chapter 031

31. Requiem of the Nocturne

〈Duty dictated that we gather intelligence of enemy’s war potential. We have to inspect the plans and equipment of Furutera Isshi and the homunculi. But, we as spies also carry another duty. You remember right?〉

To the whispers from the hooked-nosed man, the bucktoothed man nodded while holding his breath.

〈Of course. In the occupation of a spy returning alive is the first priority. It’s not permitted for the enemy to catch us, if by any chance we got caught, we shall end our lives before we could surrender any information.〉

After saying that, he continues to speak.

〈However, if no trouble arises, if the chance presents itself to give a decisive blow, we’re permitted to use exceptional judgment and act as we may see fit. In other words . . .〉

Satisfied, the hooked nosed man responded.

〈Regarding this infiltration, we can already see that the current enemy is nothing more than a foolish opponent. Nevertheless, if we bring back this intelligence, I think that the wise Duke-sama would still amass many troops and ascertain victory through battle. However, this battle is only to recover our lost territory and nothing else. The battle expenditure would only lead to making the taxes higher and causing the innocent people suffer.〉

Heavy taxation and poverty were what cause of the hooked-nosed and bucktoothed men to become members of the underworld.

For this reason, the hooked-nosed man can’t see any justice in the rebellion of Isshi and his girls.

In addition, it meant that hundreds or even thousands of people would starve, due to the conduct of one that they were completely unaware of.

That sort of indignation was born because the hooked nose concerned about the future policy.

〈This time, it rather unlikely that we would get caught in this situation. In the beginning, after taking the military intelligence and scouting out the enemy force’s equipment, I intend to withdraw. But, in the current situation our withdrawal would only cause people to cry unnecessarily.〉

While he passionately spoke those words he glanced towards the bucktooth man.

“It is as you say.” The bucktooth man sincerely agreed.

〈Tonight, will be a massacre. Even though we’ve snuck into the enemy base we have seen no sign of a patrol squad. It seems that they truly are idiots.Though I sympathize with those disturbed in the head, the world doesn’t allow this kind of indulgence to be permitted. Let us educate this sonuva bitch.〉

〈Hmm, then let’s go. I think that Furutera Isshi would most likely use Deanne-sama’s private room. We’ll get there first.

The two intruders were like the wind as they quickly and silently advanced through the corridor towards Isshi, the enemy ringleader’s location, and before long they arrived at Deanne’s former private room.

The hooked-nosed man easily unlocked the door, while smoothly creeping into the room.

There in the middle of the spacious room was a large bed furnished with a canopy, that had one figure sleeping beneath the blanket.

(I’ll deliver this foolish boy his eternal sleep without him even being aware of it.)

As a professional he didn’t lick his lips before his prey like a mere beast.

As the hooked-nosed man glided across the floor towards the bed, he soundlessly took out a dagger covered with poison from his breast pocket.

The poison one the dagger was so toxic that it could kill an orc with a single dose; a weapon befitting truly wicked individuals.

However, the hooked-nosed man believed himself to be a hammer of justice, that would save many people from hunger with this single blow.

(Farewell, fool. When you’re reborn became like me and offer your service to the chosen people such as Duke Roberto-sama and his eldest son’s Salyut-sama.)

Just then moonlight began to flow into the room.

When the hooked-nosed man raised his knife overhead it glittered in the moonlight.

Without an ounce of hesitation, the man stabbed the knife towards the blanketed Isshi.

Like that, red liquid spurted endlessly from a figure’s abdomen, while a muffled sound gradually rises.

The hooked-nosed man looked down with wide open eyes while in the middle of his swing, focusing on his chest.

Blood endlessly overflow from his own abdomen and the muffled sound was coming from none other than him!!

His abdomen was pierced through from behind, and a shining merciless blade was reflected in his eyes.

At that moment, he could sense the presence of the one who stabbed him.

The hooked-nosed man slowly turns around to face the person at his back.

However, what he saw was so unexpected that he shouted out as a pure reflex.

“G-guh!! Wh-why!! Why you traitor!!!”

The one the hooked-nosed man saw, the one that had stabbed him from behind, was the bucktooth man who should have been his companion.

“Huh? Don’t be silly, I didn’t do anything wrong?”

The man’s words enraged the hooked-nosed man.

Mustering his last strength, he raised the knife that been pointed at the bed and shouted,

“Don’t joke around!! You traitorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!”

Even with a sword stabbed in his belly the hooked-nosed man, attacked the bucktooth one a with ferocious expression.

“Guh . . . a . . . how . . . ?”

The hooked-nosed man then stabbed the dagger coated with deadly poison right through  one of the man’s eyes, which immediately destroyed the nervous system and  caused him to crumbled to the floor in a matter of seconds, dead.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

While the hooked-nosed man was able to purge the traitor, he had already lost too much blood, and his consciousness was starting to fade.

“Y, yeah . . . Furutera . . . Isshi . . . . That madman . . . certainly would react . . .”

While he muttered incoherently, he crept towards the bed, tore the blanket away, and prepared to a thrust with the dagger in his hand.

“Wh-what is this. .!?”

His opened eyes wide as he released an unconscious groan.

Because the one that lied on the bed had a face that he had always see…, it was his own face twisted into a death mask.

“W-why me, the heck . . . is . . . this . . .”

Till his last breath he couldn’t understand what had transpired here, and in that state of confusion his life’s journey drew to an end.

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