chapter 40

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40.Salyut The Golden Lion

“I troubled you for this report, Biblioteca. Violet, Marigold, and Amarillo you all have also done well.”

Premier was livid and envious after she discovered Isshi sleeping together with the other girls, and although she was still bitter, now was the time to discuss the Reignite Fortress City infiltration strategy codenamed 「Twilight」.

Biblioteca had just finished explaining all the information on the war plan that she had accumulated.

When she finished Isshi spoke words of gratitude to everyone.

Upon receiving his kind words, the girls shared a look at each other before nervously presenting their head to him, and intently looked up at Isshi.

They seem to take great pressure from this action.

(If I don’t do this they may never do their best in the future …)

Their sparkling golden eyes were filled with desire as they looked at Isshi.

Unable to refuse them, Isshi decided to pat the girl’s’ head.

They were all fully satisfied and happily smiling after about 10 minutes before they return to their places.

“Receiving a patting even after sleeping in the same bed. Now that all the praise has been given, let’s return to the strategy meeting…”

Premier was only able to watch on with envy before she shook her head and she tried to get the meeting back on track.

“Well let’s reevaluate Duke Roberto’s army and war potential based on Biblioteca’s explanation.”

She opened a map and begin placing the pieces that  represented the enemy’s forces on it.

“We’ve already completed the topographical observation from a bird’s eye view using Fortuna Rossa’s 〈Farsight〉. Thanks to that, we’ve prepared something much more accurate than a conventional map. These should be the locations of Reignite’s forces.”

Pieces with various shapes were placed on around Reignite as she spoke.

“According to Biblioteca’s explanation, the maximum number of soldiers they could gather was around 10,000 men. Among them, only 200 are Knights and the rest are either farmers or mercenaries.”

“I guess this is about it for this world’s civilization level. Their military divisions?”

“Yes, Master.”

She nodded while pointing her finger at the horse shaped figure.

“These are their powerful and well-trained cavalry who consist of 100 Knight. The cavalry commander is Duke Roberto’s eldest son Salyut. For his high ability, accomplishments, and his beautiful flowing blond hair he has been nicknamed 「Golden Lion」. Naturally, his cavalry unit is called The Golden Lion unit. Oh, he graduated from the knight school as the president. His character is a little troublesome, as he seems to be a sadist that enjoys torturing his enemies. There are unfounded rumors that he kidnaps innocent people in the city and develop horrifying entertainment every day. His hold the rank of General, while his father is a Field Marshal.”

“I see. The remaining divisions?”

“Yes. 500 Archers, 50 Magicians,  9000 Foot Soldiers.250 troops serve as a small logistics unit.

Premier pointed to the bow, wizard staff, soldier sword, and supply horse pieces as she called out the different divisions.

“Who is the leader of the foot soldiers?”

“Yes, it’s a man called Glalip, who holds the rank of Major General. It is said that he is a brave and resolute General. He is a hot-blooded daredevil, yet he is popular among the foot soldiers. The reason for his popularity is because most of the foot soldier are mercenaries. From their view, it is better to follow a warrior who recklessly plunged into the enemy forces rather than following a man that moves his pen behind his desk.”

“The Magician unit?”

“A man named Klotz. Originally he was one of the Empire’s magician, however, multiple cases of brutal human experimentation lead to him being chased out as a criminal . After some twists and turns, he was picked up by the Duke and managed to build up the Weharl House’s Magician Unit. In addition, he is a malicious person with a similar nature to Salyut’s.”

“What a terrible country. Is there any other person we should be wary of?”

“Duke Roberto himself seems to have been considered a skilled person. Currently, he is a Field Marshall, but originally he led foot soldiers as a General. Duke Roberto’s territory is called the northern region, if one tries to invade the capital city of Raffia from the west, geographically speaking, they would need to pass through Reignite. Since the west is hard for the king to keep an eye on, rebellions tend to occur here regularly. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider Reignite as the Kingdom’s main western army base.”

“So that’s why. From Violet’s report, Duke Roberto can’t be considered an ordinary person, he also has the necessary ability in the field of politics. Though the people of his territory dislike the heavy taxation, concerning the Kingdom’s situation, it’s a necessity that the military defenses here are constantly improved.”

“It is as Master says. Furthermore, when he was still active on the frontline, he carried a sword as tall as he was, and was now as a Fierce Fighting God. However, he assumes command from the rear.”

“I have a rough understanding. Well then, let’s move on to the smaller details. First . . .”

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