chapter 036

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36. Librarian’s Taste

After taking all the other girls’ intention into consideration, Biblioteca opened her mouth.

“Judging from the taste, I think the information is quite reliable. However, the distance between this place and the one that’s giving off that delicious smell is quite far. And there are a lot more books giving off sweet fragrant close by. Perhaps, the most important information in this castle is located among that collected. In other words, that cache might be inside Duke Roberto’s private room.”

In response, Violet said,

“If that’s the case, we need to finish this as quickly and carefully as possible. I hate to say it, but the defenses of this castle are quite solid and there are a lot of excellent soldiers on patrol. Even with Marigold’s <Invisibility> it’s not possible to completely erase our presence, and even Amarillo <Transformation> can have a few some faults in it. And my <Teleport> is not precise enough to transfer directly into a small room. If we can find the room that would be splendid, but if the situation gets too heated and we found ourselves in a pinch …..”

While she in the middle of speaking,

“Oi, anybody in there!?”

They heard a man’s shout as the door was knocked on furiously.

Though they tried to talk as quietly as possible and were vigilant towards their surrounding, somehow the trained ear of a soldier still heard them.

This is bad! The girls turned to each other to panic, but it was too late.

One soldier with a large muscular body and face like a demon’s opened the door and glared at the girls.

“What! You! Thieves!!”

As a soldier tasked with defending this fortress, even if the opponents were women, he would not be careless.

The man yelled out while drawing his sword, and with 「dosu dosu」sound of his footsteps, he rushed the girls.


When Biblioteca tried to retreat, she falls down on her butt unintentionally, so Marigold and Amarillo stepped in forward to protect her.

Both of the girls held a dagger in their hand.

However, for some reason, Violet was not seen in the room.

Could she had disappeared or melted into the shadows?

The answer came immediately.

“This way, old man.”

“Kuhgh, z, zyou ….. how …. is …..”

Said the muscular soldier with his eyes wide open.

A wide slit opened on his neck, and blood started to drip on the floor as only a 「hyu hyu」 sound leaked out while the man desperately tried to breathe.

It was in this state, that the man falls down with a thud sound.

Violet had used her <Teleport> to moved behind the soldier, and slit his throat from behind with her dagger.

“The situation is under control.”

She spoke in a dissatisfied manner, while shaking off the meat and blood stuck to her dagger.

However, the man’s loud shouts and footsteps were heard by the other vigilant soldiers.

“What!” “What is it!” “I heard someone’s loud yelling!!”

Thinking that something was wrong, all the patrolling soldier gathered immediately.

And as they see the scene inside the room, their face stiffened.

“What is it Wilk, and what were you doing in there?”

“Aah, sorry, sorry.When I came near this room I heard some weird sounds, turned out just  to be a little mouse. I’m sorry for making such a racket.”

The man that was saying that as he left the room was the same one that died not that long ago.

“What, rats again. Huh, I’ve been guarding this castle for many years now, and there has never been a thief capable of even getting inside this castle. I finally thought that I’d be able to do something today. Good grief, we aren’t exterminators tasked with protecting the food from the mice!!”

“Yeah, it’s different. But man, was there really nothing Wilk? Why is it so messy in there?”

“Ahh. It seems that the mice got scared and knocked things over when I break in. I’ll fix it.”

The soldiers shrug their shoulders at his answer and returned to their original positions, some even yawning.

“That went well. It was a good luck that they don’t see the blood on the floor.”

“But, this soldier, Wilk was it? It won’t be long before they realize he’s dead. The guards probably have a regular report. There’s a limit to how much Amarillo’s transform can deceive them.”

With a 「Sou sou」, the muscular soldier turns around.

However, the voice coming out the soldier’s mouth belong to the yellow-ponytailed girl.

「koki koki」could be heard as she started to shift from Wilk’s form back to her own.

“Our performance here quite flashy, we’re disqualified as a spy. Well, it’s not like Master expected us to do it perfectly the first time. It’s alright as long as we come back alive, but saying that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

Marigold, responded as such in a gentle tone.

Violet agreed strongly,

“Then, shall we try to proceed. Hey, careless one wake up!! How long are you going to sit there? What happened to your Librarian’s dignity? Should I do 「takai takai」 again for you?” \\ this takai takai expression might be referring to just before they started this mission, chapter 34? like this

Saying that, she approaches Biblioteca who was still sitting down on the ground, and extended her hand.

“W-Who ….!?”

Biblioteca tried to answer her and stand up, but she just couldn’t muster the strength in her legs.

“Etto …. thank you. I was saved.” \\Silver: Shipped VioletXBiblioteca.\\

Saying that while receivings Violet’s help, she was finally able to stand.

“Well, you resembled a fawn.”

Amarillo teased the girl upon seeing her stand up.

With that last remark, the girls disappeared from the room, as Marigold’s gift of <Invisibility> was invoked.

Only the desolate corpse of the soldier was left in the corner of the room.

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