chapter 028

28. Conferment of Decoration

“Isn’t different particularly good?”

Uttering those words with a broad smile, was the one mostly devoted to Isshi, Premier.

Her lovely hair swayed as she raised her adorable lips.

Her charming proportions coupled with her sensuality were….


The words said by the first of the homunculi, caused the perplexed Isshi to raise his voice.

“Master previously said that in order for us homunculi to be accepted by the people, we need to build something like a school and educated their character from an early age. Then spread something like scriptures, wherein the writing only speaks of the goodness of the homunculus, weren’t you saying something like that?”

That was so, but Isshi then muttered.

“You girls are still discriminated against, being seen with eyes full of hostilities whilst unpleasantly make us secluded from the population. At least from this population, there must be a small group of fellows who sympathizes with you girls’ situation.”

When he said so Premier plainly said,

“However, isn’t it fine either way?”

She repeated the same words.

Eeeh? However,Premier’s smiles sweetly at Isshi while firmly saying.

“To us, Isshi-sama is the only importance. The other humans are nothing more than trivial beings.”

To Premier who declared that with a pleasant smile Isshi said, “No, but”.

“Because we need to get along with them in the future, even a little interaction would rather convenient…”

Premier nods towards Isshi’s words while muttering “Indeed”,

“Well, let’s say that we abduct all of the human children. No, if possible only the orphans would be necessary. Then, we plant the ideology of homunculi goodness into those experimental children. Next, we set them free once they grow up and let them merged into normal human society. They’ll skillfully slip into the Kingdoms and the Church and start the occupying them respectively. Thus, allowing them to create advantageous policies for homunculi from the inside.”

What she spoke of was a strategy that a villain would use and hearing it caused Isshi to break out into a cold sweat. Before they could continue the discussion a 「knock knock」 sound gently rang from the door.

“The preparation is ready~. Everyone has been gathered in the reception hall~.”

Verde, who showing her face from the door gap, informed them of the situation.

“All right, let’s go. By the way Premier, that conversation just now, put it all together in a document as a contingency plan. It’s like an evil plan. However, it’s not a bad plan.”

“As expected of Master. I’ll put it together immediately.”

. . .
. .

“Premier step forward.”

“As you command, Master.”

Of the 1000 homunculi which were gathered in the grand hall, a remarkable amount of activity could be seen in anticipation for this decoration.

The reason for such activity was that the official war against the Kingdom was about to begin.

(Our country, still lacks an organization which truly handles military affairs. It was good that we only faced a group that was only slightly above hoodlums in Jirumu, but from now on that would not the case anymore. We have to organize this as soon as possible. Everything has to be planned just right.)

Since the Jirumu has been occupied, the Lord who reigns over the northern region, Duke Roberto, will sooner or later become aware of this unfavorable situation.

Since that’s the case, army designed to bring us down will eventually come. For this reason …..

“Then, I grant this Ring of Mithril to Premier as a proof of  Sainthood. As well as appoint you to the position of Marshal.”

“I shall gladly receive them both my Master.”

She said so as the ring was placed on her ring finger. When she looked up at Isshi’s face afterward, she couldn’t help but lovingly sigh and blush.

(Though the proper arrangement should have been on the index finger …)

“U, um, my order is for you to bring an army together.”

“Yes”, Premier replied with her most cheerful voice before returning to her previous location.

(Err what was that? Aah, oh yeah. When the decoration proceedings over with let’s decide our force’s ranking.)

It’s still difficult to decide the girls’ rankings because it hasn’t been long, but it’s important for our future that that matter is settled. However, if a vague ranking is decided, it might cause unnecessary discord among the girls.

(Maybe I’m thinking too much. However, it’s understandable that emotions might be high, considering the decoration combined with the appointment of individual ranks.)

In a sense, this decoration ceremony was a way for Isshi to hasten the formation of the military.

“Then, Arge, Nacht, both of you step forward.”

“It’s my honor.” “Understood-dayo!”

Their answers came in unison, Arge, with her silver hair trailing over her shoulders, stepped forward while dragging the raven-haired and tan-skinned Nacht along with her.

“You girls showed your worth as the Death God and Fierce God. As a proof of your accomplishments, I grant you this Necklace of Spinel and Bracelet of Garnet respectively. As will as simultaneously appointed you as the left and right Generals of the Army. Each of you shall receive 400 homunculi to command based on the Marshal’s decision and shall directly serve her.

“Acknowledged, Yakata-sama. Entrust it to me. I will eliminate all of Yakata’s enemies on this continent and present their heads to you as a gift.”

“You can count on me! I’ll mow down all the enemies that stand before my eyes. For Goshoujin-sama’s sake, I’ll clear any thorns that appear on your path!”

As each of them accepted their accessories, they began to stare up at Isshi.

They seem to be waiting for him to say something

“Ahem, they look very suitable for you.”

They looked at each other before returning to their place line with wide grins plastered on their faces.

“Th, then, Claire, Mallon, step forward.”

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