chapter 023

Translator: Uselessno.4  Editor: Silver


23. Which one Is the Witch?

One out of place drunkard appeared among the curious onlookers.

Apparently, he was the type man who missed work and drunk sake from daylight to evening.

With unsteady steps he approached Furutera Isshi and co., and with a booming voice began to shout at them.

“Ahh, what’s with these monsters! Your place is in the slave trader’s building. Ooh, are these yours, brother. Like showing off your social status. Good grief, so young and already this cocky. Let me borrow one please.”

He reached for Premier’s shoulder while saying those words.

However, his hand was gripped by Isshi before it could reach Premier.

“Cut the crap. She is someone who can’t be touched by one with your social status. She is noble of our country”

To such words the drunkard started laughing, “AAAHHH!!!”

“A Homunculus aristocrats, huh? Oiii, you hear that. It seems he’s a moron. Truly, to place yourself in the town plaza. What do you think are doing, your bullshit is only causing misunderstandings.”

The drunkard words were responded to by giggling voices and pitying glance from the onlookers.

As for the drunkard, he look at Premier for the second time with a lewd expression.

“Hah, release my hand. Or else I’ll beat you to death in this place, hah? That’s right, this time I’ll forgive you if you give me this jou-chan. Hey it’s alright, I’ll return her later when I got tired of her. Though it’s not granted to being live!”

Though he said that and put power in his arm, Isshi’s hand doesn’t move at all.

“Damn it, oi, release my hand, or I’m really gonna beat you to death!!”

When Isshi release his grip, the man tottering a step or two.

The place where his arm was gripped become bruised, probably because he just so stinking drunk, the man somehow can’t understand what had been done to him.

“E, heh heh, it’s good when you understand. Ohh, this silver-haired girl here has a nice face too eh. Her eyes looks cheeky but it’s arousing. Oh good, that blue-haired nee-chan is acceptable. On the other hand, I’ll have her.”

This time as he was saying that he extend his hand out.

“Only Yakata-sama may touch me. For any others, only a life-ending scythe swing is returned.”


The moment the girl’s voice is heard, her presence seemed to shift from the man’s right and left.

Immediately his was vision plunged into total darkness, the reason being that his consciousness was broken and ceased to exist.

The man’s body was already bisected in a straight symmetrical line from the head toe, and with a thud the pieces fell to the ground motionless, just like garbage. \\Silver: The day I care when idiots like this die, is the day they don’t deserve it.\\

The large scythe that Arge took out, was covered in the man’s thick blood.

She shook it off with great strength as if it was something disgusting.

From the surrounding people, who saw what happened, screams of pandemonium rose!

“Mercenaries, call the vigilante corps!!!”

Screaming voices are heard here and there.

It was exactly at the moment.

That 200 mercenaries arrived with imposing speed and skill, their armament appearing to be in perfect condition.

Some of the towns folks just stand there, dumbfounded at their quick arrival.

But, it seemed that their top priority was to deal with the evil dolls before them, one way or another.

Usually though, they were the detestable partners of the tyrannical town mayor Deanne, but now here to deal with the murderous homunculi, they appeared to be the messengers of justice.

Therefore, all the towns folks welcome them sincerely this time.

The people who tried to run away before, were relieved to hear the arrival of the mercenaries, and returned, wanting to see the homunculi get miserably killed.


“Heh, you murderers, kill the homunculi!!”

From the towns folks mouths’ rose screams that would be suitable for a witch hunt.

The mercenaries group of about 200 people was lead by Guregin. Isshi and co, only consisted of six people.

Certainly, one drunkard was brought down by that homunculus girl, but there was no reason why 200 people would be defeated by a mere six people.

As the towns folks believed that the homunculi which were inferior in number, would be taken down immediately, they surrounded them and shouted with joy, as if they were watch a good performance.

During such a time, Isshi’s and Gregin’s line of sight met. Paying no heed to the towns folks shout of joy, Isshi opened his mouth yet said nothing.

Strangely though, his voice was clearly heard.

“Guregin, what kind of plan did you make, that has caused you to have such a foolish expression upon arriving here?”

Toward Isshi’s word of provocation Guregin’s veins popped out.

“That’s how it is, huh? Now what hateful words. Furutera Isshi, you’re the one who stirred up these monsters’ rebellion, such absurdity even this boss who’s done frivolous things understands. Surely they’re all homunculi with merely a little ability… see! There are 200 armed mercenaries that stands before you. Furthermore, no matter how strong the women around you are, a youth with no importance like you doesn’t have the ability to shine!! There is a limit to how much those guys can protect you. Just surrender obediently. If you do that, I’ll execute you with the least amount of suffering as possible.”

Isshi responded with “Fumu” while raising his eyebrows.

“It appears that, manners are wasted on these savages.”

“Huh?” only such sound was leaked by Guregin.

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