chapter 027

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27. The Darkness of the Wehal Family

“Father, if what you said is true, thing’s will become considerably troublesome.”

Although he said so, the man seemingly in his early thirties, couldn’t help but sarcastically smile as he was the young general Salyut.

He not only ascend to his position thanks to his social status as the Duke’s son, he also graduated at the top of his class in the kingdom’s knight School, and he is recognized as the pride of Roberto and others’.

Really though, what little virtue he gained on his own was because he boasted about his excellent sword skills, to a certain extent his noble pride, and coupled with his graceful looks were what allowed him to become the talk of high society.

He brushed away a lock of his blonde hair and nodded with a “Fumu”.

“I heard that the messenger that brought this message was Dian, a close aide that was employed by Guregin. Whenever there was an emergency, this person seems to have been arranged to deliver this letter to us.”

Duke Roberto spoke up.

“I don’t really know the details yet. Some time ago, the scout’s report was thrown away, so the details will only be known in a few days. However, you should understand that we don’t have the luxury of handling this situation leisurely, right Salyut?”

This question too was naturally answered while he smiled.

“The northern frontier has not been exposed to the empire’s invasion yet, and there are many shameless nobles that envious of us because of that. As we are in the middle of a war and this affair was the work of the homunculi, many will rake opportunity to rise in favor of denouncing us, sighting our questionable ability to govern.”

“That’s quite so.”

Roberto was pleased to the fact that his son had the ability to understand politics, however his expression instantly tightened whilst he opened his mouth.

“Well then you should understand what has to be done.”

“Yes, we will secretly march to Jirumu and exterminate the homunculi. We have to erase all the existing evidence, and although regrettably all of the townspeople that witnessed this will have to be purged. Of course, it might be difficult to kill them all. There might already be some who have already left the town. However, it is possible to make excuses if no definite evidence remains. Of course, I think we’ll have to increase the king’s bribe from what it already is.”

While satisfied that Salyut reached a similar conclusion as himself, Duke Roberto supplemented another point.

“It is good to burn the homunculi and the townspeople in order to leave no evidence. However, there is something you must not forget. It appears that a young man called Furutera Isshi is the one that stirred up and awaken the dolls. You must capture that fellow because it’s essential that we execute him. If you lose this fellow, he will become the spearhead of evil people a second time, even if he isn’t planning to revolt against us.” //Silver: maybe a dark but at least we have some competence from the opposition.//

Towards this words, Salyut nodded with annoyance.

“Good grief. Despicably leading the homunculi and delivering a bow to the Kingdom, these are not the actions of a decent man. Let’s kill him gruesomely, after catching and torturing him. Of course, without the Kingdom knowledge, we’ll show him a hell that only we Wehals can provide.”

While saying so, an ecstatic smile floated on Salyut’s face.

Unbeknownst to the public, Salyut happen to have a sadistic disposition that caused him to enjoy torturing people.

He especially enjoyed beautiful girls and young man writhing in agony.

According to the letter, Furutera Isshi was a youth that had the atypical looks of a man in medieval times.

(In the end he’ll surely produce beautiful screams.)

Expecting a future where he’d torture Isshi as the leader of a devil army, Salyut licked his lips.


“Hmmm!, somehow I felt a little chill run down my back. Has it gotten a little cold tonight?”

Asking so Isshi closed the window.

He was in the room which Major Deanne used as his private quarters before.

The other rooms has been divided between the homunculi girls as their bedrooms.

Not only the ones that participated in the battle of Jirumu, but all the homunculi.

(It’s kinda stupid that we were saved by this spacious government office.)

Immediately after having battling with Guregin’s mercenary troop and achieving victory, Violet made a group teleport just outside the town.

Then joined with Isshi and the rest as they walked through the town’s main street in a grandiose manner.

All the citizens who witnessed the whole war could only trembled with fear, desperately trying not meddle with the large group of homunculi before simply running back to their houses.

In this manner, the new live in the new base started, as several days had passed with no exchange between the citizens.

Oh well, planting the seed of fear was successful in dealing with the difficult ones as planned.

(It’s been a while, so it seems that riffraff wouldn’t be sprouting up anytime soon …)

However, the fear will eventually wane, and I’m sure they’ll come seeking revenge on us.

It quite troublesome when you think about it.

Had I better not thinking something about amicable settlement?

“Nevertheless, a little acceptance and appreciation should have sprouted toward the homunculi.” //Silver: remember that before Isshi, the mercenaries were the enforcers that allowed the mayor to rule with an iron fist, and it seems that Isshi has yet to demand anything out of the citizens.//

Toward that murmur, Premier who was always close by floated a beautiful smile.

“Isn’t different particularly good?”

Was her response.

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