chapter 025

25. The Decisive Battle of Jirumu Town (During)

[De.ginesu.ere.araya. Ra.gineusumiru.paraya. Godonesu.u.demoaru]

Acting in response to their chanting, from each of their spellbooks, an aura deemed to be a torrent of magical power rose up.

From the older sister Claire, holy light rose up from her spellbook, on the other hand the younger sister Maroon’s was surrounding by a sinister dark aura.

Though the auras should oppose one another, the magical powers fuses together as if it were the most natural thing to.

They were the exact opposites of magic attributes, but they were able to make one complete magic formation!

“This can’t be, magic fusion, for real!?”

Guregin shouted unconsciously.

Fusion Magic is something that only several people on this continent could cast, and was considered to be the most arcane secret of the arcane.

When Guregin was employed as mercenary in the Empire, this was something that he accidentally heard.

The Empire strongest magician was said to be a user of fusion magic, and was such a legendary existence that on one could meet him in person.

(Such a thing is ridiculous! That must be some sort of illusion magic that the homunculi cast..!!)

But, the magic is indeed the real deal, while the surroundings were engulfed by such brilliance, a large-scale complicated magic formation extended out on the ground.

Weather or not if it was fusion magic, it was without a doubt a powerful spell!

“Shit, you in the front move, quickly! Get the fuck out of the line of fire!!”

However, his warning was slightly late.

[gaigasu.doaraya. Righteous Adeki, oppose the the laws of the universe and strike down the enemies before us!]

Together with that declaration, a terrifying concentration of magical power formed before the two people.

And, in the next moment, all of that magical power was released at once.

As the mass of magical power surged out, it swallowed dozens of mercenaries and created a great explosion upon impact with the ground.

Eventually when the smoke cleared, a large bottomless crater was created, and had hundreds of burnt dead bodies scattered around it.

Yet, despite causing such a great situation, the sisters said

“One more shot. We were too lenient in using the weak elementary grade magic.”


As the conversation unfolded, Isshi put stop on it.

However, the side that takes advantage of the greater forces overconfidence and negligence often times comes out the victor.

So, after escaping from the the explosion, hidden by the dust cloud created in the aftermath,100 kills Guregin secretly draw near Isshi.



“Presently, because of that magic most of the enemies are dead or suffered serious injuries.”

Towards Isshi’s words, Maroon and Claire gave big nods while still holding hands.

“We still have room for improvement. We should be able to destroy a larger area.”

“Agreed. But, our turn in this war has ended. We’ll standby for the next war.”

Such carefree conversation unfold between Isshi and the twin, but the silhouette of a man draw near him quickly.

Erasing his presence while slipping through the aftereffect of the large explosion, 100 kills Guregin came to the back of Furutera Isshi, the ringleader of the homunculi.

He approached secretly just like an assassin, and aimed at his neck!

Upon noticing it, Isshi was about to look back but he was just a step too slow.

At that moment, the Premier that didn’t even seem capable of using a weapon, stopped the the sword Guregin used to carry out his 100 kills, with merely the knife she had in her hand.

“Th-the hell!?”

Towards this man best shocked expression to date, Premier spoke with a cold look in her eyes.

“You all have misunderstood something.”

While saying so, Guregin’s sword was pushed back by pure physical strength.

“Wh-what the!? Me! Pushed back!?”

Without being concerned by the screaming man, Premier continued to speak.

“I am the first of the 1000 homunculi, my strength lies in my powerful comprehensive ability. I lose to Arge in speed, and can’t match Nachta in physical strength.”

Feeling outmuscled Guregin made a large leap backwards, brandished his sword again, and sent a slash at Premier.

This time Premier caught the sword with her bare hand.

Moreover, she held his sword between her index finger and thumb.

It became impossible for Guregin to even move his sword.

“Such…such…a ridiculous thing…”

Feeling his common sense crumbling away, Guregin throw away his sword at once and turned around intending to run away, but as he turned Premier was already ahead of him somehow.

Seems, that it was indeed really simple for her to go around him rather quickly.

“Wh-what in the world are you all! Why can the likes of you homunculi do such things!? I have never heard of such a thing. How can such power dwell within you!?”

Toward his question, Premier answered with a smile.

“Because it is a new power called [Gift] that was bestowed by Seiram-sama for the revival of Evil God Adeki-sama, it reasonable you’ll are unaware of such unnatural things. Well, Master.”

By the time Guregin unintentionally turned his head around, Isshi had already unsheathed his sword.

“Y-You are these monsters’ leader. Are you going to lead this world to ruin!?”

Towards his words Isshi said,

“Whoa whoa, there is no way that we’d imitate such barbaric actions.”

After sighing and loudly mocking him,

“Well, I certainly intend to re-educate the misunderstandings of the humans of this world, so that they treat homunculi the way they treat other humans. First of all, in order to do that, it is necessary to take over this Kingdom.”

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