chapter 007

7. Reason for wickedness

Translater: Usellessno4

Editor: Silver

While looking at one room of the fort, which shined beyond recognition, Isshi nodded approvingly though he had an exhausted expression.

The time was midnight already, time passes quite fast when one stays up all night.

The sky is clear and the stars twinkle calmly.

But, in such a beautiful starlit sky, there exist three moons.

However, after arrived here, Isshi had encountered many event that were outside of common sense already.

The intention to deny the fact that the place I lived now is a strange different world that isn’t earth died down, then, the number of moons means nothing at all.

When he turned around again, he returned his gaze to Premier that was awaiting Isshi’s words while in a standing position across the table.

“Though there were no good cleaning tools, you all did well. I mean, you immediately cut the plant from the forest, and turn it into a broom in an instant, you all  are wonderful.”

“No”, Premier shakes her head while being grateful.

“Fortunately,  all kinds of scrap cloth was left. Because a mountain stream is near, it’s possible to clean it out. And thanks to that, we won’t be troubled with drinking water either. Right now, I’m making those who are free go fetch the  water that is needed for our necessity.”

(Is that so?) I nod in acknowledgment and sit on a worn out chair, furthermore she continued.

“In addition, I have not been able to provide a meal for Master yet, I am really sorry. Because the procurement of wild grass and beasts has been  completed already, as soon as the water arrives, I will make a simple meal.”

“Well (no), because I’m not so hungry, you don’t need to rush. Rather you should eat properly. Is eating even necessary for homunculi?.”

To his question Premier made a troubled expression.

As though, it’s a situation she had to wondered if she should or shouldn’t say something.

Fumu, when he guesses that, the question was repeated to let her understand his intentions.

“You don’t need to say what you can’t say, if you thought that I was a reliable Master, would you tell me? By any chance, is it because I am slow in understanding the difference of you girls, that you can’t tell me?.”

As I said so, Premier could do nothing but tell the truth.

Because, it would determine if her master stayed or not.

Premier made up her mind and said, with a faint voice,

“It’s human blood.”

Well to tell the truth, it was the first reason why homunculi are despised, but Isshi, to such a thing, he made an understanding expression.

So, it was a rather uncomfortable confession, Premier expected that they might be thrown out, instinctively  upon receiving  an unexpected answer “huh?” she raised  her voice unintentionally.

Perhaps, the words that I said might not have been heard clearly, to be considerate to even such a thing, he did nothing but nod even though hearing same confessed again,

“No, I just wondered if there was such a thing  like that? I’m not that very surprised. Aah, however, what shall we do in this case? Because the only man (human being) here is me, it is would be troublesome to let all 1.000 people have a go.”

“N, No, Master! P, Please wait a little!”

She realized that he meant to provide  blood to them himself, and began to panic.

“Though blood is needed, it is not necessary to supply it everyday. Once a week is sufficient, above all else I’m too undeserving to have Master’s blood. In the neighboring village,in some cases, if I can have one drop of blood from an Ox or horse, it is enough to maintained this one’s shape.”

However, Isshi shakes his head in disapproval,

“It’s difficult to permit that. I don’t want to attract attention as much as possible now, it would be dangerous if we don’t keep quiet. The Hero who was after Seiram may be looking for you. Because, homunculi have a specific trait, it would likely become a rumor immediately if you come in contact with the villagers, and a pursuing party might be appear. It would be the same even if it is horse and oxen blood. Because there will be only a few wild ones, that we would come into contact, eventually you would go to the bred oxen and horses. Then, if you by any chance leave some evidence behind, the owner would become suspicious. From then on it could be traced back to us.”

“But, to receive something like Master’s blood is…”


As Isshi himself doesn’t understand how he could make that kind of voice, he call her name with great force.

(It’s strange, did I have such an aggressive character?) he secretly, felt a sense of discomfort.

He, after being summoned to this world, had times when he didn’t feel   like himself.

(What to say? How should I put it, am I shaken by all of this …?)

But, then he shakes his head to deny such uncomfortable feeling, and continue his words.

“Premier, this is an orders from your Master. Drink my blood.”

With such an aw inspiring command, Premier fluttered, she inched her way, with a passionate gaze, toward Isshi’s held out fingertip.

(Well, I will help a little),  he shallowly tore the tip of his finger using his canines.

[Pukuri]  blood floats on the tip of his forefinger.

And again, he pushed out his finger to Premier.

“Such, such thing is, t-t-thit is rude toward Master. B b but, aa, it would spill.”

Premier who is usually calm and composed had her pale blue hair disordered and her golden pupils in a state of disarray. She brought her face closer to Isshi’s finger, and suck it into her mouth.

Premier grasped the finger in ecstasy and in that moment, with her face flushed, as she lost herself to the intoxicating taste.

While Isshi, looked at her state, and secretly thought,

(This went a little too far.)

While reflecting, he was surprised at the heat that was transmitting from his finger.

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