chapter 014

Translator: uselessno4.

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14. Princess of Homunculus

“…ter, Master!!”

When Isshi’s vision became clear, Premier’s face having a worried expression was seen.

While his consciousness was gone, a little bit of time probably flow by.

But he was convinced that it wasn’t a dream and that he actually met with the Evil God Adeki.

(I’d been hit by such a frightening aura)

Even if he tried to say that it was an ordinary dream, it was too unbelievable.

“N, yeah, I’m okay. I seem to have been a little light headed.”

When he says so, the worried Premier breaths a large sigh of relief.

Isshi felt deeply moved while watching her.

The Evil God said that the homunculi were things he made.

If that’s the case, for I who am affected by the Evil God, that means they are not irrelevant existences.

(Therefore, do you want to protect them. Even if you turn countries and this world to into your enemies . . .)

However, the Evil God said that he only encourages growth in the end, and did not have any influence toward altering his personality.

Indeed, with the Evil God’s feeling towards them as their creator, there might be some aspects that affected him.

(But, I do sympathize with their unjust circumstances, and it is true that I intend to fight. Even now my feelings, and the Evil God’s feeling are mixed and can’t be distinguished. Then, it might not be wrong according to this current feelings.)

Isshi, that had felt perplexed after coming to this strange world and was confused about what he shall do, came together and put an end to the issue.

“Master, em what happened? To stare at me so intently. It’s a little embarrassing.”

Premier said as she blushed and turn her face down.

He hesitated for an instant, while looking at her, whether he should tell her the truth that was told by the Evil God or not.

However, he thought that this was probably a secret that he alone should carry to the grave, so he immediately told her something else.

“Sorry. That reminds me, that I haven’t properly thanked Premier yet. As always, thank you.”

When he said so and stroke her head, she become even redder than before.

“Hoo, it is still possible to feel embarrassed even as a Princess. All of us in front of Yakata-sama, still need to keep appearances (katana) as such.” \\?\\ this one might be wrong.

Said Arge to tease.


“Ooh, that’s right”, she said, nodding.

“Premier is the girl who is first in number. She is a special existence regarding us Homunculi, nojayo. Because of that gift.”

“A, ah, No! That’s a secret.”

Premier in panic blocks Arge’s mouth while casting her eyes down.

Her face becoming more and more red like a boiled octopus.

“Yareyare, seems like you’re close with each other.”

While Isshi expresses such a remark, he begin to think about the next action.

And after thinking a little he declared to everyone.

“Alright, then at once, let’s go back to the fort. But, there may be a second, or third attack that comes from bandits because this place is too exposed. It is necessary for us to take measure before that happens.”

The surrounding girls tighten their loosened expression and nod at his words.

And Premier as their representative became stern by Isshi’s voice and asked.

“Then, finally we start it?”

To her question, he gave a big nod.

“That’s right, let’s get started. First move is to march toward Jirumu the nearest town from our territory.”

When he declared so, a red star in the sky, twinkled mysteriously.



“Hmm, is this information true?”

Mayor Deanne said while having an indecent smile on his lips.

He was a bald man with a mustache on his face, who wear elegant clothing, while a look of ridicule shown in his eyes.

It was in the morning. If one looked outside, the sun had just begun to rise and was brightly shining on the world.

“Yeah, it’s certain. The information was collected from the bandit’s follower, that was arrested yesterday. And was reported back immediately. After they got captured, we will do thing that don’t inconvenience us, to start with the goods are offered to Deanne-sama in order to avoid the severe punishment.”

When the big man, Guregin said that, Deanne replied with “Uh huh” wearily nodding his head and resuming the maintenance of his nails.

“Although they are the wicked homunculi, at least they will be useful to me. It’s just that, the requests from other nobles that desire them came unexpectedly. Let’s assume that the price should be sky high. Good grief, originally dolls that should be killed at once, can be useful to a person at least, it’s a good thing to acquire good deeds this way. Hey Guregin, you think so too right.”

As he said that, the man called Guregin gave a vulgar laugh, Deanne nods having been satisfied and signaled him to hasten his step to exit the room.

The giant man bowed his head, then he left the room.

In his head, Deanne started to do the math.

(Finally Lady Luck is on my side. I will not be a man that ends in this unknown countryside. As I heard a homunculus’s  wreath is equal to dozens of people. A single homunculus is already valuable in this world, dozens would mean great business. A high government position is appreciated with money. First I’ll snatch this remote region from Weharu’s Lord Norubiru-dono. Of course, there will be some resistance, but the current Ibuhl King Mefian-sama is a gentlemen surely interested in profit. If he is shown more sincerity, it would be possible to receive plenty of consideration.)

Of course, the homunculi would received hell.

“After all, they are but mere wicked dolls. To handle it this way, Goddess Lastelle-sama surely would approve of it.”

While he said that superficial prayer, wine is poured into his glass, as he toasted in consideration of his own future.

However, when he was just convinced of the glory of his own future.


“Hmm, seems the town has become fairly active. But, the people’s faces don’t seems to be smiling. Don’t you think so, Amarillo?”

At the entrance of the town, stood the single traveler Isshi,

“Indeed! With a population of 10,000 people it really has an appearance of a prospering town in the northern region. But nevertheless, it seems to be a little low-spirited.”

It is the girl No. 456 who is called Amarillo, with the gift of transformations, that came to this town.

Furthermore, the figure of Amarillo has been transformed into an appearance which matches that of a Young Miss full of mature elegance.

Moreover, her eye color is changed from the characteristic gold of the homunculi to a general blue.

And in addition to it, there were signs of something moving behind them, a lot, but Isshi went straight ahead through the main street without minding it.

Deanne’s petty smile cannot be compared to the wicked smile that Isshi floated while walking.

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