chapter 024

TLC and editor:Silver

24. The Decisive Battle of Jirumu Town (Before)

“Apparently, manners seem to be wasted on this savages.”

“Huh?” was the only response Guregin had towards his words.

But, without worrying about it, Isshi continued to speak.

Thus, what he declared magnificently in front of the towns folks became an important fact later on.

“I am the King of the Homunculi Kingdom, and these girls are the aristocrats of our kingdom. They are not existences that you commoners may call out to. However, just now you sons of bitches and that drunkard, your attitudes were truly incorrigible. Based on the law of our country, you all shall be punished in the most severe way imaginable.”

Believing Isshi’s speech to be the words of a fool, upon hearing them, all the member of mercenary group, except Guregin, ridiculed him .

“Guahahahaha, wh-what the hell is he talking about? All of you are nobles!?”

“Homunculi, trying to be like us, human-samas. Truly spewing such an absurd joke really is extraordinary.”

“Monsters like you have laws, huh. The only thing you’re useful for is as a human’s obedient tool…”

However, even before their words of ridicule finished, Arge’s silver hair was disheveled as she swing her death god’s scythe, and the jet-black Nacht transformed into a black bullet that plunged straight into the mercenaries.

10 heads flow with just that, and dozens of people, as while as the earth itself, were torn apart.


Looking at these things which didn’t make any sense, Guregin’s eyes were wide open with disbelief.

He definitely gauged the fighting capabilities of the homunculi, when they fought in Deanne’s office.

(But, it was because I got caught off guard by an invisible opponent. Here our actions are seriously planned out, we should overwhelm and corner the opponents!? Numbers are power! So, unless fighting against monster-like existences like the hero Kazami . . .)

But, an important fact suddenly crossed Guregin’s mind

What type of beings stood before his eyes?

Up till now what kind of existences have they been calling them?

(These fellows, we’ve again and again called them monsters!!)

Witnessing deaths all around him, a great anxiousness started crushing Guregin mind.

But, noticing that he almost got caught in the opponent’s pace, he shook his head while raising a battle cry.

“Listen up!! Kill those guys. Fight with groups of ten people as planned! The opponent is fast, carelessness will kill you!!”


With a vigorous response, several groups of 10, in ring formation, are formed. With this, they would be able to concentrate on and respond to the opponent in front of them.

(As for the opponents, the homunculi’ speed is their best feature! Forming circular formations, that interfere with their speed, should make is really easy to beat and destroy them.)

That was what he thought at the moment.


Along with the screaming just now, 10 mercenaries in a circular formation, were sent flying into the air simultaneously.

All of them, their torsos, faces, and arms were turned in the wrong direction. This is not something that could be accomplished by mere strength.

The ten people that thrown to the air mercilessly, don’t even twitch after they hit the ground.

Then standing before them, the jet-black Nacht was in a punching position while breathing “Ha!” loudly.

“Wha…what is this fellow!””Mo…monster…”

The mercenaries in the vicinity became timid, and decide to retreat while raising a loud scream.


Together with short screams full of despair, bodies noisily dropped to the ground.

If the mercenaries paid attention, they’d notice that the corpses that stained the ground doesn’t have heads on their torsos..

“I-Idiots. We’re forming circular formations. How in the world are our defenses being broken so easily.”

To the question spoken by the mercenary, the death god Arge, unintentionally answered while cutting another head off.

“What, defense? Please, this is inferior to the pieces of clothes that this one’s wears, and you call it defense.”

While saying that, she sent that person’s head flying.

“Really. How rude. By no means, did you think mere soldiers like you could cope with our speed? When it comes to speed there are children who are even faster, this is not even our full capacity. This is simply due to my gift.” \\Silver: I think she is referring to homunculi yet to awaken their own egos.\\

When the jet-black Nacht plunged into the circular formation, she didn’t even care about the swords thrusted against her body and just smash away with her fist!

Their iron swords were incredibly shattered with ease, and as bonus she gave each of the mercenaries a punch that shattered their jaws.

“Shit, these fellows’ directness annihilates their opponent. Oi, you guys. That man. That youngster Isshi, aim at him!! If you do, these fellows should turn back into dolls!!!”

To those words, the remaining mercenaries head for Isshi simultaneously.

Because of the tragedy that was occurring around them, this was practically their last-ditch effort.

The towns folks who cheered not long ago, were already petrified on the spot watching these incredible things.

Then, a sound similar to a beautiful soprano chorus resounded throughout the area..

This was the homunculi sisters, who joined their hands whilst chanting their incantation, Claire and Maroon.

[De.ginesu.ere.araya. Ra.gineusumiru.paraya. Godonesu.u.demoaru]

Acting in response to their chanting, from each of their spellbooks, an aura deemed to be a torrent of magical power rose up.

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