chapter 010

10. The King of the Girls

TL : Uselessno4
TLC and Editor : Silver

“Oi, I guess what we saw ahead really is a fort.”

The one who said that was a hairy man with an appearance, no matter how you look at him, of a bandit. He said it towards the men at his back that seemed to be his subordinates.

Answering the words of the leader,was a thin man with protruding teeth and a devious look, the word buffoon, fit him perfectly.

Even his voice was slightly high-pitched.

“Kekeke, Boss Dekimu, I really doubt it. These eyes of mine (TLN:he call himself asshi which mean I in lowered manner) might have seen it wrongly. Although, I certainly saw a few girls go inside that worn out fort. No, perhaps they don’t intend to get discovered.  Inside there might be a lot more of them. And they, strangely started cleaning the place, they also didn’t notice that they were secretly being watched. Moreover Boss, surprisingly, the color of those fellow’s eyes are gold, and their hair colors were red, blue, yellow, silver and other colors as well. It is the sinful homunculi, if we report it the reward goes to the country, but if we sell it to pervert we might make a profit .”

To the the man who keep on talking, Dekimu grinned and answered.

“I don’t really doubt it particularly jane-sa. But, it’s strange jane-ka. Speaking of homunculi, aren’t they something like a failed product that was accidentally born from magic. In fact they are agents of terror, you said it was tens of people, no, it might be more than a hundred inside that fortress. If it is to believe.”

“No no, Boss, I believe in what you say. I (asshi) immediately say that the reality is easy to understand. By the way Boss, please be generous on the shares. It’s full of articles of the best quality. If sold to the right place they would be worth a lot of gold. Oh dear, even if it is a one-way ticket to hell for selling homunculi.”

Dekimu to that words, laughed heartily [Ahahaha].

“Selling women and children sound like an inhuman act, even I feel a little weight on my conscience. But forget it, homunculi are not human. They are but a mere dolls. For things like that it is not necessary to mind what happens to them. Now, quickly move to the fortress, so that I could have a good drink. It’s going to be a good job today!”

“Hey, You lot!”

At Dekimu shout, “Ou!!” responded in high spirits by the group behind, which consisted of bad looking men armed with weapon such as spears, swords and axes.



“I’m telling the truth dakedo~”

Having a face which showed a discontent expression, was a girl with lovely long scarlet hair that was shaped into a bun behind her head.

“No. 0777, thank you for your efforts. Then will you report the progress of the distant view to Master once again from the beginning?” \\?\\ tln:new skill? \\editor: new girl\\

The room momentarily became the strategy meeting room after Verde rushed in and warned of the enemy’s raid.

“First of all, information.”

As Isshi muttered so, Premier instantly called the girl who’s called No. 0777.

When she was called and received the  explanation from Premier, immediately she projected the outside scenery in the empty space.

At first though the projected place was totally irrelevant, but Verde provided the correct directions, and at once it focused on the group of bandits that were approaching.

“It is possible to search a farther distant away.” \\ editor best guess\\

Said No. 0777,

(Isn’t that a cheat?)

Isshi retorted instinctively.

But, I will not miss this advantageous situation before my eyes.

The girl start explaining.

“Even if you say the details, it would become too complicated. Isshi-sama look at the road, that man from the party of bandits, seems to have sighted a cleaning homunculus by chance. Thus, is conspiring to sell us to perverts and make a large sum of money. Their current position is 2 hours away from the fortress.” \\?\\ tln:thanks editor that’s clear it up

Isshi was frankly thankful for the blunt and easy to understand explanation. Then (thereupon),

“Ah, yes.”

After hesitating for a moment. No. 0777 spoke.

“Um, I hope that I was a little helpful, won’t you give me a name? No, of course, it didn’t seem to be all that useful.”

Contrary to the impression received from the tone, while messing around with hair, [Ahaha-], the girl laugh boldly

Isshi stroking her head gently, thinking a little came up with a name.

“That’s it. Then, how about Fortuna Rosso. Though it is a little long, it connects with the luck number 777 and the red hair.”

The girl said the name several times, and was satisfied with it [Nfu-] smiled.

“Well, then.”

Premier returned the talk to the main subject.

As she order Verde and Fortuna Rosso leave the room.

“The bandits will arrive at the fort in about an hour. The other party looks shabby, but posses weapons, they seems intent on capturing  us. Of course, depending on the situation, we will be murdered. It is necessary to decide the correspondence plan.”

“Correspondence plan?”

To Isshi question, she answers.

“Of course, do we fight, do we run away, or employ other means?. If we vacate this fort now, the humans who find us, with delusions of us as agents of terror, probability  will … put an end to us. Hmm, after we spent so much effort on the fort, it may not be possible to erase all evidence that there was someone here.”

“Fumu, it seems that, the other choice is to fight. If we assume that we fight, do we hole up in this fort?”

Premier to the words of Isshi, says, while shaking her head.

“If possible, I want to make a surprise attack. There are many homunculi  without the  power to fight. Here is, so to speak, behind the battle lines. When the enemy reaches here, it will be our loss. It would be suicide if we do battle on an open field, on the other hand, we have superior intelligence, making a surprise attack and annihilating them in one fell swoop would be preferable.”

Understanding her explanation Isshi said,

“Then, let’s do that. Please select the girls who can fight. This time would be a serious fight.”

“Yes. that’s right. The worst case scenario would be to let go of the  fort that was obtained with so much efforts.”

Disagreeing, Isshi shook his head.

“If I think about the future. I do not plan lose this early in the game.”

Haa!?, Premier that don’t understand the words well, feel puzzled.

“Err Master, what do you mean by that? Does the fight continues after this?”

When he nods lightly to the words,

“It is so. Half of the homunculi agree with the founding of a country now. And, the remaining half will  agree in the future, too.”

“Yes, that’s for certain. If they know that this party of bandits attacked, even the girls who are hesitating, will know that there is no safe haven in this world. In other words, is it such a thing?”

Convinced, Premier smiled.

“Yeah, you girls intention is the founding of a country, it is united in that. Truly, just how wonderful, that these bandits attacked, it’s like blessing in disguise. But, it might be such a thing because it’s fate. You girls who are determined in  founding a country should do so as one. It is to plunder the Ibuhl Kingdom’s territory. In other words, it’s a war.”

And to this, Premier said.

“It is our first battle. The first battle against the humans of the Ibuhl Kingdom even though they are bandits. It is our reason to gain victory so that our Kingdom can be established on this land.”

That’s right, and then he continued, after nodding.

“Some stories change, but legitimacy is necessary for war. However it is the opposite for the King of this country, it would become a mere rebellion (treason). Then, it would become inconvenient in various ways in the future. Therefore, let’s make it a fight between equals”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

Toward Premier with big question mark on her head, Isshi stood up and raised his voice “That is!”.

“I from now on, will become The King of all, 1000 homunculi! This fort is our territory. In addition, all of you girls are nobles. It is a great success in life. And the first and only law. Is, giving a suitable punishment to any party that hurts you all and myself.”

Not able to following the development of the speech, Premier can do nothing but stare in amazement.

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