chapter 026

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26. The Decisive Battle of Jirumu Town (Epilogue)

“Well, I certainly intend to re-educate the misunderstandings of the humans of this world, so that they treat homunculi the way they treat each other humans. First of all, in order to do that, it is necessary to take over this Kingdom.”

Hearing this answer, Guregin realized that the man before his eyes was truly a lunatic.

No, fusioning with the Evil God in a botched summoning is what brought about this monster, but there is no way for Guregin who’s but a normal human to know this reason.

All he could do was pick up someone’s sword that lied down near his feet,

“You devil!”

While raising a scream, he brandished his sword towards Isshi.

Premier was going to prevent it, but Isshi raised his hand to stop her.

So, Guregin’s sword swung down on his shoulder, and although it hit splendidly …

“Wh- Why doesn’t it pierce. You with no armor at all…!!”

However, such a question received no answer at all.

After looking uninterestedly at the sword that was stopped at his shoulder, Isshi pushed out his blade in a very natural movement and carelessly pierced Guregin’s heart.

The man soon crumbled down to the ground while muttering something.

The remaining mercenaries were dealt with by both Arge and Nacht, although they had been trying to overcome the dumbfounded feeling of Guregin’s death.

After a while, all that remained was a mountain of debris, the scattered corpses of the mercenaries, and thanks to the unusual torrent of magical power a large crater.

…and the horror that was present in eyes of the towns folks upon witnessing this tragic event.

Isshi and the homunculi, the winners of this fight were smiling while in the midst of this hell.


“Haa, haa, haa”

A man was running alone in the plateau with only the moonlight as his guide in the night.

“Haa, haa, haa”

While tightly grasping onto a letter, there was a tragic expression on his face.

“Haa, haa, haa”

Before long the Fort City Reignite come into his view, and he mustered the last energy to continue running.

After he handed over the tightly grasped letter to the Knight Gatekeeper, overwhelmed by fatigue he fell down and lost consciousness.

However with a single sentence,

“Dian-sama is dead because the rebellion of the homunculi!!”

He imparted those words.


“What, is this for real!?”

The very same day, the welcoming guests party also came to an end, as the guest had been entertained in a private room in the feudal lord’s castle, Weharl House. Duke Roberto, who governed the northern part of Ibuhl Kingdom, was surprised to hear the urgent message from his subordinate.

The Duke was panicked towards such a message, the hero Kazami and Bazarou Okina the (old man) were today’s guest of honor, and he held his breath as the hero stated at him intensely.

“Oioi, Duke Ossan, something wrong?”

Towards such an impolite way of speaking to someone who was a noble, Duke Roberto’s veins were ready to popped out, but before him was a man powerful enough to send away the Empire’s imposing army; moreover he recalled that this person had the King’s favor as well, so he immediately forced a smile that had been cultivated in high society on his face whilst he answered the question.

“No, you can say that there is nothing wrong. It seems likely that one of my subordinates made a little blunder.”

He laughed in a light manner to hide his inner-panic.

Why was it necessary to hide such fact? While, if a rebellion occurred in your territory and the King became aware of it, imagine what kind of conclusion would be drawn from the ordeal.

Moreover, it seems that the worthless evil dolls homunculi were the ones who caused this trouble.

One’s ability to govern would be doubted if the King became aware of this rebellion; moreover, it would become nothing more than a scandal if the homunculi were revealed to be the perpetrators.

Furthermore, the conditions was bad.

Though the house of Weharl ruled the northern territory for many years because of the continued war with the Empire numerous nobles have lost their lands.

The fallen nobles find fault with every little mistake of other nobles, try to denounce them, then desperately stuggle to secure the territory as their own. // Silver: the only thing holding this kingdom together is used gum, duct tape, and a whole lot of prayer. Man are we sure Isshi is the underdog in this war?//

For this reason, the hero Kazami whom was called the King trusted retainer/friend, and the magic academy director Bazarou Okina should not be informed with the truth by any means necessary.

If this was handled poorly, the grief of having his land confiscated would be unavoidable.

“Heeeh, really!? That’s unlike you Ossan, something shocking is taking place before me. I feel that, your House might be crushed by a terrific danger.”

That sort of tsukkomi came as if his mind had been read and nearly caused Roberto’s heart to jumped out, though Bazarou Okina quickly scolded him with a “Hey” for his callous behavior the hero seemed to be in high spirits.

“Duke-dono please excuse this one’s rude way of talking. Roberto-dono, kindly pardon us. This outrageously idiotic youth Kazami, has a bad habit of going beyond his bounds to satisfy his various curiosities.”

Towards this words the Hero snorted “Humph!”.

“Heii, what are you saying. Besides this Duke Ossan is actually troubled with something that happened!? We can help if you feel like it. If the nuisance is a rival, then a single blow will suffice. Seiram’s Golem was really unsatisfactory. In any case, there is nothing better than killing human beings.”

The appearance of him licking his lips as he spoke was indeed similar to that of the Devil himself.

At that moment Roberto felt the charm of temptation was high, but he known that the compensation would surely be his own life,

However when it came to this territory, he instinctively know that he shouldn’t submit.

And with magnanimous attitude of a true noble he replayed,

“For Hero Kazami consideration, you have my sincerest gratitude. But, there is no need for Hero-dono to lend a hand this time. Actually this problem carries very little importance. Let’s forget this sort of trivial thing, tonight as my guests of honour please enjoy yourselves fully and relax as if this was your own home.”

“Nevertheless, ah, ahhhhhh!” \\tln:screaming in pain\\

The next moment when the Hero was about to speak, Bazarou Okina’ fist flew towards his head.

“Hero I‘ve already said it multiple times before. That a messenger from the King arrived this morning. That there is movement from the Empire’s army in the east and that it reeks of something suspicious. When you utterly defeated them last time, the Empire’s authority fall in their territory and it became a large mess. In order to smooth over his failure, Emperor Bakira is planning to take over the Kingdom with all his effort once more. We need to return to the capital as soon as possible and prepare for the next war …”

“Ahh, damn you old man, so noisy. I know that, for crying out loud!!!”

Saying that he stood up and left the of the vexed Roberto’s Private Room..

“Really, that temper of his is just like that of a child. Oooh, Duke-dono, I’m truly sorry. Well then with this I’ll take my leave for as well. Please be at ease. We plan to leave first thing in the morning. The thing that happened in the Duke-dono’s territory we don’t have any intentions to interfere with it. Of course, only as long the loyalty toward the Kingdom continues, but if…”

Although he expressed was that of a good-natured old man, as Bazarou Okina left the room, the last sentence that he said sounded exactly like a threat.

Roberto closed his eyes for a while as a quiet atmosphere surrounded the room, he says “Right!”, and sent for his son general Salyut, the commanders of the Duke’s personal army, to appear before him.

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  1. Roilis says:

    “Well, I certainly intend to re-educate the misunderstandings of the humans of this world, so that they treat homunculi the way they treat other humans.” They already did as humans will treat other unfairly and unjust.

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  2. rickymex says:

    I can’t wait until the hero is killed. He’s one of the few non-MC heroes who I absolutely hate. A lot of the other characters like Kouki or the one from Lv.999 Villager at least have redeeming qualities or views that can be understood but this guy doesn’t have anything like that.

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    Bazarou Okina quickly him scolded him
    Bazarou Okina quickly scolded him ???

    Roberot-dono, kindly pardon us
    Roberto-dono, kindly pardon us ???


  6. Hazery says:

    image what kind of conclusion would be drawn from the ordeal.
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    >After a while, all that remained was a mountain of debris, the scattered corpses of the mercenaries, and thanks to the unusual torrent of magical power a large carter.

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    Your comment about the kingdom being in dire straits makes me think of the situation in Overlord. You’ve got a dark/villainous MC with hundreds of powerful, fanatically loyal followers setting up a nation for themselves by carving out their own territory from an existing kingdom. It sounds bad at first, but when you take a closer look at the aristocracy of the kingdoms they’re invading and see how corrupt and worthless they are, you start to think that maybe being conquered really isn’t all that bad compared to the status quo.

    I’m very interested to see what happens when Isshi becomes a threat too big to ignore.

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    • Lowlightt says:

      Until you see wat that dark and villainous person starts doing like say capturing humans and skinning them for there skin for spell scrolls then healing said humans and repeating the process over and over again as a farm.


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    Not really. The only thing that changed was his methods and calm and lvl headed personality. Things which may be distrubing for us, may not be for him. Because of his mental fortitude from the fusion. +He isnt afraid to use methods, which are cruel for the minority, but realistic and effective for the majority.

    Working for equality for those who are intellegient and human-like isnt wierd at all. Just look at history. Colored people wasnt even considered human once in a time.

    Btw, that hero is like a spoiled brat with some brain that was given a big toy.

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    • he is drunk with power,remind me of a certain hero from Tsuki ga Michibiku
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        I know there are consequences from doing it, but come on! There have always been a price to pay for everything that has happened through history! At least he isnt killing innocent civilians. He migh actually bring prosperity and modern day equality philosophy. (Lets hope idiots doesnt start poping up left and right. People tend to make stupid decisions if given too much freedom. -.-)


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