chapter 008

8. It was started in a shabby fort

“Terrible, to be so rude towards Master”

She says so and make a humble apology, it was Premier who continued sucking my finger for approximately one hour, and in the end a meal was sent.

“No, I’m sorry too for not minding about it. I said something that provoked you. Collect my blood in some suitable container, and circulate it to 1000 of you regularly.”

She, while nodding obediently, stared at Isshi’s forefinger frequently, as the taste of the blood was good, to the point of being unforgettable.

I took the rather late dinner which seemed to be spicy grass with some kind of roasted meat, while pretending to not notice it.

“With that, Premier…”

After the meal settled, Isshi talked about the future plans.

“I want to protect all of you as I promised, but there are several methods to do it. I have been thinking about it today, while cleaning the fort floor.”

To have been thinking something important while cleaning, as expected of Master, he continue to speak while she think something unrelated.

“But it isn’t for me to decide now. In the end, I want you girls to decide about it yourself.”

Because, it was not something that Isshi alone can decide.

According to the circumstances, the feeling of all the girls needed to be heard.


Isshi announces,

“Same as the current situation, live quietly by hiding from people. The success rate of this method is the highest of the options. Find a place inside the forest where no one goes and make a base there. Plow the land, cultivate it, and bring it to pasture, with that we probably won’t going  starve to death.”

Indeed, she nods obediently.

Though there certainly might be various difficulties, but the possibility of success is indeed high.

“The risk is low, and the certainty of this method is high.”

Aah, Isshi nods.

“Well, the next method is to live in a village or town somewhere, though persecution would be received, and according to circumstances it is likely to be a death sentence. But, if we managing to survive somehow…  it would likely be as slaves, is this method good? There is no reason at all to accept it.”

Isshi concludes by himself and finishes speaking. However, Premier respondes,

“Surely it is better to have Master live without inconvenience.”

Though she muttered that, he plainly rejected it.

“No, cut it out. It is me who was concerned for you here. That would leave a bad after taste in my mouth, for the rest of my life.”

And, after a little while, yes, she nodded once,

“Well, Premier”

I spoke in a slightly serious tone.

In a force, that a mere high school student can’t pull out, he himself doesn’t really know the reason why he was able to speak this way, because such attitude has already began to feel natural.

“Y, yes!”

“The last method.”

I drop my voice.

She has the feeling that something important will be spoken, so she holds her breath as to not miss the words. (TLN: the literal translation from the last sentence is something like hold one’s saliva to gulp as to not miss the words. can someone make the confirmation)

Finally, the words were spoken from Isshi’s mouth.

“Build a country”


Premier not understanding his words made a perplexed expression, while thinking that she made a rude remark toward her Master’s words.

But since it’s him, he did not mind at all.

Isshi thought it as a simple fact, that is,

“That is to build a kingdom of Homunculi. If I do so all of you will not be persecuted and not be troubled again by unreasonable discrimination.”

It was the only thing.

However, to Premier, her Master’s words still cannot be completely understood.

No, rather, she herself may have refused to understand them.

She shakes her head.

Because of it,

“That is we harm (injure) people, seize their land, and occupy it?.”

because there were particularly no other way (explanation). \\?\\ tlc

Her question was so natural. Because Homunculi,

“We are artificial living entities made for personal use. People, in a word are our creators. Can we, who are born to serve humans, rebel against such entities?”

Premier is lost.

That is, the existence of homunculi was made to serve humans.

Are such beings as ourselves,  permitted to mimic and kill people?

No, There is no reason to do such a thing …

“I wouldn’t really care about it”

Her Master easily broke the taboo of Homunculi.


In the end,  Isshi continued talking while thinking ,(I feel like I am not myself anymore.)

“Premier, this world is full of things you do not know. Same for me. It will be  rare for me to say something to you with complete confidence. But, there is one thing I can.”

To her, who is puzzled, he speak with confidence.

“When another party greets you with words, you should reply with words. If the other party approaches you with a knife, this side should have a knife too. For unjustice and violence, you may oppose it by the same means. In other words, adapt yourself to the environment. Because you are living beings.”

“Living beings. We are not dolls, but living beings …”

“That’s right.” Isshi nods greatly.

“Until now, I’ve felt a sense of discomfort from the words that you spoke several times. So, you girls, dolls, when I said if that’s the case. But, you helped me many times, someone who wandered into different world by the summoned magic. If it was me alone, I would have definitely been laying dead somewhere. And I start smiling many times and exchanging many words with you girls. Going through danger together. So, you girls who are so gentle and kind, can’t be dolls.”

Premier body somehow started to trembling at those words.

It was a torrent of feelings that was hardly possible to express.

It was that moment when one’s world was daringly painted rapidly and changed.

“Is that so?”, Premier mutters.

“We are living beings. We are not dolls”

When Premier spoke the words, her intention had begun to cause a sudden change.

It is necessary to oppose injustice with injustice.

One must create an environment to support one’s survival.

After all we are no more or less than “ordinary living being”.

When the other party strike with malicious intent, we have to strike back with malicious intent.

(Why has such a natural thing has not been noticed until now?)

Suddenly, Premier stopped her gaze on the figure of Isshi in the window glass.

In the end, would he make a face, burdened by uncomfortable feelings .

While the expression projected there, is calm and unchanging, it hides the flames of wild enthusiasm (passion) deep inside the eyes, and it was a mysterious face which bur a hint of joy in it’s smile.

Premier return her gaze toward her lovable Master.

And again she was struck by a divine revelation.

(Ah, above all else, I have made a big misunderstanding!)

That is, the people of this world were not God.

(Why have I not noticed it until now?)

“We are able to become living beings because of Master. Then, are you not God of Homunculi?”

She said that and stared as Isshi for a long time.

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