Chapter 019

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 19. Violent Girl

“Hun, so boring. I thought Deanne was certainly killed.”

While saying so Kazami, turned away.

But, had he not evaded eye contact, all that had happened in town would have been exposed.

Because the situation Kazami had guessed was true, and Guregin was frozen in fear.

However, without noticing Kazami turned on a heel

“I’ve lost interest. I’m gonna stay at the feudal lord’s place, before returning to Lacqunight city. I’ll be sure to report you master’s incompetence while I’m there.

While sneering, the hero left the building.

Guregin breath a sigh of relief, before entering the office and rallying all the mercenaries he could.


“Hey, I’m the hero. Were did you go? We could have arrived in the next town at the end of the day at least.”

The hero said as he walked away from Guregin, he was speaking to the kingdom’s greatest magician Bazarou.

But, the words of the hero remain silent.

When they met awhile ago, he felt that Guregin was hiding something.

That was just intuition, but my intuition is often right.

Although I wasn’t looking, the atmosphere seemed to change when I said “Deanne was died” as a joke.

(What on earth is that bastard trying to hide・・・. Was it by chance true!)

While trying to think about it more, the calls of Bazaruo were heard.

And so, the hero felt pain.

“Hey! Gramps, what’s going on!!”

The old man who was ignored, hit my head with his cane mercilessly.

If I was a ordinary man the blow would have been enough to kill me, but I’m the hero not some ordinary man.

If there is any intention, then I’m fortunate!! Please behave yourself here. Understand. We have to return to the capital and report to the king! Salem was killed, and we’ve thwarted the resurrection of the evil god. But, what happened to the homunculi, has yet to be explained. Due to the evil god’s revival being stopped half way, it is necessary that we return quickly.

“Damn!, you noisy old man. It is destiny, you understand.”

They started to leave, Bazaruo reluctantly following after the hero’s words.

The unease never left, but it was not pursued further.

In this way, even with the last remains of the evil god’s revival a stone’s throw away, the two left the town without encountering the homunculi girls.

The amount of influence this decision had on the history of the continent, no one at the time realized.


“I’m here. without a doubt, dayo”

A girl with green hair that hung down her back, and had the ability of spacial awareness Verde, reported no problems around the fort.

“Yeah, all right. By the way, there is one abnormality! yo. It appears that isshi-sama has beaten Deanne, the mayor of Jirumu. I sympathize cause he faced Isshi-sama!!”

A girl with long red hair move a strain of it form her forehead, Fortuna Rosso had been using her projection ability to monitor the situation,

When the report was spoken, the homunculi girls near all began to cheer and applause.

A certain person goes to the other rooms to report the news to the rest of the girls.

Out of the commotion, the purple haired homunculi stepped forward.

No. 0964, who was named Violet and had a shape look in her eyes.

“You’re making too much noise. I know that you’ll happy. But my sisters you’re killing me. I can’t sleep with all this noise”

She spoke with an amazing voice, that caused the other girls around her to answer “yes” in a flat voice.

Gradually, while shacking their heads in confirmation, the Homunculi began to move about agilely.

When they left the room instantly, each began returned to to where they were at a run.

“preparations” were being prepared.

“What can I do now”

“It, can’t be helped”

The purple haired girl looks back at Verde’s words with a tilted head.

“There is nothing, you can do about it”

She answered in a relaxed tone,

“We homunculi are most accustomed to taking orders. Mostー are expected to be ordered aboutー, that is certainー. Little by little we’llー support the leaderー that gave us purposeー.”

Fortuna Rosso nods at this and says,

“The number is still small in the scale of 1000 people. Hearing your opinion, I agree to some extent. All the homunculi enthusiastically approved of starting our country. However, in actuality, most still act as children that can only think and move autonomously. Since we were originally made as dolls, what propose would we have for independence?”

Saying so, she breathes a sigh.

However the purple girl snorted at the “side” to those words.

“It would probably be worthless. We were meant to be mere dolls after all. That is the important fact.”

“It was so”, Verde answers, Violent then continues to “that”.

“I’m pessimistic to that extent. It can be said that’s also important. While fortunately, such a fate has ended, and hope can be seen.

She says so while looking out of the window, the homunculi girls numbering slightly less then 1000 all lined up to complete preparations.

A few minutes after that, the homunculi girls that were speaking left the room.

“They seem to have finished preparations. Truly this place is now great. Well then, Verde confirm with your ability that everyone is accounted for. Also, Rosso make sure you didn’t forget anything, during the last check.

Verde nods, and Fortuna Rosso looked puzzled.

“I understood, so what will you be doing?”

Violent laughed when she is called out on.

“A group teleport of 993 people will be carried out soon, I need to prepare my spirit.

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