chapter 034

34. The Great Walking Library

“Because nii-sama is involved with that strategy, there is no helping it. Putting that aside, you should concentrate more on this strategy.”

Understanding, Marigold puffed out her cheeks and showed a sulking expression.

But, to Violet words, Amarillo hastened her travel preparations.

“The place where we’re going should be fun too.”

She said incorrigibly.

With her yellow hair in a ponytail, she still had her usual playful cat-like expression.

“That’s why from now on I’ll be on the team over there. I’ll show that I can accomplish this strategy splendidly even without you. Then, I’ll be one receiving Nii-sama’s patting while you get none.”

“EEEh!? That’s unfair. I’ll do my best too.”

“Oh dear, Amarillo-san, you are really simple. Ohohohoho.”

A more sinister atmosphere floated inside the room compared to the neighboring room.

However, in the middle of such tumult, a big sigh was heard “Haa……”

The originator of the sigh was a single person who had been quietly reading a book in the corner of the room. She was a quiet girl with white skin and white hair that hung down to her waist.

As the white haired girl put a bookmark on the page that she’d been reading and closed it, her seemingly always sleepy eyes looked towards the other homunculi girls.

“Can you girls work in a more quiet manner? Though if my information correct, the General Staff Office is meant to specialize intelligence.”

She said those sarcasm-filled words without changing her expression.

But, the other members widely grinned while making “Kukuku” sounds, and creepily approached the white-haired girl.

“Why so serious, Biblioteca-san! Lighten your mood, don’t just sit and read books all day long, stand up occasionally and do some physical exercise. As you are now you can be thrown high in the air.”

“Ju-Just a minute!! Stop it!?”

“Don’t be shy Biblioteca-san. It’s alright, don’t be embarrassed. You’ll enjoy yourself once I left up.”

“Wh-Who’d request such a thing! Re-Really Violet! Put me down!!”

Such words were completely disregarded by Violet, as she earnestly said “Higher higher”

While upon seeing this situation, Amarillo spoke with a serious expression.

” ‘When I’m lonely everyone takes care of me. I love having friends in such times!’ Say it like that. ‘I feel so embarrassed.’ Then, I’ll say that. Highhhh…..”

“Who’d ever said that! You fool!!”

Among the 1000 girls, Biblioteca couldn’t be considered as the smallest, but among the relatively tall girls such as Violet, Marigold, and Amarillo she’s already considered to be the perfect chibi character. \\Silver: “Click here” it was just too good a match\\

As they chatted, Biblioteca violently gasped as she roughly struggled before Violet lowered her to the ground.

It’s not like Biblioteca dislikes the other girls. In fact, she loves them.


(I just can’t handle this tension alone!!)

She, the existence called the 「The Walking Library」, is a girl who likes silence and wisdom.

Therefore, it’s only natural that she would be admitted to the General Staff Headquarters.


“It’s too different from what I thought it’d be!!”

With all her heart, she screamed such a thing.

The General Staff Headquarter propose is to predict the war’s direction 10 or even 20 steps ahead, and guiding the lead actors from the shadows to a brilliant victory. An elite group such as this needed fearsome intellectuals within its ranks.

Seeing the fretting shouts of her three younger sisters, Violet grinned broadly. Clapping her hands together, Violet put an end to the arguing.

“Now now, it’s enough making fun of Biblioteca.”

When she said so, Marigold and Amarillo tightened their expression at once.

Though veins were popping up on Biblioteca’s temple, she muttered “Calm down, calm down. I lose if I got agitated.” , and somehow regain her usual state.

Violet continue to speak.

“The General Staff Headquarter 「Rotten Apple」 team shall be successful in this mission. As planned, we should execute the 「Twilight」 strategy. Marigold, all the preparation are already finished, right?”

“Umm, certainly.The invisibility can be cast anytime.”

“Well then, Amarillo! Is your gift, ready to go?”

“It’s okay. I could transform into anyone at any time.”

“Good, finally Biblioteca!!”

At Violet’s call, the walking library restraining her nervousness, and simply nodded as if she was unaffected.

“About your request… this your’s is the crucial point of this plan. You will certainly get your first patting when you return!!”

Biblioteca repeats the words as she nods her head,

“Leave it to me. One or two cursed books are no match for I, the librarian.”

She said while showing smile full of confidence.

Then, in the next moment, all of the members in the room disappeared.

Violet had invoked her gift .

In that instance, the girls had already moved to a surprising distance away.

They were in, the 「inner part」 of a fortress surrounded by a solid wall.

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