chapter 015

TL: uselessno4

editor : JohnConstance


15. Town of Jirumu

“I’m sorry, is Mayor Deanne-sama present?”

“Ah, yes, may I have your name, please? Is there an appointment?”

The young woman on the reception desk asked the pair that visited her.

The man is still young, by his attire, he seems to be an attendant and the woman wore a dress in such very high class outfit that is not easily found in this area.

Of course, the young man was Isshi, and the female was Amarero that disguised to that of a young noblewoman.

(A noble daughter doing incognito travel?)

The receptionist spoke up in business-like manner while thinking that.

As for this building, it is part of a section where the central administrative facility of the town is located. Crowds and stands are in a row and it is the government office of this so-called town.

Although it is somewhat too wide and luxurious for a government office, when Isshi asked the townsfolk about the full matter they seemed to be frightened by something, like they got instructed to keep their mouth shut, he was then informed that apparently it was built by the heavy taxation to the people.

Thanks to that in spite of having a population of 10,000 people, they seemed rather having low spirit.

But Deanne seems to have private military units which he made by employing mercenaries. Their instructions is to directly seize and punish people that complain thoroughly.

The commander is a big man that is called Guregin. The information said that he could easily stand up and beat down 100 armed mercenaries as his opponent.

As a result of these men keeping eyes all the time, the townsfolk were not able to speak carelessly.

“Oh, sorry for saying it late. I am Isshi, an attendant. This lady here is Amarero-sama. I cannot reveal our social position, but we are doing an incognito travel. Because it is scheduled that we will stay for a while in this town that Deanne-sama rules, we would like to meet and greet him. Of course, if it is a inconvenience to Deanne-sama, after allowing me to inquire the schedule, we will visit again some other time. Can you convey this?”

In response to the polite explanation, when the receptionist sees her again once more, the lady called Amarero smiled to the extent of enchanting her even as a woman.

(How beautiful… she is the real deal. Perhaps one of those high noble. Being gone for a trip, I guess she is probably a second or third daughter but absolutely not the first daughter. If I make a mistake in the correspondence it would become my responsibility. Deanne-sama should be in his room. Anyway I’ll relay it immediately.)

The receptionist showed a perfect business smile while calculating her answer.

“Certainly. I’ll convey it immediately. Excuse me, but please wait a minute.”

After she said that, the receptionist rang the bell in her hand.

Then a man who seems to be a manservant comes from the interior running with short steps and when he heard(instructions) from the receptionist, he withdrew to the interior at once.

somehow it is easier that I thought. It is somewhat disappointing…


Hearing such an improper voice, the receptionist turned around to Isshi and the Lady in surprise.

However, they just sit there quietly in the corner of the hall.

(I thought I heard something, it must be my imagination. That aside I must leave a good impression.)

The receptionist shook her head to clear the confusion and braced herself. Isshi that had received the receptionist’s glance had a severe cold sweat running on his back.

As to not showing a suspicious appearance, he succeeded in making a blank(poker-faced) expression and let it pass. When the receptionist’s gaze shifted away from them, he then murmured with a tiny voice.

“Silly girl, don’t speak yet. Make sure to make your footsteps as lightly as possible so that we are not standing out.”

The phrase is said towards the empty space in front of them yet somehow produces some presence(pressure) for some reason.

But fortunately none but Isshi noticed that.

Time passes for a while without incident.

And like that after about 5 minutes, the receptionist called Isshi and co.

“Deanne-sama would like to meet you. I will guide you to the private room.”



“Certainly I see Amarero-sama, how good of you to grace us with your presence.”

Deanne showed a big smile on his whole face while urging the Lady to sit on the sofa.

Isshi who is an attendant is not permitted to enter the room and is standing by in another room.

Furthermore, the employed mercenaries awaited in next of both rooms to prevent something happening to Deanne, their leader Guregin is in there too.

If they hear something amiss from the head room, that is a signal to rush into that room immediately.

However, by all odds this time with only a lovely noble daughter and one young attendant, it was expected that there were no chance of dispatching.

And the lowest noble that is present in the room is Deanne Huang youngest second son.

Even after appraising her, only a genuine noble daughter was seen on Amarero.

(Is she something like a high class noble illegitimate daughter? By her noble appearance it is quite obvious when seeing her beautiful figure, but where in the world…)

While thinking that in his mind, he conveyed his intention to welcome her as his host officially.

“Welcome to the north end town Jirumu. In what occasion does the young Miss travel incognito for?”

Amamero sipped her black tea with an elegant gesture.

“I apologize for my impudent visit. I heard that the place Huang’s family Deanne-sama governed has recently became a northern first-rate(first-class) town and thus I went to visit in this way. Also without fail a greeting is a must, that’s why I came here immediately. From a glance of it, this town indeed is a town with great spirit.”

She said that while smiling brightly.

A beautiful young woman smiling beautifully, there is no way the men can hold a dissatisfaction.

Deanne laughed elegantly while being pleased with the words of Amarero.

“Hahaha, thank you. However, I (tln:he use ore here) … I (tln:he use watashi here) was no more than an administrative official that was sent here by Robiru-dono. It will become incomparable if it compared with the city Reignite (raw: ragganito) that Robiru-dono ruled.”

However, Amarero shakes her head toward his modest words,

“No, the quantity of the people is not the issue to establish this splendid government. You will know if you look at the townsfolk expression.”

(In the end, you want me to squeezed the townsfolk even more, I wonder if I could afford more. Seems that increasing the tax is can’t be helped.)

Such thoughts is needed to be uttered, then Deanne said.

“Thank you. You can say so, henceforth some power will be used on government affairs, And, there is it too…”

He, “Coughed” to clear his throat then continued.

“I don’t intend to be rude so please don’t be offended. Amarero-sama, to make it possible what is the way? Nevertheless if it is alright, please consider teaching this one’s unworthy eyes in your honorable instructions.”

She smiled at his words,

“It’s homunculus girl 456 desuwa. Deanne-sama.”

“What?” Deanne wet his pants unintentionally and unfortunately it became his last words.

When she stod up without sound, the leaned hand on the desk had already gripped a knife.

And the blade is accurately thrusted to Deanne’s heart, while her other hand already covered the boy’s mouth tightly that tried to shout.


(It is prohibited to act violently for now.)

The last struggle of a dying man is just to terrible.

As she lost her power for a moment against the dying, the sofa shifted a little and made a noise.

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