chapter 038

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Note: the translation in this chapter isn’t as accurate as could be but was made as legible as possible.

38. Fortress City Reignite Battle Plans

As Biblioteca softly touch the dagger that was concealed in her bosom, she glared towards the Duke’s bedroom.

But, she ended up lowering her hand with a sigh.

(Assassination … Due to the risks is prohibited.)

She murmured that in her mind, while remembering the order from Kanchou.

『The surrounding soldiers instantly became aware of Mayor Deanne assassination and they caused quite the predicament when they attacked. If we try to assassinate Duke Roberto the same thing could happen again. Also,the Duke is different from Deanne, as he was once a strong general in his prime. We also don’t know how many traps he might have prepared. It’s very likely that the assassination would fail. More than anything, I don’t want to lose any of you. Just return with reliable information.』

She remembered the orders as while as the gentle pat on her head that accompanied them.

Turning her gaze away from the door, she instead moved towards the desk. She focused her mind as she tried to find the book that was emitting a sinister fragrance.

She sensed thick fragrances from several of the desk drawers, yet she only extended her hand toward the one which emitted the most sinister fragrance.

Opening the drawer she found a black covered booklet sandwiched between two books.
(This is it. I’m certain of it!)

She intuitionally knew that this booklet contained all of Roberto’s army war potential that Kanchou had requested.

She decided to activate her <Librarian> gift at full  strength as she touches the booklet.

At that moment, a sinister voice resounded from within the black booklet!

Its words were directly spoken in her mind.

This was the essence of her <Librarian> gift.

She could understand everything inside a book that she touches and collects that information in the library within herself.

However, there was a condition for her gift to work.

The book itself has to take form in her inner mind and tell her of all of its knowledge. As she gains the understanding of them, she needed to show them proper respect and put them into their personal bookshelf within her inner-library.

However, this black booklet had a very crude form.

It had the face of an ugly ox with blood tears spilling from its eyes.

Its body was that of a human and black wings sprouting from its back.

She had never seen such a strange looking creature …. no,

(This might very well be the Devil himself.)

It was the very symbol of men the man-made phenomenon called war. The concentration of all the wisdom associated with the efficient destruction of men.

The Devil then start talking to Biblioteca the Librarian.

“I ask thou. What am I? Does thou have an answer?”

The purpose of a book is to speak to the reader. However, books that are constantly exposed to madness seems to lose sight of their real nature.

She gave an indifferent response to the question without showing any problems.

“You’re a little confused, aren’t you? Let me ask you a question instead. Do you remember what you witnessed the day you were written? Does the place of your origin resound somewhere within your memory?”

The battle with books is one of words after all.

If by any chance she loses this battle, she would forever be possessed by this devil.

The devil simply laughed off her questions “WAHAHAHA”, while holding its stomach.

“You’re actually trying to reason with this Godly Demon! You know not what to say to one such as I! To the ruler of this world!!”

Despite the devils loud laughter, she was feeling a sense of impatience coming off it.

As expected, this Devil still had a slight memory of the time he was first written.

This book will be my trump card once I add it to my library!!

“You the tormented soul, born as an innocent in imperial radiance, remember your origin. Allow the waters to once again flow through the ragged stream of consciousness. You still remembered it. Remember it. The detailed rhythm of that moment. As well as the fact that you were born as a pure beast of saffron yellow.”

“Pure beast …? This unsightly Devil? This sinful me?”

Biblioteca shakes her head at the incredibly puzzled Devil.

“In the shade of a tree, a dense fog similar to that of intertwined curtains, a young man seat as he started to write. Even though there is a water jug not far away, the child was not even aware of his own thirst. You were merely the same as that pitiful child.”

“Guuuh! So painful, my head feels like it’s splitting apart. Ugh … Stop it! Thou shall stop your words at once!!”

The devil tried to attack Biblioteca while it howled in pain , but this was a battle of words.

There was no way those dreadful claws could reach her.

Her role as the librarian was to impart this holy words onto every single book in this world.

“You shall no longer view the world through your bleak outlook as this Librarian Biblioteca welcomes you to the God of Book’s shrine. For thousand of years, thou has endured numerous hardships, causing you to spill red tears. However, even though you were poisoned by those hardships your opal lips weren’t tainted blood red. The God of Books has decided to pick you up as you are a unique flower in a field of many.”


“The God of Books accepts you. You are permitted to enter my library.”

“Aah, I remember. I remember it! I was completely twisted into this form, but God has not abandoned me!?”

“All books, on matter what they appear as are welcomed. All books are arranged equally in my collection.”

“I …. My name is battle plans of Fortress City Reignite, and I am the crystallization of man’s cruelty.”
“I understood. Then you agree to become part of my library. A shelve is awaiting you.”

Hearing her words caused the Devil crumbles away.

Simultaneously, the inner-world constructed for the battle with the Devil began to fade away.

Biblioteca also returned to reality.

“Good grief, that was a quite hard book to defeat.”

It’s not very often she came across such a challenging book.

Biblioteca let out a big sigh of relief.

When she returned to reality, she placed the book back into the drawer as if it had never been touched.

But, unlike before Biblioteca now felt a  familiarity with the book.

(It’s only natural. Because you are now one of my collection.)

Not even enough time to turn a single page has passed.

Yet, she now understood all of the content written inside the book.

No, that was an understatement.

She was now metaphorically the book. The original author intentions and the known and unknown possibilities of the book were completely known to her.

It is for this reason that Biblioteca was called, the Great Walking Library.

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