chapter 035

35. Twilight of Reignite

The city of Reignite, which is the center of Duke Roberto’s territory, is often called 「Reignite Fortress City」.

That’s because a magnificent and sturdy fortress was built right into the city, and by using this fortress as a foothold, Duke Roberto, and his family have been able to manage the northern region of the Ibuhl Kingdom for generations.

The population of the city neared 500,000 people in the urban areas alone, and even the commerce area was very prosperous.

In addition, Roberto is famous for having a large number of mercenaries, and in the case of skirmishes with the Empire, he would often dispatch soldiers at the King’s demand.

It is not easy to simply sneak into Reignite’s Castle which is a nucleus of such a militaristic

Robust soldiers always patrolled the perimeter and were on a strict lookout as to not let even a single small mouse pass by them.

Furthermore, even rogue-like people were prevented from boldly entering the castle thanks to the tall walls, and the sole way inside was to go through the main gate.

However, only merchants that had proper identification, noble purveyors with high enough social status, and a few authorized people can enter and exit the gate.

People, without a proper introduction, that tried to enter would be rejected without even taking a glance inside.

Moreover, as the King was hard pressed to  keep eyes on the western territory, rebellions often happened, yet the Fortress City had ended all the rebellions before they could even reach the Imperial Capital.

Because of this, the Kingdom bestowed the city with the highest honorary title of 「Impregnable Fortress」.

“This is what was written in the books.”

Relating this information was the Walking Library, as she returned the last book back to its place on the bookshelf.

Reignite Castle, the symbol of the Kingdom’s protection, was easily snuck into by the homunculi girls. Using the gift of <Teleport> and Biblioteca’s guidance they infiltrated a library-ish like room inside the castle.

“Amazing, to already finish reading entire cabinet so soon!? That is way more than speed reading!!”

“And with no light at all!.”

It was Amarillo and Marigold who raised their voices in surprise, and then,

“Kaaaaaaaaah! It’s nothing more than a peculiar hobby! Reading is simply enjoyable!!” \\Silver: Violet is my new favorite girl.\\ \\useless:Lol!\\

Violet shake her head unable to understand the others.

“Wait! Don’t raise your voices so loud! We’re already under Marigold’s invisibility!? We’re inside the enemy’s headquarters! And the door to this room is unlocked, we can be found out!!!”

“Wait, Biblioteca-san, your voice is a little too loud. Though I understand that you’re excited about your first mission, please calm down a little.”


With a “Humph!” Biblioteca turns her head in an opposed direction because of Marigold’s warning.

Then she raised her head high into the air and started to sniff around before she pointed her nose in a direction she smelt something pleasant.

“What is it?”

“Wait a moment.”

As she says so, Biblioteca turns her head left and right trying to determine the source of the pleasant smell.

“I found it. But it’s quite far away. It’s inside an underground room with a strong seal around it.

I feel that there’s a strong desire for whatever it is not to be found out.”

“Fuuuhh, and?” Violet urged Biblioteca to continue.

“It gives off a deep and  well-aged fragrance. Although it’s complicated, sometimes when the composition of resentment and manifestation of wild enthusiasm of torturing people interweave with the iron in the torture instruments, they come together and produce a spicy smell.”

“Bingo, it’s the  jackpot isn’t it, it kinda looks suspicious, though ….”

“So noisy. Well, the leaked fragrance is so thick and similar to the night soil associated with dead people, and it’s overflowing without being able to remain concealed. The smell of rusted blood, the melody of clanging weapons, an arrangement of swords and shield, the scattered employees, and a group of people lined up in a similar fashion to dolls. Mixed with all that I can sense an animalistic fragrance has reached a maturity.”

“Well, that sure is dull.”

“No, isn’t it good? I’m certainly happy to hear such wonderful things.”

While the other girls wearily mumbling, Biblioteca’s monolog continues.

“I feel that the rust shows the excitement that the owner of those knives has while enjoying the taste of blood. When dealing with a region, circulation and political enemies somewhat complement each other well.”

She finished her speech with a simple “That’s all!”

Then Marigold opened her mouth.

“The result of the sampling seems to be finished. I’ll believe in the power of your gift, <Librarian Vibrio> for now. Although I just heard the report, I believe it’s too good to be true; grasping the enemy’s war potential through only books, Violet, what do you think?”

As Marigold turn her head towards Violet, she folding her arms and responded with “It is so.

“Doesn’t it sound kinda bad? Swords and shields and people flocked together like dolls, doesn’t that mean that weapons, armors, multiple troops, and a various tactics could be employed. Also, some very exciting information informing us of previous wars. Should we leave at once, then?”

“Don’t you think so?”

After all, land distribution, politics, and the enemy’s their affinity with other nations good or bad. Even if this information was slightly off, I feel that we should present this report to Master!”

Amarillo expressed her opinion.

Seeing that all the girls intention were settled, Biblioteca opened her mouth again.

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