chapter 022

TL : uselessno4
Editor : Silver

22. The Fruit that Rots and Falls

“Hero Kazami and Bazaru Okina haven’t return yet!?”

A man whose age seemed around 50 was in a state of irritation,and shouted at man who was next to him.

However, this man sat on a profound luxurious throne, and was the supreme ruler of the Ibuhl Kingdom, King Mefian.

The place was a castle in the capital city Rafia, and was the central power of the country.

However, towards the King’s questioning the close aide prime minister Zorisu, with a calm composure stood up and bowed respectfully.

“Yes, it’ll take them sometime to return. Because the evil wizard Salem, that plotted the Evil God’s resurrection, fled to the north border near Jirumu, I permitted the heroes to chase after him. Fortunately, the messenger already received the news, Salem has already been destroyed. However, for whatever reason they decided to stay in the area longer than expected. They are considered already on their way, it’ll take around 7 days even if they use all their power to hurry back . . .”

“Ugh, I understand such things !!”

Said King Mefian, while brushed away the wine glass beside him breaking it, and revealing his anger.

The red liquid contained within flowed on the floor like a person’s blood.

“Prime Minister Zorisu, you must understand as well. The Empire seems to want to start up the war again. Some time ago, reports about the Empire’s army relocation near our border came in. That war loving Emperor Bakira uhh!! Because his Treasured Army was annihilated in the previous war, he has becomes frantic. Anyhow, because of that crushing defeat the Emperor’s authority plummeted. The fall out give birth to a civil war that spread throughout the Empire.”

“It’s serve him right!! However, for this reason!” Spitting his saliva out, the King continues.

“To revive his lost authority this time, he is preparing to a start war, and drive it straight into our Kingdom. Therefore, call back the hero and that Bazaru Okina immediately! Otherwise this Kingdom, gu, gefu!!”

“M, My King, your illness is going to accelerate if you get too excited”


King Mefian said so, and repelled the extended hand of Prime Minister Zorisu bluntly.

The Prime Minister lets out a big sigh in his heart.

(The King was not like this in the old days, but … being constantly frightened by the aggression of the empire has weakened the king’s heart.)

Originally, the Bakira Empire was nothing more than a small country that had slightly more power than the others small countries.

Then less than 20 years ago, the young ruler of the empire annexed the surrounding countries in no time at all.

Various Kingdoms were holding their ground on this continent, and among them this Ibuhl Kingdom was the one with the most history and hold a vast territory.

It had undergone a long period of peace on this continent.

But due to the war, that was brought about by the Empire, that period was quickly put to an end.

Now, most of the others countries have been swallowed by the Bakira Empire.

Now the only ones that remains are this Ibuhl Kingdom, the Religious Country Latten, and Commercial City Nation Abarama.

The Ibuhl Kingdom, the territory that’s been invaded by the Empire again and again, is only half the domain it was in its golden age.

For the sake of breaking down this hopeless situation, a secret art from the dark age that had been buried by history was executed, that was the hero summoning ritual, but . . .

(The summoned boy Kazami certainly doing well. Not only did he hold back the Empire’s invasion on more than one occasion. Some time ago, he cut off the enemy general’s head, and even recovered some of the lost territory. So the King‘s dependance on him is well understood. However!!)

However, that fact made Kazami grew extremely impudent/arrogant, and now he thinks he can do as he please in the kingdom.

He acts not much different from a criminal by the roadside, and behaves impudently against nobles with old history. It gives me a really hard time cleaning up afterwards. . . .

He kills whomever he disliked, and when he liked someone he treats them openly. Women that have caught his attention are kidnapped and violated, and money and goods from the nation’s people is stolen regularly.

All the discontent and pleas have reach the Prime Minister ears. But, even if he reports it to the King nothing is done. Rather …

“What are you gonna do if you offend Hero Kazami with such a silly things.”

With language such as that, he would receive reprimanding scoldings.

(However, with the way things are going this Kingdom won’t last long. The law that the King is absolute is starting to waver, I hope that the nobles keep to their oath of allegiance. No, such country can’t keep its existence. Actually in the noble circles, I hear secretly that there are lot of people planning to start a rebellion. It only reached this point because I only keep eyes on the Empire and the hero, and neglected the domestic affairs.)

Prime minister Zorisu while preventing such feelings from appearing on his face, steals a glance to the King.

The head of medical care was summoned, and the King’s pulse was measured.

The Prime Minister mood darkened, It was just like watching the disease of this Kingdom, realizing his train of thought he shook his head instinctively denying that.


“Ohh, they’ve came, they’ve came”

The Town of Jirumu was about to enter evening.

Yet, there were still a lot of pedestrian traffic near the central plaza.

Today’s plaza was a little different than usual.

Strange people were standing still in the central plaza, yet the townsfolk didn’t dare to approach, because of the several corpses that were seen in the surrounding area.

The people are of course were Isshi, Premier, Arge, Nacht, Maron and Klaire this six people.

Neither Marigold or Amarello, whom laked in fighting power, were seen at this place.

The townsfolk had already noticed that all of them except Isshi were homunculi.

It is known that golden pupils are the common feature of homunculi.

In addition, the presence of the homunculi is not all that unusual, since they are only seen as slaves.

Therefore, with just a simple glance at the girls, the people understood what they were.

But, unlike the state of the homunculi they usually saw, these girls seemed strange to the townsfolk.

The reason they stood out was because the dolls seemed to have a mind of their own.

They looked completely human like you or me ….

This unusual atmosphere signaled that something was about to start, yet it was impossible for the surrounding people to call out to the homunculi, but they still couldn’t ignoring it completely, so they only surrounded them.

Nevertheless, a stupid person was always present in every era.

As a drunken man, that was out of place, appeared among the curious onlookers.

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