chapter 011

11. Territory violation from  the Ibuhl Kingdom

TL : Uselessno4
Editor : Silver

“Soon, we slowly arrive nearing the fort. Oi, you guys are ready ha!”

When the head of the bandit group, Dekimu, raised his voice, the 50 subordinates together responded, “Ou!!!”.

“Yosh, you guys, from here out there is no need to raise your voice. Catch them alive without missing a single one of them if possible. I’ll give you rewards as long as I get the tiger.[1] But, I do not mind even if you make a racket to some extent. Do as you like. Except Killing jane-zo! There wouldn’t be any profit in that.”.

He smile broadly with a vulgar expression.

The subordinates who were looking forward to it, also had vicious grins.

With the agents of terror behind which is his confidant, the glittering proud knife, made to crawl the tongue. \\?\\ not sure.

“Hihihi, such pleasure. Though it is regrettable that I cannot kill, please let me hurt them without reserve.”

“With face as exception, do it all in moderation.” as thin and long as possible to keep the terrorism, and they don’t even try to hide the cruel expression.” \\?\\ not really sure about this line

“Oi, You. Stop the idle talk. Let’s move out.”

As what he said before Dekimu turn around and began move forward to target (Fort), suddenly he heard, the out-of-place voice of a girl.

“The talk just now, I heard it all. To the only law of our country, the actions of you people from the Ibuhl Kingdom contradicts it. First, after neutralizing all of you, I intended to ask about the circumstances of the Ibuhl’s King.”

“Naa, Who’s there!?”

Though Dekimu raised his voice in surprise, the next moment, from the mouth of his subordinate behind him came a pained scream.

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my arm, my arm guhaaa!!!”

To the sharp and loud screaming from behind him, Dekimu hastily turned around the next second.

But, it was so absurd, that Dekimu’s first thought was that it was a hallucination.

Because there is a young girl with silvery hair, standing alone in the middle of the filthy men, with an air of too calm for the situation.

No, that was not the only reason.

The other reason was because she held a large sickle, that seems to weigh several hundred kilos, that doesn’t suit her small body easily.

The wet blade glow like moonlight, shimmering with an ominous presence, truly a cursed weapon made solely for the sake of taking lives.

And, the proof of this was the bandit who was missing arm writhed in pain on the ground while screaming loudly, and the blood that thickly streamed down from the sickle’s blade.

However, to this unrealistic scene, that Dekimu and his subordinate can’t understand but immediately felt terror to,  standing there was nothing but a young, cheeky little girl, to this fact they reflexively took action.

“Hey, You! Don’t you know who we are!”

One of the bandit give a yell and want to catch her, and his arms were cut off easily, as she walked by.


As the man mutter something stupid in the next moment, his mouth was bisected in a way that it would be impossible for him to speak again.

After his arms were cut and sent flying, the girl, Arge the Death God cut the bandits body from top to bottom ,in two, with a single stroke of her sickle.

To the frightening scene in front of them, the subordinates finally can understands the situation.

The girl before their eyes, without a doubt was an amazing enemy with fearsome power.

“Oh oh, you, may you stop such manners? Apart from me, other people are good targets as well?”

The bandits to Arge’s light words and intoxicating smile, could only retort in their minds (What did you say?), even though they understand the meaning of what she said immediately.

Among the subordinates that surrounded Arge, one person on the outer edge, suddenly cut a bandit who was wielding  an axe.

Of course, as it is not possible to react when suddenly attacked from behind, the subordinate,


Gave some stupid death well before completely falling to the ground.

The crown of the skull was smashed in completely, of course meaning an instant death.

The bandits could only scream in shock and terror.

“Y y, you, what have you done.”

But the person doesn’t mind it and attacked the shocked bandit next to him.

Suddenly, several bandits’, head, arm and legs were cut apart, the ones who died instantly, and ones who were serious injured appeared one after another.

“H-h, How is this possible?, you …, no, who are you! There is no one in our group who has face like yours!?”

He said while throwing his knife in fear.

When the traitor jump backwards a great distance after easily catching the knife,

“Ahahaha, it really is hard to fighting while disguising oneself. Ma, you even though this one is handicapped, are a really good partner.”

That man, no, there is no longer the appearance of a man. Moreover midway through speaking, the voice changed to an unusual sweet tone.

And there was a pony-tailed, yellow haired girl with an atmosphere like that of a cat, with a mischievous expression.

“How was it, Omo-sama[2]? My transformation ability. Were you able to enjoy it?”

Said the girl while she turn around, and there was an appearance of one young man.

The bandits steal a glance toward the abrupt appearance of the young man.

The man who was called Omo-sama by the girl. Was an androgynous looking young man.

So, Isshi replied.

“Indeed, what a terrific transformation ability. I will have you work again another time.  Though  light combat seems to be okay, your role in the end is scouting and information gathering. Is there, by any chance, a good day for testing it out. Please leave the rest to us.”

“Understood. No.456 withdrawing, please do not forget to name me.”

The girl give a wink, and does a large jump, leaving the place.

The bandits were left dumbfounded, to the man who seemed like the leader of the girls, Dekimu faced him and opened his mouth.

“Hey, you!? Are you the boss of these monsters?”

Isshi, to Dekimu’s words, replied.

“It is rude to call them monsters. Because they are our country’s nobles. The people of Ibuhl Kingdom attacked our country, because information of the attack was promptly received, I came to intercept it in this way. Are  you all aware that you just tried to invade our country?”

Of course, to those words Dekimu didn’t understand what the other party was saying,

“Eee, what reasoning is that. These is the north end of our Ibuhl Kingdom. It’s not any other country’s territory! You, are their leader.”

Making fun of Isshi Dekimu laughed, by gaining a little momentum with this remark, little by little his subordinates begin to regain their composure.

The girl who wielded the large sickle, and the one who had that transformation ability before sure are amazing, but their leader is a mere fool or a madman.

Besides, this man is still immature. He doesn’t seem to be all that strong either. So, making him into a hostage would likely  catch them all in one fell swoop.

Dekimu thought so,

“Fumu, in other words you deny our country’s existance, and it appears you are going to continue violating it by military power. Then it’s clearly an act of aggression from your country. Our country will retaliate against this.”

“What! You keep saying incomprehensible thing since a while ago!”

As he said so, one subordinate vigorously brandished his sword and slashed at Isshi.

The bandits thought that Isshi would be killed by that single blow.

As long as the general was killed, the subordinates would lose the leader and runs away.

The bandits expected that, but the subordinate who was about to cut Isshi, for some reason doesn’t move an inch from the posture that swung down his sword.

“O, oi, how in the ….”

The words uttered by the subordinate weren’t ever finished.

Because, the subordinate who was about to cut, on the contrary his heart had already been gouged out by Isshi’s unsheathed sword, and he already lost his life.

“It’s all the same, steadily my powers grows stronger …”

Thus, Isshi muttered these words that nobody heard.

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[1] could be an idiom i not to sure on it. 捕(とら)えた分だけ報酬をくれてやる
[2] this is the way No. 456 call Isshi, should be the same as Master.


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