chapter 009

9. The north end of Mitolshia Continent

“Oh, is that true? Half agreed?.”

“Yes there is no mistake. As for the remaining homunculi, rather than support, their still at a lost on what to do about the situation.”

Illuminated by the setting sun, Premier outward appearance as always was the same cool and calm expression, but her eyes that look upon Isshi were strangely feverish.

However, he without noticing such an appearance, reconsidered the fervent speech of the other day, and writhed embarrassment.

(Why did I say such a thing!! Somehow, after I come into this different world, there are times when I’m not myself. Let’s be more careful. In any case, now …)

Pulling himself together, he put his hand on his chin, and begin to think about the present conditions.

(At any rate, excluding the girls who prefer to fight, the other ones ought to be the gentle ones. Therefore, should I chose to live in seclusion.)

Thanks to Premier who spend several days, running around hearing everyone’s opinion, about half of the girls seemed to have the intention of making a country for themselves.

During the time she was running around, she conveyed Isshi’s words to each of the girls.

“I wonder, did that speech contain such persuasive power?

He looked puzzled.

As for Isshi, like what he said before, the girls are human beings, it is natural that they should be treated as such.

“Maa, it’s not a bad thing to advance forward with what you decided before.”

I think so too.

Because, the method for them to live peacefully doesn’t exist, even if any of the means get selected, it would always be difficult.

Then, it should be at least positive, thought Isshi.

Furthermore, not even in his imagination, did he realize the kind of phenomenon that would be caused by the girls.

They who recognized themselves as a living being by Isshi’s words, felt resentment towards the current conditions, but on the other hand, their faith towards Isshi was starting to reach a level of worshiping.

Of course, the one who spread the fire, Premier was also an important factor in this.

Not knowing any of that, he had no idea about what conclusion is spreding around.

“Why am I the one who is accompanying them?”

About that.

When I first heard circumstances of the girls, I still intend to face the troubles until till the end.

But, at first I did not think such a thing as founding a country.

Well in fact now, I’m thinking how a country full of Homunculus girls could be build.

Of course, there is no other method for making a place where they could live in peace, and above all else this continent and its people are ignoring human rights.

This is certainly justice.

(But, I couldn’t become the perfect human being who cast aside everything just for justice.)

While I fought with such thoughts inside my heart, Premier who was an excellent secretary was already completing the geographic information about this world that I ask for the other day.

“Master, the preparation is complete. It’s ready anytime”

A map of this continent is opened on top of the desk, even though he doesn’t know where from where this map coming from.

“You already have it. Fast!”

“Yes. It is because this was an ex-military stronghold before. Fortunately, some valuable maps were left behind. From our knowledge, even the name of the countries and towns are included.”

“Right, so this is this world appearance, huh?”

Indeed, it really is different world, thought Isshi, as he looked at the map.

By the appearances, the world seems to be one continent, and surrounded by small islands. However, apart from that there is nothing.

The topography resembles that of earth’s very much.

“If I am not mistaken, the name of this continent is the Mitolshia Continent. And we are here in the Ibuhl Kingdom.”

When she nods, a detailed point is supplemented.

“Yes. The continent is divided into four big (great) countries. We are here at the Ancient Ibuhl Kingdom. Then there’s the Military Empire Bakira, the Religious Country Latten, and the Commercial Nation Abarama. And their occupied territory is somewhat equal.”

She said, while showing the respective countries.

“Ibuhl Kingdom has big territory next to the empire partly because this Kingdom continues from the olden days. The Empire was initially a small country, but now is a country ruling the greatest territory, because the former emperor advanced the territory expansion. The Religion Nation Latten established the church that enshrines the Moon Goddess Lastelle in each country, and has many believers as well as  latent influence in each country. With the fact that homunculi are  considered wicked in their doctrine, it becomes clear that they are enemies. In addition, Abarama, a country where shrewd merchants made profits, and hold huge financial power.”

Ibuhl’s rough position on the upper left of the continent, Bakira is on the upper right, Latten on the lower left and Abarama on the lower right.

By the way, when Isshi pays attention to Ibuhl Kingdom where he was, there was a place which was marked red.

“It is the place where we are. The northern end of Ibuhl Kingdom. The Capital of Ibuhl Kingdom ,Raffia, is around the center of the Kingdom, the distance is about one month on foot.”

Is that so, he nods his head.

“There should be a noble that governs the territory around here, what’s that fellows name?”

“A person from the Weharu family is governing, the current lord is the eldest son called Duke Noroubiru (need help here). The tax collection is severe and disliked by the citizen. I’m told that he only thinks the citizen as his tool to amass and suck dry. However, with a cunning contribution to the King, a bribe that never lacked probably, the impression from the top seems good. Moreover, I’m told, that whether it’s from his cowardice nature or not, he seems to have quite a considerable amy on his pay roll.”

Isshi thought, it would be troublesome, with a large number of soldiers.

“By the way is it understood how big the scale is?”

“No, I’m so sorry”

Premier bows her head apologizing.

“There was no such detailed information received from Seiram. If further information is needed, espionage will be necessary.”

Fumu, Isshi rubbed his chin, and asked another question to Premier.

“By the way, what is the name of this country’s King?”

“Yes, the present king is the eldest son of  the Ibuhl royal family, Mefian.”

“Then, where is the nearest town around here? It’s development,  locations of active distribution and such?.”

“Well then, there is a town called Jirumu, at a distance of about two days walking. The most populated area is the northern part with a population of 10,000 people. Deanne Huangs  is the noble that rules the town. It is an executive (administrative) official sent by the feudal lord.”

Indeed, Isshi understood.

“Then, Immediately send some people to scout the town….”

When Isshi start speaking, suddenly. [Bam]. The door of the room opened.

And, a panicked green haired Verde who has a space awareness ability raced in quickly.

“It’s disaster~. Armed men~, about 50 people~ heading toward the fort~.”

Out of shape, she conveyed a serious message.

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