chapter 033

33. The General Staff Headquarters is a happy workplace where we always smile

“Aah, that’s it. I and my partner easily infiltrated the enemy’s base. But, a myriad of traps had been laid as anticipated. As we retreated my partner was nearly caught by the enemy and committed suicide. Somehow I was able to escape out of the town’s entrance along with information regarding the enemy’s forces. However, I seem to have blacked out as I ran for my life.”

Remembering everything to such an extent, the deathly pale expression that floated on the man’s face a moment ago disappeared.

Though, for some reason an acute pain ran through his head when he first tried to remember; it had been rather unpleasant and unbelievable.

(Kuh, anyway now is not the time to think about such things!!)

He had to carry the information he obtained back to Duke Roberto as soon as possible.

“… Fortunately, the enemy doesn’t seem to be pursuing. I remembered getting some kind of revenge. I killed that person with a single blow of my deadly poisoned knife. Um, I certainly killed him. But, fu, mu . . . ? How funny? Who was my opponent again? I was sure he was a man. . . maybe?”

Suddenly, the face of a man whom he performed the infiltration with, crossed his mind.

However, the image changed into the face of a soldier he had never seen before.

“Fumu, so that’s the case. When I was found out by an enemy soldier, I disposed of him with my knife. Because I perfectly took care of the witness, the enemy has not yet given pursuit. Well, before I got discovered by the enemy, I’d better return immediately. I still have to report the information I gained.”

As he nodded in agreeing with himself, he started to run as fast as the wind.

“A powerful force of 1000 homunculi troops, with magically enhancement weapons and defensive armaments will soon try to march towards the fortress city Reignite. Staying in the castle would be foolish because the enemy posses siege weapons. We should challenge the enemy troops to a decisive battle at Bermtrawl plains.”


“I feel that this will turn out very well.”

The one explaining the hook-nosed man’s behavior, while projecting the image onto the tetragonal screen in the room, was the scarlet-haired Fortuna Rossa.

Her beautiful forehead was shown as usual.

Receiving the report was Premier,

“For the time being, it seems that imprinting the necessary information was successful. Later we’ll need to carefully assess how the enemy’s general would act. That way we can hasten various preparations.”

At that declaration, the other girls gathered in Isshi’s room, Verde and Totomorti, nodded.

This was everyone participating in the latest strategy.

“Well, I’ll continue with my observation duty. I’ll report when there is progress!!”

She then cut off the projection before stand up to leave the room.

However, right before leaving, she looked toward Isshi with upturned eyes and purposely walked before him.

Somehow understanding her expectation he reached out his hand.

“You did well. Excellent.”

He said so while gently patting her head.

She then said,

“I-It’s not like I wanted to be praised or something!” \\tln:a tsundere here!!!\\ \\Silver: wanted to and a “Baka” here, but she would never say that to Isshi.\\

While grasping Isshi’s arm.

It was like she didn’t want to release him, and her expression seemed as if she was becoming intoxicated.

“Rossa is so sly. It’s Verde who’s doing her best to preserve her spatial awareness!!”

While saying that, Verde began to cling on the other arm and rubbed her cheek on it with a with 「suri suri」sound.

Premier couldn’t stand the situation any longer involuntarily sighed.

“What are you girls doing? Master is tired of enacting this strategy last night. Don’t be too selfish.”

To the warning,

“No, Premier, you always go off on various things large or small . . .”

“Ah, I’m sorry Master. My body acted on its own accord . . .”

Premier who clung to Isshi’s back parted from it while a little flustered.

“Really, what are you doing?”

Totomorti said while sighing.

However, unbeknownst to anyone else, she had already made her way to Isshi and placed her head on his knee.

Apparently, since the strategy that General Staff HQ came up with last night was going extraordinarily well, everyone’s spirit seemed to be rather high.

(Well, rewards and punishment are important.)

Thinking so, Isshi decided to let the girls do as they pleased for a while. \\tln:dam I got jealous with Isshi!\\

And for that reason, a large 「kya kya」came from Isshi and the girls, as that current situation continued . \\tln: damn I’m jealous!!!\\ \\Silver: Don’t hate unless you can take on his lovers.\\


“The going-ons there seemed to be rather fun . . .”

It was the lovely blonde curly-haired Marigold that said that in an envious tone.

As always, she was surrounded by her ojou-sama atmosphere.

In the bottom of her heart, she was jealous of the girls’ happy voices that were heard from the neighboring room.

However, the word from the purple-haired girl next to her, Violet shocked her.

“Because nii-sama is involved with that strategy, there is no helping it. Putting that aside, you should concentrate more on this strategy.”

Understanding, Marigold puffed out her cheeks and showed a sulking expression.

But, to Violet words, Amarillo hastened her travel preparations.

“The place where we’re going should be fun too.”

She said incorrigibly.

With her yellow hair in a ponytail, she still had her usual playful cat-like expression.

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