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I felt a little sorry the surprised Gus.

Since I had memories of my past life, though it was shallow, I had knowledge beyond that of a child.

I get the feeling that I was acting a little sly for cheating him like this.

I suppose it could be called natural talent, if you consider retaining memories of your past life a talent……

“Kukuku, to think that this child was a genius ……. !!”

Gus ran out of the room, or I should say that he passed through a wall and head towards the Hall in search of Marie and Bradd….

Did I say something bad?

“Huh. Grandpa, what happened?”

“Oh Marie, erm how should I say ….. !”

Gus proceeded to tell Marie about what had just happened in an excited manner.

Gus tried to emphasize my ability to formulate theories, my insight, and my talent to grasp the true essence of magic, all of which wasn’t appropriate for one of my age.

“Well …… ”

Marie simply listened to the excited Gus’s one-sided speech.

Brad the skeleton didn’t say anything and leaned against the wall in an uninterested manner.

“I say that it could be beneficial if we teach him various things! Honestly, I first thought that it was an unnecessary finding, but it turned out to be unexpected good deal.”


“Oi, Old-man!.”

That shout rang out like a whip cracking.

Gus froze at the unexpected shout, as his chain of thought had been broken.

The source of the shout was Brad leaning against the wall. The willow-wisps were flickering in his eye-sockets.

“You talk too much. …..That brat is still 2 or 3 years old. You should leave the 『Unnecessary Finding』 part out.”

Gus started to understand as he was stared at.

“…… A finding is a finding. Originally, I don’t want to get involved.”

“So annoying.”

“I understand that he has the potential, so I’ll teach him.”

“So annoying.”

Brad took a step forward.

Suddenly I felt an invisible aura being emitted from his entire body.

…. That reminds me, since my body was still that of an infant I didn’t really notice, but Brad’s body was awfully large and his skeletal frame was rather thick.

“Oi ….. ”

Seeing Brad’s threatening appearance was no laughing matter, even from the side his aura was transmitted like an electric current.

“Old-man Gus. I know that you were a miser who didn’t see other humans as people. I knew that part of you still existed even after we became companions. Even so. I will not sit here and let you call the kid an  『Unnecessary Finding』…… Even you should understand how it’d feel to be called that.”

Brad gave me a fleeting glance before returning his gaze to Gus.

That was surprising.

“……….. Mu, u.”

The stubborn and arrogance Gus had been subdued.

Even though Brad was usually on the receiving end of Gus or Marie’s scolding because of his rough and irresponsible behavior.

“If you want to talk about something that doesn’t relate to raising Will, you should do it out of his sight. Stop putting your insignificant ideas and gibberish in the boy’s head.”

I guess it was logical? What Brad had said?


Gus remained silent for a moment.

Then slowly he shook his head and sighed.

“That was a careless remark. I’ll be more considerate from now on……. Sorry, Will.”

“Ah, no….”

Gus admitted his wrongdoing and started to withdraw.

It was the first time I saw such a scene since I started living with them.

Although I was upset, I spoke words that fit this situation.

If I don’t speak up this would never be settled.

“Umm, it’s okay, Gus. I don’t mind.”

Therefore, I said that.

Brad’s relinquished his anger and lowered his head a little towards Gus.

“….. I too was rude in abruptly threatening you, my bad. It was my fault like usual forgive me, Old-man.”

Gus too reluctantly lowered his head.

“Ou Marie, I’m borrowing Will for a bit.”

“Yes, by all means. …… Grandpa Gus, if it’s agreeable, could you talk with me a little while?”

Marie watched the exchange with her usual calm facial expression and downcast eyes. …..

“…… Will, let’s go outside for a while.” <Brad>


As it happened so quickly, I can’t really grasp the meaning of what had just transpired.

However, one thing is certain.

Brad got angry.

…..He got angry, for me.

The city of ruins was as beautiful as always today.

The brightly shining sunlight was reflected by the lake, causing it to brilliantly sparkle.

“Hahー……. What is it, Will.”

……The only thing that ruined the moment was the large skeleton sitting next to me looking at the scenery.

“Because we’ve reached this current situation, I’ve judged that it is time to inform you of the truth…… I think.”

Brad was hesitant about what he should say and started scratching his skull.

“Well, you understand right? That me, Marie, and old man Gus are different from you.”

“Etto, yes. I understand. Only I am warm and breathing.”

“Well, that’s right……. But there are other things too. A variety of other things…….”

As I expected, there were mysterious circumstances surrounding my origins.

A city of ruins. Undead people.

Amongst them was a single human child.

It’s really was an unnatural situation.

Since Gus said something about an 『Unnecessary Finding』, I might have been an abandoned child.

Marie’s maternal instinct must have kicked in so she picked me up, and Gus thought that it was unnecessary, or something like that…..

Although I’ve come up with many theories, I wouldn’t know anything unless it was explained to me. Thus,

“……You can’t explain it yet.”


It’s to this as expected.

Though things have become like this, no matter how much beyond my years I was, it’s still not a situation where you could tell a two-year-old their dark background. Normally you’d just lie to them.

Brad raising both hands in the air as if saying that he was giving up.

I accepting that with a nod.

…..Aah, did Brad get angry because my background was almost spilled, or was it because of the thoughtless remark against children?

“Aah….. please come with we and don’t be angry at old-man Gus. That guy is someone with a bad tendency to spill his guts out when he got excited. In addition, he isn’t considerate enough to choose his words carefully, that guy is a little strange is all I’m saying.”

“Yes. I wasn’t particularly angry. I was only surprised for a moment. ”

Maybe he unleashed that power from before for the sake of distracting me.

When I was called an 『Unnecessary Finding』, he made a fuss to avert my attention, though I understood his intentions, I don’t harbor any negative feelings towards Gus.

“Umm. You really have a big heart, Will. It extraordinary to be so kind at your age…….. Your body will grow in correlation with your big heart, and eventually, you’ll be able to stop any attack …….. When that time comes, I’ll tell you everything that I can’t tell you now.”


Yep, everything was for my sake.

Surprisingly,  Brad really cared about me a lot.

Brad is really an amazing guy.

….. I wonder if I would have been able to be like him in my past life? \\I feel a touched when I read this line :,)

Through my vaguer memories I know I could have…… probably, maybe. No chance.

When I thought so my heart clenched a little.

“Nee, Brad.”

“Hn, ti?”

“Etto, thank you. ……. for everything.”

I couldn’t say it well.

Such weak gratitude was all I was able to offer.

“………….Haha, don’t worry about it.”

I can’t see any expression on his skull face, but I think that Brad was smiling.

He then ruffled my hair.

“Well, you’ll start learning letters and magic from Gus soon. One good thing you can say about that old man is that he is an excellent Magician. That and he loses his sen[1] easily.”

Though I don’t quite catch the part about sen[2] stuff, Brad’s jaw bones clattered as he laughed.

“Even if Gus doesn’t teach you magic, eventually I will teach you a lot of things! So look forward to it!.”

“…… Umm. What will Brad teach?”

What will it be?

Brad didn’t exactly give off the impression of a teacher…..



“Violence. How to rage. The methods of tempering muscles?”


“…….. won’t that be useful?”

“Brad when he was still alive ….”

Marie begin to talk, as she sits beside me on the couch in the Temple Hall.

“…….. Etto, when he was still alive? The same as he is now I guess…..”

“Eeee. We’re not that different from how we used to be. …….Well, we became like this because various things happened. ”

Marie said so with a lonely smile on her face.

…… What happened, is it something we’re not supposed to talk about?

I want to know but they’ll likely avoid my questioning.

However, I want to learn. The skeletons, mummies, and ghosts in this world are completely different from those of my former world.

Speaking of the undead, in my previous world only those that held deep regrets or attachments remained anchored to the living world after death……. that’s the standard template anyway.

That should be the normal settings, but maybe I’m missing something.

Since I’m only provided little information about this world as a child, I can’t make any conclusions.

……… I’ve decided to live in this world. I can not afford to simply act on unfounded prejudice.

“During his life, he was a warrior.”


“Warrior. It’s a person who fights with a weapon in hand, it’s the occupation that all boys long for.”

Such an occupation certainly extended in ancient societies.

Ohh, looking at this ruin of a city, and thinking for a moment, I wonder ……..  is there a war going on at the moment.

Since it was the way of life in this world, learning how to fight seems like a good idea. It was good thing Brad was here after all.

“Was Brad really strong? Even now, he has extensive experience and great skill. He has fought men, beast, mystical beings, undead, giants, sub-dragons, demons, and other abominations no matter what condition he was in.”

“Heeeeh ….”

I froze unable to respond.

“…………. Ano, Marie?”


“Even now?”

“There’s the occasional fight with men, beasts, ghosts, mystical beings, demons, undead, giants, sub-dragons ………”

……………. T-That’s impossible, right? Let’s calm down.

There be monsters that I know from my previous life, right.

“Though I somewhat understand about men…… but the other, what are they?”

“Ahhh. ……. Ahhaha, I’m sorry.”

She smiled as she said that.

Without being taught it’s impossible for me to understand, right?

So I questioned her with a somewhat soft tone.

“Eeeto, there should be a picture book in Grandpa Gus’s room…..”

Leading me by hand, Marie took us inside of the Temple, towards the small stone room that acted as Gus’s living space.

Unfortunately, Gus was not there but Marie know where to look, so she borrowed the picture book.

“This is how beast looks like. The ferocious wolf, the lion, serpent ……”

I recognized all the animals illustrations that I was shown.

Although, I really just remember seeing them on a tv show from my past life.

……. Wa, wahー, how nostalgic.

“You’ve already learned the origin myth from Gus, right? The God of Creation give life to various life forms, he also created a predisposition of evilness, which was his undoing as his life was taken by the Evil Gods. The Evil Gods proceed to berth various kin to do their bidding.”

Marie said that as she lightly turned the page.

“The God of Violence Iltreat created the monsters……”

Looking at the page …… revealed an ogre, or something similar to it.

The ogre looked like a muscular man with a large build, and even the smaller ogres were depicted in a cruel and menacing manner.

“The kin of the Abyss God Dialligma are the demons that reside in the depths of the eternal abyss……”

Next, were the nightmarish looking creatures said to be demons.

Various human and animal part were sloppily mixed together, resulting in a hideous caricature.

There were eerie looking creatures such as humans with bird-like heads, or those with arms like leg similar to a spider’s.

“The Undead God Stagnate’s kin are naturally the undead ……”

The pictures showed rotting corpses, skeletons like Brad, ghosts like Gus, and mummies like Marie.

However, I can’t sense the same level of intelligence from the pictures that came from the three of them.

“………. We signed a contract with the Undead God.”

She muttered that in an extremely gloomy voice.

“Because of our strong desires at the verge of death, we signed a contract with Stagnate resulting in our current appearances……. All of us became traitors of the righteous side.”

Her words could only be described as sorrowful.

“ーーWhat happened?”

I unintentionally asked.

Though it interrupted her monolog, my curiosity wouldn’t allow me to stay silent.

“Fufu ….. various things. I’m sorry, I made a little child like you listen to something weird.”

Marie smiled as she said that. It was a bitter smile, though.

She continued the story after regaining her focus.

“Of course, there are kin of the Righteous Gods just as there are those of the Evil Gods. They include the Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and various other races.”

“Marie ……”

“Moreover, there are races that carry extraordinary power, yet remain neutral such as Dragons and Giants. Some among their kind have been known to devote themselves to the Righteous or Evil Gods, though……. It’s important to remember that the pictures here only act as representations and that the world is abundant with different beings.”

I understood that she changed the topic intentionally, and wasn’t willing to return to the previous one.


Therefore, I’ll comply with her chose.

If she doesn’t want to talk, then there was no way for me to get any information.

Even if I tried to force it out of her, it would only degrade into a meaningless tantrum.

“…….. In other words, this world ……. is fairly dangerous?”

“Yes. This world is dangerous. When I was alive the world was considered peaceful …… but now, I think it has gotten much worse.”

Yet another terrifying remark was suddenly spoken.

Though I don’t know the basis of her statement,

“…….. Then, I have to become strong?”

“If you become strong, it’ll put my mind to ease……”

For the time being, I decide to spare no efforts in making myself stronger.

Apparently, I wouldn’t be able to live in this world if I’m not tough.

At the same time, I got hints of the circumstances that surrounded the three of them, something that I’ll keep in mind as I grow.

The three of them supported me, who lacked the power to live on my own, and even now used their power to give me the best life they could.

Before I was reborn, instead of giving filial piety to the parents that had done the same for me, I only brought them trouble and concern.

But now, that is no longer the case, some day when I  grow up I’ll earnestly repay my new family.

1. so I don’t really understand this sen geba stuff, so if anyone could help me with it; raw=それ以上に銭ゲバのケがあるが」


2. same with this one raw=つっても、銭なんて何のことかまだ分からねぇか、とブラッドはかたかたと顎の骨を鳴らして笑った。

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