directly harm or cast a spell while it is in effect, but he can prepare the spell or attack to instantly go in effect when time stop wears of.

    Arc is not the worst kind of enemy as previously mentioned that Ainz can fight against like Shalltear, he lacks immunity to status effects, healing from negtive energy or instant death for all we know. Another big thing with Shalltear was that Ainz could not use his undead minions which is a large part of his strength because Shalltears weapon and armor made it so that she heals more then she takes in dmg while fighting against his minions. Arc does not have a weapon that heals him for the amount of dmg he deals like Shalltear.

    Shalltear can, in fact, be said to be almost the perfect counter vs Ainz, since she negates or heals from most of his spells, his special effects and his undead horde becomes a boost to Shalltear instead of helping him. She also had a ring that instantly resurrected her to counter Ainz strongest trump card.

    To end my rant since I need to get going :D. After reading the two novels and comparing spells and enemies fought it is fairly simple to deduce that Arc in Yggdrasil standard is a lvl 30 mage/summoner lvl 30 healer and about a lvl 35-40 warrior/magic knight. He should be comparable at best with Narberal Gamma with him having weaker attack magic (by quite alot of what has been shown so far) but with the added bonus of being able to heal and summon elementals. This would probably put him at about lvl 60ish but having branched out in everything and being a master of none but with a special heavenly knight class that gives an unknown amount of strength.

    Again it is kind of a bad duo to compare especially with the gear/equipment disparity in their game worlds, the fact is that at least on the surface it is like comparing a new MMO max lvl player that is semi-casual vs an old MMO that has fourteen expansions packs and the other player is diehard hardcore for life. It’s just not a fair thing to do.

    So in conclusion, while unfair if Skeleton Knight and Overlord are to be believed, Arc is in the first place completely unable to even harm Ainz because his gear is to weak to even scratch him coupled with the fact that both his elemental summons and attack spells are to weak and would be negated from doing any dmg, since he has full elemental immunity except vs holy/light (which I am pretty sure is an element Arc will never summon 95% sure it will only be the four elements fire, wind, water and earth and maybe lightning and ice but never dark or light) together with the fact that his best spells would be seen as sixth tier spells at best.
    The only thing I can imagine harming Ainz is if he has some major pope skills that do dmg vs undead or holy dmg. Seeing as from previous heals his best heal should be sixth tier magic or at the very best seventh tier magic. Which might make Ainz fingers sting a little.

    Also on another note, I noticed that Ariane’s chest tripled in size from her first picture appearance compared to her second picture appearance. I also noticed that her chest is pretty much mentioned almost every 1-2 chapters in the novels, just incase you didn’t remember the first 20 times the author mentioned it 😀

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  38. will you redo this once more info about arc comes out?


  39. anon anon says:

    can’t ainz just stop time, take off arc helmet,give that spring water that arc always carry, resume the time..wait for him in his elf form, and grasp heart him…. ????

    ainz have indentify skill right??


  40. Luli says:

    Awesome, I wasn’t the only one thinking that Skeleton Knight and Overlord were oddly similar.


  41. uekso says:

    its a no brainer to think that ainz would end this battle in a mere one second with time stop and instant death skill, just read the part where he killed gazeff stronoff, he would be able to do the same to arc.


  42. achony says:

    ah, how cute….
    saying unbiased but proceed to emphasize arc abilities while mentioning only half of ainz’s


  43. Well Ainz way of fighting was never straight forward as he depend much on strategies to get advantage.While, Arc never shows that he emphasize much on strategies but his skills. From my reading, Ainz will study his enemies first before taking action, well maybe because he was businessman in his real life. Arc on the other hands usually face uncertain enemy and risks forcing him to rely on his instinct, skills and experience on the spot. He got no time to strategize but managed to win. In event these 2 guys fighting each other,only fate could decide hahaha.Still, i love them both.


  44. RndaomBtihc says:

    Ainz = pvp elite, paid player with powerful allies, have the personality of a tactician

    Arc = likely a casual scrub based on his personality, scrub allies, think on his toes

    to be honest this is like pro vs casual
    by the logic casual shouldnt win
    i prefer Arc way of life than Ainz tho


  45. BurningSoul says:

    Late to this chat, but here are my two cents, that I don’t believed were covered. For Arc, mithril was a high end game item that high level armors and weapons were made of. While for Ainz; mithril, orichalcium, and adamantite were seen as inferior metals. This would tell the world of difference between equipments.


  46. Daemod says:

    What provokes the fight in the first place? I feel like at least 30/100 would result in them not fighting.

    And Ainz would not try to fight to the death. He would flee.
    Arc may still win 33 times, but Ainz wouldn’t “win” 32, he would gather info, then flee. Then designate Arc an enemy of Nazarick.


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