chapter 013

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13. A visit from the Evil God

“Huh, where am I?”

Isshi, just a little while ago, was patting the lovely homunculi girls’ heads, was overwhelmed by a sudden and heavy drowsiness, and lost consciousness .

And, was in this place when he came to.

There was neither ground nor sky, he just lightly drifted between here and there.

Though it feels like a dream, his consciousness was clear.

Lucid dreaming, although I’ve heard of it, is there really such a thing?

He pinched his cheek, and felt pain.

“Is this not a dream?”

When he muttered so,

“No, it is not a mistake to called it a dream.”

He heard an unexpected voice sounding through the area.

Then before he realized it, in front of him an enormous existence tens of times bigger than him, with a dragon’s skull as the head appeared.

A complicated pattern and many shiny precious stones decorated into his robe.

He held a huge cane in his left hand, with an ominous skull on the top part of it.

The (repulsive) aura which ooze out from his body gave off an indescribable feeling, at this single glance Isshi understood that this is a wicked being who isn’t supposed to descend onto the world.

“Err, who are you? And where on earth is this?”

He lowered his waist and towards Isshi questions, he answered,

“I am the Evil God Adeki. The God who governs over chaos and darkness. Youth from another world, how wonderful of you to came before me.”

When the monster like existence, who called himself the Evil God said so, his sunken skeleton eyes turn towards Isshi.

At once Isshi remembers that he have heard the name of Adeki from Premier before.

To begin with all the homunculi girls were created magically by evil wizard Seiram as sacrifice to revive this Evil God.

However, the revival ceremony was obstructed by the attack from the hero, the result, the summoning magic ran wild and accidentally summon Isshi to this other world.

In other words, this existence before his very eyes is the legendary Evil God, and it can be said that he himself is a nuisance who seized the revival by force.

Hieee, he tried to meet the Evil God eyes without averting his eyes although his heart felt horrified.

Sometimes, when one meet with a wild beast, one will becoming timid i fear getting attacked, he recalled this story, however in practice he just stand there losing himself, but the Evil God seems to have misunderstood his state.

“Ooh, I see. Seems that you are not a mere container (vassal) that was summoned from another world. Though I intended to take your neck if you can’t pleased me, but apparently you are someone who possess a strong backbone.”

When the Evil God continue talking without his consent,

“Fumu, I have observed you from here, for a long time. Of course, I know you name. However, I will permit you to introduces yourself in front of me.”

(Am I going to get cursed if I tell my name to existence that called himself Evil God?) Uneasiness rose for a moment inside Isshi’s heart.

However, in front of such an overwhelming being, even if he wasn’t going to get cursed, if the other party decided to swat him down it would be his end, turning serious.

Isshi indifferently tell his name,

“Furutera Isshi. It seems to changed when told to people from another world. Nevertheless Isshi. You are, unexpectedly not shaken after knowing that I am the Great Evil God, as I thought you seem to possess a steady courage within you.”

Fascinated the Evil God laughing “Kakaka”, while staring at Isshi.

What to do in the distance future, Isshi’s innermost thought, felt that does not really match his mood but doesn’t show it on the surface.

Before long the Evil God Adeki opened his mouth.

“Fumu, Isshi. I do not know whether you noticed or not, but you are aware that you fused with some part of me.”

“Eh, is it true?”

When Isshi raise his voice unintentionally, the Evil God nodded solemnly.

“It is so. After all did you not notice? You who are but a mere ordinary man come to this world, the fact that you could adjust yourself to your surrounding, and could be this calm and composed about many things. And, the fact that you wield power that is too great for one person. These are all, are part of my power, the piece of my body (my horn) that you fused with, was amassed in preparation to summons me, by my follower Seiram .”

“Why would such a thing happen?”

The Evil God answered to Isshi question.

“My summoning was actually almost finished. But, the Hero obstructed the summoning magic thus interrupting it, with me who was called to this world, you were accidentally summoned here and merged with me.”

If that is the case, then ….

If that is the case, then am I not my original self now?

No, is it that from now on myself will be taken over by this dreadful Evil God before my eyes?

while, such thought were imagined by Isshi, the Evil God continued speech saying,

“But, you should feel relieved”.

“I who is speaking now, after all, am not my main body. I am only a small fragment of Evil God that fused with you. I will cease to exist in this world when my real body begins to talk to you. At that time your spirit, and power will have matured as yours alone. My current self, that appeared in front of you Isshi, is going to bid you farewell in a moment and take a rest.”


It is so, the Evil God confirmed it.

“I am but only hundred of millions or 1 thousandth of a billion of the main body. Even if the main body is left as it is it would revive eventually in ten thousands years, and make the world fall into chaos, a new world would then be created. Well at first, I considered taking over your consciousness, and ending the world a little earlier, but you, are quite interesting. That’s the least I could do, because I seem to disturb this world.”

My body may still be taken over, after all !?

While Isshi had such a fear, the Evil God continued.

“I have a great expectation of you. Furutera Isshi. Ah, by the way, I commanded the homunculi girls to become my followers (retainers). That was the seed I planted ten thousand years ago, but it unexpectedly turned out good. This time, when the main body revives to this world, I expect those wicked golden eyes to overflow in this world.”

“Kakaka”, with that. Leaving such voice, his appearance in the darkness vanished as suddenly as he came.

And his incredible ominous aura which there until a while ago disappeared like a lie.

“…. After all, what was that?”

When he confirmed that the Evil God really vanished, Isshi finally opened his mouth.

“I didn’t really understand that conversation at all …”

Because, though the Evil God talked variously, he actually speak to Isshi “I ordered the homunculi”, it’s a fact which he spoke.

I wonder did he go saying all that by chance?


When Isshi muttered it, he felt drowsiness similar to that when he come to this world.

Apparently, when the Evil God disappeared, this world came to an end too.

Isshi, not going against it, closed his eyes .

But, before losing his consciousness, only one thing from the Evil God is remembered.

The words, he commanded the homunculi.

“Now I understand.”

He leaves his answer, and his consciousness finally leaves the dreamland, and returns back to reality.

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