chapter 029

29. The Saint Premier

“Th, then, Claire, Mallon, step forward.”

“Acknowledged, and understood.”

“Tis my duty to serve!”

Isshi began to talk to this two homunculi sisters with different personalities.

“I had you two show me the power of the Great Magicians. I grant this pair or Tourmaline hair ornament as the proof. As well appoint you both as the Army’s magician division leaders.
Under the Marshal’s instruction, you are to gather 100 homunculi that specialities in magic to act as the division. Your ranks are as equal to the left and right generals.” \\Silver: It’s been bugging me but why in the hell didn’t the black magician from the prolog make a couple of these girls on the side to protect his base? They seem pretty damn effective to me.\\ \\useless:yeah now that I think about it, Seiram made a really stupid decision\\

“I have received the order, I accept Isshi’s (or should it be Isshi-sama’s) words as my life’s sole purpose.”

“Understood! First, we will make a list all the children that possess a gift of the magic lineage!”

When they say so and after putting up the hair ornament on each other, they go back to their original positions.

Well, the ending was a little much …

“Verde, Fortuna Rossa, Amarillo, Marigold, Violet, step forward.”

“Yes!” Along with their voices, the five girls step forward.

“For this battle, you five have gathered information about the enemy forces, grasping the terrain, conducted espionage, coordinated the surprise attack, performed the mass transportation, and covered lots of miscellaneous labor duties. Your contributions have been great. To honor this great effort, I bestow each of you a Fluorite Pendant as proof of guardianship and leave the military logistics to you all. You all will belong to Main Headquarters and carry the rank of Major. The degree of influence will be based on a seniority system. By the way, I’m not really aware of the general information on this world, but awareness of battlefield logistics is essential for any type of military structure. To be frank, your work will play a key factor in deciding the outcome of this war. Take that to heart. Spatial awareness, farsight, transformation, invisibility, and teleportation will be the trump cards in the coming battles. Headquarters will be in direct control of the Supreme Military Council, under Premier lead organize 90 members as the logistic corp.”

“Roger!” “Your wish is my command!” “Understood!” such voices resounded, as each accept the pendant and put them on before returning back to their respective positions.

(Fumu, with this the decoration ceremony is complete.)

While, he thought that and planned to let the tension out of his body, Premier once again stepped forward.

(Why? This was not planned in the previous meeting, right?)

While Isshi pondered such things Premier walk in front of him,

“My King, with this precious opportunity may I mention a little instruction?”

She asked.

Indeed, this surely was an opportune time to address everyone as they were all assembled in this hall.

There is no better time to raise everyone’s motivation than at the inauguration of the military.

Thinking so, Isshi nodded carelessly.

When he gave his approval Premier turn back around while loudly speaking her proclamation.

“All of us homunculi have witnessed it. The founding of our Kingdom is now upon us. However, this was not accomplished only by us. It would have been impossible to establish without the corpses of sisters that have fallen thus far. We who have suffered eternal anguish and the cruelty of all others were found by Master, who offered only comfort and kindness.”

The speech resounding like the spoken scriptures of a nun.

“And now Master has become our King and seeks to wage war together with us. Even now I haven’t forgotten the words Master spoke to me. ‘You call yourselves dolls. But, all of you who are precious and lovely are none other than living being.’ This means that every people in this world refused to see us as living being, only Master treat us as living being upon our discovery. Thanks to that, we were able to be reborn in this world as free beings.”

All of the girls had been drawn into a trance-like state as her eloquent speech continued.

(Seems like she has the aptitude to be an agitator.)

Miscellaneous thoughts floated in the corners of Isshi’s mind.

“We are free living beings, we are not dolls, we are merely just a species called homunculi. Since humans oppress and attack us, it is only natural for that we resist the pain and suffering with the utmost of our ability. There is no need to hesitate. Not even I can foresee the ending of this war. Even Master, who is the King, is not a prophet. It might end with us falling into a world of even greater agony.”

After saying that in a pained tone, she proclaimed “Nevertheless” in a boisterous shout.

“There is one thing we know for certain in these troubling times. When we perish, we will die standing as living beings, rather than allow ourselves to be destroyed as dolls. It will not be the first time in this world’s history that a struggle for existence resulted in the formation of a mountain of corpses. It is meaningful alone that 1000 homunculi were willing to challenge all of humankind. Now, let’s walk together with Master till the end! To obtain the freedom and equality. After all, it is in order to present everything in this world to Isshi-sama!”

Towards the last words Isshi raised a “Huh?”, but his voice had been drowned out by the girls’ loud cheers.

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