Path of Ascendance

Nearly 400 years after the Demon King’s demise, the world still struggles to right itself. The Darh’ki, inheritors the greatest of sins have suffered the scorn of those the Demon King brought to the brink of extinction. Through the surfaces of his loved ones and by his own will, a single Darh’ki obtained the chance to rise above the fate of his people. However, the opportunity doesn’t equate to success. Those that walk the ascending path must be prepared face near insurmountable odds against them and the personal demons the path lays bare.

Will this Darh’ki reach the ever elusive summit or will he fall even lower than the point from which he started?

I will be posting this story on

Prologue Part 1

Prologue part 2 & 3

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


4 comments on “Path of Ascendance

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…



  2. thoraxe41 says:

    Always wondered, how people come up with names? I just copy foreign names for flavour. Can’t think of original names worth shit.


  3. ichibaka1 says:

    So is this a wuxia novel?


  4. gregluck says:

    It is a good novel (atleast the premise on prologue is), shouldn’t you pick a better name? The name ‘path of ascendance’ just reek of general wuxia or xianxia or the other chinese novel.
    Not gonna jinx it, but that tittle just feels like a novel that left on the bottom stack of the rack.

    Liked by 2 people

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