chapter 037

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37. Parent and Child

“Seems to be here. The sweet fragrant is drifting from this room.”

At Biblioteca’s whisper, those around her nodded.

Though it’s not like they could see each other as they were still under the influence of Marigold’s gift <Invisibility>.

Relying on Biblioteca’s nose, the girls comes to search for books or reports on this fortress city’s  military.

“I’ll listen to see if there is anyone inside. Wait a moment.”

Violet said that as she pressed her ear against the door.

Voices could be heard from inside the room.

“The scouts should return by tomorrow. Salyut, are the preparation for the advancing military unit ready?”

“Everything’s ready esteemed Father.The enlistment has already been being completed. Though many had already gone to take part in the war with the empire, a good number of men have joined up.” \\useless:Salyut use chihiue, an addressing form for noble dad\\

“Fumu. Although waging a so-called war with homunculi is not a worthy cause, this war is to suppress a rebellion. As the enemy will be annihilated shortly, it’s necessary to leave no evidence behind. I can’t risk  opening the doors to loose-lipped mercenaries. Since it’s come to this, we’ll have to use a considerable amount of money until everything is settled. Of course, there will be multiple unknowns, but we’ll just have to push through it.”

“I understand. Well, it’s already late. Esteemed Father, you should go to rest.”

“Aah, you’re right. Oh, I heard that some mice come out again not long ago. The soldier was so noisy that I could even hear it from here. Do you think that it really wasn’t an enemy scout.”

“Hoo, really? However, the kind of existence that can climb over the castle walls surely doesn’t exist in this world. Though I heard that there are some major magicians that  practice flying magic, the strong defense system surrounding this castle would not miss even a small animal.

Rats aren’t really anything to worry about. AHAHAHA.”

Salyut turned towards the door while saying “I’ll excuse myself then.”

He walked out and closed the door behind him.

He was looking at down a familiar corridor.

Yet, a bittersweet fragrant caused him to halt his steps and scanned the surroundings.

This charming fragrance that tickled his nose is similar to fragrance embodied by a beautiful maiden, a fragrance so sweet that it must come from the nectar of a flower. \\:( trying to be poetic, but can’t express it that well, lol\\

“What? That smell is coming from around here….. Did someone or something pass by just now?”

Salyut turns his head and stared at the closed door.

(Should I report this to father? But what to report? Say that a woman was here? Impossible, did a homunculus really sneaked in? Their gender is female ….. Stupid!! That’s impossible!! Reporting such details to father, I’m bound to be laughed at as coward.) \\Silver: This is why you should always rid yourself of pride when you know someone has reason to kill you. You make dumb choices otherwise.\\

As he shook his head at his own thoughts, he called a soldier and instructed him  to strengthen the defenses inside the castle.

Then, he told another, more trusted subordinate,

“Guard this room carefully, make sure no one enters. Just in case.”

Salyut said so, as he made the soldier stand in front of the door.

Despite all that, his worriment had yet to lessen.

(Hmmm, I guess this will be alright. I’m a little tired because I was too occupied with the organization of the army. Also, the information from the scout would come in tomorrow. I’ll call it a day and go to sleep now.)

He thought so while quickly carrying his tired body and mind toward his room.



“… He’s finally gone …”

After confirming the fading footsteps,  Amarillo’s mutter could only be heard by the other three.

She felt that the other three nodded in agreement.

When Salyut had approached the door, Violet had moved back to the other’s location. She then waited for the right time before saying “Inside the room” and transporting inside said room.

Although it was impossible to teleport to locations she hasn’t seen, the moment Salyut opened the door she was able to catch a little glimpse of the inside.

And fortunately, it was possible to make such an accurate movement without any noise.

“That was General Salyut. It’s good that he didn’t manage to detect us…. Though, he was reacted quite well to Marigold body odor. That was scary!”

“You, can’t you do something about your good smell? Though, I suppose you can’t remove your scent. Rather, how in the world are you emitting such a fragrance? Don’t tell me, is Kanchou fond of such fragrance?” \\Kanchou, I don’t know a more appropriate word. And I think this Kanchou refer to Isshi.\\

“No, even if you said so.”

“Eh, you girls stop talking. Don’t you realize where we are?”

The conversation stopped instantly at Violet’s words.

This place was Duke Roberto’s private room.

At the center of  this large room, the Duke was still working at his desk, and outside there is a soldier standing guard at the door.

Moreover, there is another thing that they need to do now that they were already here.

So they patiently waited for the opportunity.

And finally after half an hour, the Duke moved.

“Fumu should get some sleep. Working all night is getting a little tough for these old bones. My  glory days as a warrior famous throughout the continent has passed. I should just gradually start letting Salyut inherit the house’s duties.”

While saying so, he opened a door and disappeared into the bedroom.

It seems that he had been very tired because before long the breathing of a sleeping person was heard from the neighboring room.

Biblioteca slowly begins to walk towards the room upon confirming the situation.

Since moving too far from Marigold  would remove the <Invisibility>, everyone advanced slowly towards the room while holding hands.

As Biblioteca softly touched the dagger concealed in her bosom pocket, … she glared towards the Duke’s bedroom.


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