「Prologue Part 1」

[The year 2849. The month of flame, day 29]

“…. Now then, it’s time wrap this up. Carry out the task that you’ve suffered so many hardships to accomplish or be killed.”

The man’s voice resonated throughout the nearly empty throne room. The painting that once lined the walls now laid on the ground and were covered by a thin layer of dust. The banners that had been proudly displayed were reduced to tattered scraps of fabric on the verge of collapse. Deep cracks had formed in the once immaculate marble walls and floor.

To the common observer, it would seem that this castle had been recently abandoned, however that observation was only partially correct. While the imperial family and their servants had fled years ago, the being that they fled from took the castle as his residence.

The terror that scared off the previous inhabitants now stood in front of his blackened and decrepit throne as he stared down at the latest batch of “heroes” that came to oppose him.

In stark contrast to the squalor that he resided in and the tattered gear the five people before him wore, the man’s clothing remained immaculate. He wore a simple black vest over a white silk button down shirt. His black dress pants lacked even a speck of dust and his dress shoes were polished to a fine shine. The only thing out of place was the black cape with a red interior that hung over his shoulders.

Besides his attire, there wasn’t all that much remarkable about the man’s appearance… well, nothing except his glowing red eyes and raven black hair.

The man was enveloped in a dark maleficent aura so potent that it would drive lesser men insane.

“Honestly, are you just gonna stand there all day or are you gonna kill me already?”

Despite the morbid subject matter, the man spoke in a rather calm and aloof tone as if he were discussing the weather.

Those most confused by this bizarre situation were the heroes that had been sent on this suicide mission to kill the man in front of them, a mission to kill the Demon King.

Though they had managed to penetrate his stronghold with relative ease, they truly learned the definition of despair shortly afterwards. No matter what spell they used, no matter what techniques they employed, no matter what tactic they utilized, they were unable to put a single scratch on the demon king.

One by one the Demon King brought the heroes to their knees, and just as the heroes prepared for death, the Demon King instructed them to kill him.

“Is this some kind of sick Joke!?”

The heroes’ leader mustered his courage to demand an explanation. His once pristine armor had spider-web cracks in certain places while the breastplate had been caved in. Even with a broken sword, he stood in front of his allies and tried to keep the monster’s attention focused on himself. The Demon King smiled as he stared down at the insect that still had the will to defy him.

“This is no joke, it;s merely a conclusion to a masterpiece seven decades in the making. Now, everyone has their part to play, and it’s time to play yours.”

“Don’t fuck around!!! Is this all just a game to you!? You’ve decimated entire continents, laid waste to millions, and brought this world to the brink of collapse!”

A young girl, barely past her seventeenth year was the next raise a protest. Despite her protective robes having multiple scorch marks and tears, and her staff being broken in half, a fire still burned in her eyes.

“Haa, in the grand scheme of things a few million lives are almost meaningless. How many times do I have to tell you? Quit wasting everyone’s time and kill me. Look, I’ll even make it easy for you.”

The Demon King’s maleficent aura suddenly vanished as he held out his arms and exposed his chest.

“Dna emalf esira, ymene ym nwod ekirts.”

Even though she know it was pointless, the young mage raised her broken staff and launched a fireball at him. To the surprise of all but one of the people in the room, the attack actually managed to hit the Demon Lord square in the chest, even knocking him back a bit.

To his disappoint, the flames died out before they could do anything but burn him. However, the Demon King continued to speak in his calm tone.

“See, now was that so difficult? Ah, before I die, know that everything I own belongs to you lot now. ”

For a moment the heroes were dumbstruck that a such a weak spell had been able to hurt the monster that shrugged off their best efforts mere moments ago. However, it lasted but for a moment as the heroes’ instincts kicked in, they caught their second wind and began their assault a new.

“May the wicked fall the ruin, ⟪Heaven Fall⟫” “Begone from my sight, ⟪Emperor’s Charge⟫” “ Crash down like a mighty storm, ⟪Radiant Hurricane⟫” “Emalf cinomed, em rednih taht sloof eht ot etsaw yal ot ouy nopu llac I”

The heroes gathered what little strength they had left to unleash their most powerful attacks against the Demon King.

Even as he was stabbed with a spear, burnt by the flames of hell, battered with a barrage of light arrows, and endured heaven’s wrath the Demon King only smiled.

“May destiny guide my blade as I tempt fate yet again, ⟪Luck’s Embrace⟫”

A pale aura surrounded the heroes’ leader as he raised his broken sword and charged at the Demon King. However, even as the Demon King’s charred and heavily wounded body was impaled, his composure never faltered.

“My role has been completed, wh-what proceeds rest on the shoulders of the next generation now. The foundation of… that which is to… come… shall be built on the corpse of that which came before.”

The once all powerful Demon King now struggled to complete his sentences. As his legs gave out, he clung to the hero that dealt the final blow.

“May…. your life……be a gloriously brief….one.”

With his last words, the Demon King’s life fizzled out, his body falling to the floor shortly afterward.

The five heroes were left in a state of utter confusion as they looked upon the Demon King’s corpse.

They failed to realize what had truly occurred here. Even though they had slain the Demon King, all of them felt as if he had somehow won in the end.

In the coming years, they would realize just how accurate that assumption had been….



34 comments on “Prologue

  1. lygarx says:

    were they turned into the demon lord. like some curse. the previous hero was cursed and became the current demon lord.


  2. cl0udman says:



  3. Spectator says:

    So…. what is this?


  4. goblinrou says:

    Besides reverse speaking spell casting guess this a foreshadow of something in the future for Arc?


  5. annonymous says:

    does the Demon King has similar appearance to Arc?


  6. Morau says:

    So far it gave me shivers, in a positiv way.


  7. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the prologue.

    This seems interesting.
    I look forward to reading more.


  8. who else thought of david bowie as the goblin king in Labyrinth, when his clothing was described? xD

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  9. Dark Jackel says:

    …Dracula? Is that you? 😅


  10. thorlong says:

    I’d read this.


  11. In struck contrast –> In stark contrast


  12. takamiki says:

    This is a crime… You got me interested, but there is only the prologue to read! D:


  13. Tobiichi says:

    Tales of Shymponia?


  14. Paps says:

    Well that seems interesting, hope you pick up the project later then, that Demon King looked really bad ass there.


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