chapter 016

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16. Guregin, 100 assassination

“Deanne-sama, My Lord has something happen!?”

The slight sound that was made by Deanne was heard by the group, Guregin and his 10 subordinate all rushed into the room at once.

However, inside everything seemed to be normal, moreover, Lord Deanne himself even looked lively.

“You all, something wrong?”

Deanne himself sitting relaxed at his work desk and spoke with his usual weary tone.

The reception sofa in front of him was empty, and the cup of black tea was left on the table.

Guregin just stood there obediently, and said,

“No, sorry for my impoliteness. But I surely … By the way Deanne-sama, sometime ago a sound come from the leaving Young Miss.”

[Fumu], Deanne lightly nodding,

“She left a little while ago. Saying that there was some urgent business to attend to. I also become a little tired. Will you leave me alone for now?”

Then, Guregin hearing that smiles a little,

“Hmm … okay then … Understood. Oi, you lot”

When he said so, his subordinates nod.

But, strangely not a single person left the room.

No, rather than leaving they began to block the door, and surround Deanne to cut off the path of retreat.

This situation puzzled Deanne and so he raised his voice.

“Oi, you all, what are you doing? I said that I was tired. Go out of the room immediately!”

However Guregin shook his head, and glared at Deanne with grim eyes.

“Aah, we’ll do that quickly. But first, what the hell is this Deanne-sama like talking figure!”

Simultaneously with the words, his subordinates throw themselves to Deanne all together.

“Shit, I am Deanne!! What are your intentions !?”

He said while he took out a bloody knife, reacting to the slash of one of the subordinates.

But, Guregin’s expression turn rigid discovering the knife on the Deanne look-alike.

“Making fun of us, this impostor!!! Deanne-sama, you know, I, never call him that. Speaking the reason, is stupid!!”

To the loud shout of Guregin, suddenly the expression of impatient Deanne calmed down, from his lips to his ears the skin ripped away while he floated a smile.

And, the subordinate’s sword that been caught was pushed back by unbelievable power.

“U wah!?”

Shouting that, the man flew and knocked down the other men behind him making them land in their bottoms, the words “Gift release”resounded in the room.

Then standing there, was a free spirited young girl with yellow hair tied into a ponytail.

A mischievous expression was plastered on the young girl faces completely like that of a cat’s.

And, Deanne whom was there a while ago was nowhere to be seen.

“I disliked it when you transform earlier! You’re that little Miss from before. Oi, where is the real Deanne-sama!?”

“Ehhh, if that’s the case did you miss the one before your eyes. He is where to all the people here can see.”

To the tone that made fun of him, Guregin started saying

“Haa, what is she saying”.

Suddenly, Deanne appeared on the sofa.

However, the color of blood had already faded away from his face, and surprisingly blood began to flow from his chest.

There he laid not breathing. Already dead.

(Th, this fellow is suspicious, and strange!! There was certainly no one on the sofa up till now. There is no mistake!! However, then, somehow something unusual happened. Why did Deanne-sama suddenly appeared before my eyes!?)

While thinking that, the empty space shook slightly.

This time, Guregin intuition that he cultivated by spending many years on the battlefield issued the highest possible warning.

He noticed the real reason and started to raising his shout,

“You guys, be careful. There is an invisible enemy …”

However, he was a little late.

He made a large jump to the back while yelling, though barely avoiding something that draw near in front of his eyes, his subordinates were not even able to react

“Huh!?” “Ugh!!” “What!?!?”

While raising screams that couldn’t become words, the members’ necks got cut off from their body, losing their lives.

“Oi oi, this method of hiding. To think it was a such perfect killing method.” (Nacht?)

“Right. It seems to be considerably good. It’s not possible to be completely guard.” (Arge?)

“You guys, do not relax your guard that much.” (Premier?)

The moment that voices sounded from the empty space, the next moment, unbelievably a girl with silvery hair, a girl with dark brown skin, and a girl with pale blue hair appeared from thin air.

“However, to track us by yourself. Everyone has gained total control of the situation so we can finish it, right?”

“It’s not easy. The other party is a first class soldier. It’s a marvel to exchange attacks with an invisible enemy.”

“You can say it like that. Really, that No. 468 should know that carelessness is our greatest enemy. And also No. 999 should take lesson from this Ane.

” I think No. 998-san should consider a little separation from her imooto…”

And like that, the lovely girls appeared from the empty space.

The girl called No. 468 is a girl with a curly blond hair, it is combined with an ojou-sama way of talking, producing a luxurious atmosphere.

No. 998 and No. 999 seems to have a relationship of sisters, and have very similar figure. However, though the former has a brown hair, the latter had a light blue hair. Both cut short.

And, somehow the color seemed to express the character of the two.

“Golden pupils … Monster Homunculi!? It has become clear, then those unusual thing, such bullshit!!”

Guregin fixed his sword stance when he said that.

“That sort of determination. Though there was a strategy to take over this town without much effort, it was messed up because of you Ojisan. Oh well, Goshujin-sama also said that it might not go well. Now, let’s put the second plan in action! The Ojisan’s company!! Their abilities can be understood roughly by their movement a little while ago. I will finish it in a flash!!”

“This fellow, I don’t understand why she keep saying the same words as usual …”

After the girl with silver hair expressed such an amazed opinion, The Death God Arge retreats back.

Stepping forward replacing her, was Nacht The Incarnation of Violence while shaking her jet black hair.

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