chapter 021

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21. The Homunculi Sisters

“Our enemies are the wicked dolls, the Homunculi.”

With those words all the mercenaries suddenly burst into laughter.

“GAHAHAHA, this is a joke right Guregin. To think that you’d make this bad joke.”

When one person said it, the other mercenaries said in unity.

“Really, we came here at you requested ready to exchange and put our lives on the line. For those wicked dolls even if the human master ordered it, they would surely offer up their life!!”

However, even when almost all of them finished laughing, Guregin hadn’t said any words causing the mercenaries to knit their brows. And, without a doubt, the questions were all answered by his unusual facial expression.

“Oioi, is it really the truth Guregin. You of all people, specially assembled so many people to capture some homunculi. Then I dare say, it is likely because of some huge profit…”

“That’s right. Surely to assemble this many is more than enough, if there are too many portions it wouldn’t amount to much!”

Guregin let out a loud sigh, before giving the assembled mercenaries a glare and telling them,

“Yeah yeah, I agree. But, you all have a little misunderstanding. First of all, these homunculi moves as a team, that’s what makes them dangerous. Moreover, they possess unthinkable powers. There is one woman who could transform her appearance entirely to another person’s, a woman who could swings around a large scythe freely like a Death God, a woman who could turn invisible, and one woman who could unleash terrifying fist as fast as lightning. Thanks to that, ten of my subordinates whom were there were killed in an instant.”

To his words the mercenaries responded while holding their breath with a “What! That feat was done merely by their physical abilities…”, as a certain doubt was mentioned “Even so.”

“Why are the Homunculi at this point rebellious towards us humans, what caused it? Right, everyone should be thinking so right? Speaking of those guys, aren’t they just dolls that have creepy evil golden pupils! I heard that they were no less than dumb dolls that resemble humans (they use ningen-sama to adress themselves). Why did such fellows attack in a group? This is ridiculous!!”

It seems to be, such a thing has not been heard of, to the unanimous talking of the mercenaries Guregin said “Fumu” while rubbing his jaw.

(Now that they mention it. Why would the homunculi raise a rebellion now . . . ? Which reminds me at the time, coming along that young woman was supposed to be a young attendant man . . .)

That young woman true nature was that of a little homunculi girl whom could transform. That being the case, that man is suspicious.

I’m certain that he adressed himself arrogantly as Furutera Isshi….

“I see, that fellow might be the one who set fire to this homunculi revolt.”

To the muttered of Guregin the mercenaries called him out.

“Oi, to suddenly sink into silence, what is it, Guregin-san”

“No, I got it”, he replied.

“Thanks to you all, I know the true enemy. The homunculi are only being manipulated by a certain man.”

All the mercenaries turn their surprise into words.

“O oh. Wh, what, a man is manipulating them?”

Indeed, Guregin nods his head seriously.

“It’s a young man. Called Furutera Isshi. A youngling whom has a face like a woman. That fellow is the criminal who did this to joke around. Kill that guy!! And end the doll’s rebellion!!”



“That what happened.”

Isshi nodded at Marigold’s explanation.

“Really to say you all are dolls, those guys are the dolls that are beyond help. As for them, it’s absolutely necessary that they be chastised. Although the guillotine might be better.”

“Leaving that aside Masterー”

Premier had a smile on her face and asked Isshi,

“How are you going to respond from here? According to Marigold’s report, they will be here in a short amount of time.”

“Hnn? Aah” of course, answered Isshi.

“Let’s engage at the town square. Because the other party is about 200 people, they have no other choice but to walk through the central street, so we will intercept them before they can approach this Central Government building. Though they could pass through other roads, but those roads are simply too small. It will be disadvantageous to the group’s movement. Moreover . . .”

Isshi like a devil broadly grinned and laughed,

“That man called Guregin, he seems to think highly of their war potential, and still caught in the old common sense. It’s proven right away, when he carelessly assembled 200 mercenaries, and thought that they could overwhelmed our side.”

To his words, beautiful silvery hair shakes and the young face of Arge somehow become dignified and she said,

“Hrm, we must be on guard, Yakata-sama. Especially, now that that Guregin has seen through that Yakata-sama is our Ruler. He certainly would attack Yakata-sama, as that is the most effective way to chop off the fighting spirit of us Homunculi, while we all know that that is a stupid thing to do, they don’t. Because of that, we beg of you to please fall back and be careful.”

Arge showing her strong worry while clasping her hands anxiously. While her face showed an expression that was appropriate for her young age.

No, it was the expression of a daughter who worried about her father.

“It’s alright, you should feel relieved.”

He says so and grabs her hand strongly.

“Besides, this time I don’t plan on being the leading actor in this. Neither will you, Nacht, Amarello, or Marigold.”

He said so, turning towards the Homunculi sisters Mallon and Claire, he fixes his eyes on them.

The two people take out thick books from empty space,

“The preparation are completed!”

“At your will.”

They declared quietly.

Different unearthly auras were respectively released from the books that the sisters’ taken out.

A really ominous wicked aura start rising from Mallon, at the same time from Claire, a bright light full of sacred brilliance, flowed into the surroundings.

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