chapter 012

Translator: uselessno.4

Editor: silver


12. The girls who return in triumph


“Don’t forget about meー!”

Just after Isshi stabbed the bandit, a girl fell from the sky toward one bandit, and knocked him out directly with her fist.

There was not even a death scream, as the man ceased to breath and the ground around him sank in tens centimeters.

The surrounding became totally quiet.

“A, Ah!?, I wonder if I’m a child who can’t read the atmosphere?” \\editor note: the way Nacht speaks makes her sound like a tomboy by the way\\

The tanned girl Nacht, whose gift is the power of a monster, with her fluttering long black hair, spoke in a flustered way while sensing the surrounding mood.

“No, you did well.”

Premier replied, as she appeared a little behind Isshi, shaking her transparent blue hair.

“The bandit group’s spirits seem to have gone down considerably. But it is not over yet. We must experience what’s called a clean up war.”  \\editor note: they take no prisoners\\

That’s what Premier declared.

“The King’s decree (command) has already been spoken. Trample upon the people who insult our humble origins.” \\ editor note: she is talking about the county Isshi wants to build\\

As if waiting these words, the docile Arge started brandishing her hair and her sickle.

Instantly 5, or 6 heads of the surrounding bandits were sent flying, aiming at the next prey, she ran between the bandits with speed that were beyond a normal human.

Chopped off arms and legs fell into the ground one after another, as she ran.

Nacht was also the same, as she bare-handedly broke the surrounding bandits’ blades that tried to stab her, and drove her fist into the astonished faces of the bandits, with monstrous power.

The mens’ brains received damage that was beyond severe as well as their faces, and sunk to the ground.

Also, sometimes there were heads that blew off instantly.

“Su, Such absurdity …”

“B, Boss Dekimu, what should we do?”

“I, it’s impossible to defeat such enemies. We must escape somehow.”

When he said so, he turned on his heels, getting ready to running away, but as if to prevent them from running away, the retreat path was blocked by the young man with black hair.

Though it seemed he was just an ordinary brat, but sometime ago he killed a bandit splendidly.

Both Dekimu and his subordinate behind him understood, that they can’t be careless toward the other party.

However, the other party is just a one person. He will be easier to deal with compared to those fearsome girls.

“Even if he has many arms, it still 2 vs 1. It is impossible for him to win, lets go!”

As he said that Dekimu stab at Isshi with the sword in his hand.

Thought Isshi received the blade with his own, the other bandit skillfully commenced an attack, aiming at the gap in his guard.

He greatly moved backwards to avoid the attacks.

“I’ll say this you thief, I’m indeed the general. Your combinations are quite a good.”

Dekimu gives a response, in order to provoke the youth.

“Hehehe, though your skills are considerably good, you are no match for the two of us. Your life will regrettably be cut short.” \\?\\ need edit? \\ editor note: that’s the best I got\\

When Isshi became speechless, they begin laughing “Ha ha ha” thinking that it was funny.

“What’s so funny, huh, I hate maniac people.”

Though the people behind were screaming, he looked at the two people ,who stop laughing, and felt pity.

“I’m surprised that you think you still have a future. The only reason why I received your sword is to check how much power  you possessed. Anyway, because it’s my first time in a different world, I thought about it greatly.”

And, then he corrected his sword stance once again,

“This is a terrible disappointment. If it’s like this, it won’t be long before I have my Country. I’ll dispose of you quickly, and then start the next stage’s preparations.”

Though he doesn’t even understand half of what Isshi was talking about, Dekimu and his subordinate understood from the bottom of their heart that he had made a fool of them, they were enraged instantly and simultaneously slashed at the same time.

“Fool! I’ll allow you to die with much regret!”

“I will not allow you to dodge this attack!!”

Though they said such words while attacking, the next moment, their lives were already nonexistent.

The reason is because with a single blow Isshi cut down, the two people, Dekimu and his subordinate were cut in two.

Perhaps, even to them what happened would could not be understood.

It was an attack that can’t be done by normal humans, even Isshi was surprised by the power too.

“As expected … nevertheless, there is no other choice but to think about postponing the decision …”

He said so, and shifted his attention toward the girls who fought against the bandits.

However, it seems to have developed into an overwhelming victory there.

The heap of corpses all around made the place looks like the insides of hell, Nacht gripped the neck of the last survivor with one arm, [crack], when the sound was heard,  a corpse was seen crumbling to the ground.

“Uh huh, apparently it seems to have ended safely.”

When Isshi heaves a sigh of relief, all the members who participated in the battle gather before him.

And without saying anything, pushed their head towards him.

The gesture seems to be saying, “Pat me!”

He, giving up, patted the heads of the girls and said word of appreciation one after another to them.

The girls seems happy and have a big smiles on their faces.

However, at that time, with no reason at all Isshi felt a sudden and heavy drowsiness, and lost consciousness.


silver: man this would have been a trouble cliffhanger to leave on.

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