chapter 017

Translator: Uselessno.4

Editor: Silver


17. Occupation Strategy

“As usual I still can’t follow this fellow words …”

Such an amazed opinion is expressed by the girl with silver hair, The Death God Arge and in her place, shaking her raven-black hair is the Incarnation of Violence, Nacht approached.

“Humph, to be killed by young girls like you, this 100 executions Guregin-sama would have had to have fallen really low. Do you really think you can keep me company? With your friend around, you may ask for help.”

Toward this words of provocation, Nacht, only snorted in disdain.

“To think that you would act this foolishly. For the likes of you Ojisan, this one alone is enough!! The others don’t need to make a move! Because I’ll end it immediately”

Her whole body then overflows with aura, to the extent that her appearance begin to looks as if it is clad in hot air.

However, towards her appearance Guregin threw even more provocation toward Nacht.

“Humph, you young girl are just boasting that’s all. You are someone who is suited to do house sitting. Quickly go back to where you’re from with your tail between your legs.”

“Oi, Nacht, don’t be caught up in such an obvious provocation …”

“Stay out of it!”

Provoked by her opponent Nacht just snapped and plunged straight toward Guregin.

“Fool!”, shout Arge.

Nacht charge was like jet-black lightning that even faster than a bullet.

Of course, even for Guregin who killed 100s on a battlefield, this lightning speed was not possible to catch with his vision.

But, this extreme straightforward thrust,

“Your timing is easy to read!!”

Guregin that repeatedly throw provocation towards Nacht, who got enraged by it was all according to his plan, the blow that was direct at his chest was avoided just barely by a paper-thin margin, and struck the ground making a cloud of dust.

Then at once, thick billows of dust clouds rise in the surroundings, and momentarily changes the space around so that vision became highly impaired.

Those provocations were all for the purpose of somehow leaving this place at once.

After a while the clouds of dust clear, and Guregin was nowhere to be seen.



“Huh!? What in the world is this situation. What is this nonsense!?”

When the receptionist and the manservant hear the loud noises they storm into the room, there casually lied the body of the Town Major Deanne and the hired mercenaries on the sofa and the floor, moreover, standing there were a lot of strange and unknown people.

One of those people turned around and smiled.

She was just too much of a beautiful girl.

Her hair color is transparent blue, and she had fair skin so white it was like snow.

And, her disgusting golden eyes sweetly blinked repeatedly.

“Don’t you see and understand. The reason is that we the homunculi have began our war with this country. Starting with the occupation of this town and the removal of Major Deanne.”

“H homunculi!? T, those filthy dolls …. Wait a minute, that eyes color!!”

“Now, now. I guess that there is prejudice toward their appearance. But no matter how you look at them, they are just adorable young women, right?”

That sort of carefree remark was spoken by the boy that walk through the door and entered the room, who was Isshi disguised as an attendant.

Because he was made to wait in a different room, it took a while for him to arrive.

“Y you, you are that Ojou-sama’s attendant?”

Hmm? Toward that words Isshi tilted his head,

“Aah, that of course that was just a mere act. The Ojou-sama too was just an imitation. Well, you might say she is pro to disguised herself, that person is able to take the forms of others. You were deceived successfully.”

Isshi’s words of the difficult truth were taken seriously, and a frustrated expression appeared on the faces of the receptionist and the manservant.

But, a sudden realization hit the receptionist that made her raised her voice.

“But why, you as a human being why are you helping them, the homunculi!? This is definitely contradictory towards Goddess Lastelle-sama’s teaching, what you are doing is blasphemy!!”

Against the woman who shouted that, Isshi with a shrug of his shoulder,

“Noisy! In the first place my house practiced Buddhism. In addition, what Goddess Lastelle? It would be impossible for the religion which threatens such innocent girls to be right. The heresy lies with that fellow herself.”

As one who is originally from earth and bound to the evil god, Isshi was quick to point out the faults of others. While, he himself was blind toward his own shortcomings, and thus Isshi loudly swore against the goddess.

When the religion she has faith in is looked down upon, blood almost rushed out the head of the receptionist, but when she recognized the corpses that were devoid of life before her, she calmed down a little.

“I can’t seems to find Guregin’s figure. It seems that he succeed in escaping.”

Then Isshi speak “Fumu”,


“If if he has feld, It sows the tail in this situation.”

\\?\\ the last sentence I wasn’t really sure.

\\ Silver: could be an Idiom for a coward’s retreat.\\

To this explanation the lips of female receptionist twisted.

“No, there is no other explanation, there is no way for Guregin-sama to be defeated by you all. Because, you attacked Deanne-sama and the mercenaries by cowardly acts. Though Deanne-sama and the subordinates seems to have been killed tragically, Guregin-sama is a formidable mercenary that could accomplished killing 100 people at once.”

Towards the woman remark, Isshi just smirks and scoff at it with “Hou”,

Having nothing but grudges and bitterness toward his words, she readily considered a response, but calmed down again after she calculated her survival in this situation and was astonished by it.

“Maa, it’s all good. For the time being, let’s confine you to another room.”

When he said so a sword blade is thrusted at the two, meet with this situation their expressions turned ugly and frustrated, however being unwilling to obey his order would result in a regrettable outcome.

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