chapter 030

30. Serenade of the Scouts

“After all, it is in order to present everything in this world to Isshi-sama!”

Towards the last words Isshi raised a “Huh?”, but his voice had been drowned out by the girls’ loud cheers.

For some reason, all of the girls raising their voice of approval one by one before turning towards Isshi,

“”Please give us your orders Isshi-sama, we will fulfill them by any means necessary!””

Their voices melded together with an unusual vigor.

“Aah, wait, wait, all of you!!”

At Isshi surprise shout, all the girls that had been speaking with such high spirits shut their mouths and stared him in unison.

There the was still ways to go before their doll-like tendencies were completely cast away.

“Though that was a satisfactory display of fighting spirit, I don’t intend to allow you all to needlessly throw away your lives. Don’t be too excited. Though there are bound to be some sacrifices when carrying out military strategies. You all should need to consideration the postwar period. Pleasant things such as hobbies or even marriage need to be considered.”

When the girls heard his words they began to look at one another,

“Bride” “…Idol” “Lover …”

And began whispering.

Isshi, upon hearing the sudden whispers of the girls, tilted his neck in puzzlement before turning to Premier for answers. However, she too had drifted off in her own world.

“The ceremony… held in a church, … with no less than 10 people…”

She too muttered in a low voice as her face reddened.

“Errm, does everyone understood? By all means, I forbid you all to die…”

“”Yes! We shall not die nor shall we be defeated!”” \\Silver: Anyone here a tailor? I know a guy that’s gonna need 1000 wedding dresses and a tux soon.\\

Toward Isshi’s word, all the 1000 voices simultaneously reverberated in the hall.

. . .
. .

“What happened, you suddenly concealed yourself. I was surprised when there is no answer for a while.”

“Sorry. I had a hunch about something and needed to confirm it. Seems that was just an ordinary rat.”

The following night after Isshi and the girls finished the Decoration ceremony, two figures merged into the night’s shadow as they infiltrated the city of Jirumu.

The first man that spoke had a hooked nose, and the one answering him was bucktooth.

Both of them concealed their bodies in completely black garbs, and were presenting an obviously suspicious atmosphere.

“Fumu, how was it.Was there any sign of the enemy in the surrounding area?”

“No, that’s the strange thing. As a matter of fact, I don’t sense anything.”

These men were spies sent by Duke Roberto to spy on Isshi and his girls; these guys could be considered skilled in the fields of infiltration and have obtained important information on opposing nobles and even the Empire on occasion.

After chatting a little, the two soundlessly jumped from ceiling to ceiling, until they successfully approached the vicinity of the government office that the homunculi occupied.

“Strange, there is no sight of the enemy at all. Do you notice anything?”

“None, at all. Despite the enemy stronghold being right in front of us. . . it’s somewhat strange, could it be they already prepared a trap? Should we reorganize just in case…?”

When the bucktooth man expressed his worry, the hooked nosed man solemnly spoke,

“Fumu, it seems that we possibly overestimated our opponent.”

“Overestimated? Why do you say that?”

The bucktooth man expressed his doubts while the hooked nosed man nodded.

“The fact that the northern foremost city, Jirumu, was occupied caused Duke Roberto-sama to become exaggeratedly vigilant and send us out as soon as possible, but perhaps it is not the kind of situation that we thought it was.”

The bucktooth man surprised expression caused the hooked nosed man’s mood to improve, as he fluently spoke his theory.

“After all, this Jirumu is at the forefront of the region. It’s plain as day that it’s an entirely different matter to occupy Reignite which is the Duke’s personal city.”

Unable to understood the words he heard, the bucktooth man asked “Your point?”.

The hooked nosed man looked down at him and asked: “You still don’t get it yet?”.

“In short, although it’s necessary to be vigilant towards an opponent that could occupy a residential area in one night, it is not an accurate representation of those fellows’ ability. I think this city’s total war potential was approximately 200 mercenaries. If it’s only that much, then a few powerless homunculi would be able to take care of them in the dead of night. If you think about it like that, it makes sense how this battle could have been won.”

“I see, that might be so. Surely one youngster and his homunculi won’t be able to overcome 100 man slayer Guregin and his band of powerful mercenaries in a direct confrontation. Though I’m positive that with the use of underhanded tricks and under the cover of night, they would be able to steal away a victory.”

The bucktooth man expressed his agreement.

When he did so the hooked nosed man sighed and said “Nevertheless”.

“Those homunculi are being manipulated by that lunatic, Furutera Isshi. Those people with shallow thinking that mess around with society only deserve severe punishment. Though I don’t know what kind of resentment he has towards this country, his occupation of this city is only an act of arrogance. It is already too late for those fellows to act as they failed to realize that Duke-sama has already sent us. The fact that it’s so easy for us to infiltrate is proof that they have no idea what war really is. So, their victory in this city can be chocked up to mere luck.”

Towards those words, the bucktooth man let out a disgusting laugh.

“We shouldn’t have been frightened of an enemy that didn’t exist. This really is an awful joke.”

Then the hooked nosed man once again lets out a large sigh.

“No, this is unexpectedly boring as hell. Although we’re aware of the adversary’s foolishness, it’s still going to be rather tedious slaughtering them all. However, it is our duty as Duke-sama’s honorable agents. It is necessary to do our best to hunt down the prey. Only oneself can cast away your carelessness with vigilance. To some extent that carelessness is the true enemy.”

“I understand. I’ll be as reliable as usual.”

The bucktooth man offered a toothy grin before the two of them focused on the government office, without a hint of the joking nature they previously had.

They proceeded to silently slip into government office through the window before heading towards the area where Isshi and the homunculi girls slept.

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