chapter 006

6. Girls who rule over death, destruction and cleaning.

Guest Editor : johnconstance

The stone that Isshi threw hit the shoulder of the Troll faster than he expected.

And for some reason, a sharp whip-­like sound is heard. Moreover, the Troll has already fallen unto one knee on the spot while raising a scream.

“Guo OOO ooo OOOO!!!?”


While he doesn’t understand that he is the one who have caused it and having a blank expression, both the silver and jet­black hair girls assumed it as a war signal and started running towards the Troll.

Their figures run as fast as lightning and came close to the monster in a blink of an eye.

The figure of Arge, with her fluttering silver hair and at the same time wielding a huge scythe looks exactly like a God of Death while the the Black­-haired Natch; who easily lifted a gigantic tree in her right hand looked like the incarnation of violence.

The match had been settled in an instant, the moment Isshi blinked his eyes.

When the God of Death Arge swung her weapon that doesn’t suit her body size, instantly, both of the Troll’s arms were cut and flew amazingly.

Arge carefully moved her scythe to further carve out the arm, which splashed more blood, to tiny bits that it is barely recognizable to avoid dirtying the ground more. ( I took liberty on this line basing on a MTL myself.)

And the tanned girl Natch, just like her personality, run up straight in front of the Troll and directly slammed the gigantic tree in her hand.

An outrageous roar is echoing and a cloud of dust raised up, engulfing the surrounding flat lands.

But Natch doesn’t seem to be that refined enough to just end it in a single blow.

Again another cloud of dust rouse , as if wanting to beat it again, the thrown gigantic tree this time was raised overhead with both hands to the place where the Troll had collapsed. She put in more power and slammed it down.( I took liberty again on this line basing on a MTL myself.)

But the tree didn’t seem to last this time.

Natch being intoxicated by the fight had having an ecstatic smiling face the instant after bringing the enemy down. The gigantic tree cannot withstand the force used and exploded.

The scattered debris fly to the surroundings. It also flies to where Isshi stood but then he moved his body in a way that he cannot understand as if protecting the girls in the back. Having ascertained that the debris would hit them, he knocked it all down with his hand.

“As expected of our Master. It would be unreasonable to think our forces would fall if we have power like Master’s here. Nevertheless, in addition to being kind, you possess such power. We will work hard to correspond to your kindness.” (I took liberty again on this paragraph basing on a MTL myself and added a few words to smoothen the flow.)

Premier which was next to him is somewhat had an entranced expression and blushing said to Isshi.

But he doesn’t understand. How in the world could he do such a thing.

“No, for me to have such power is …­”

However before he could finish speaking, the girl who has long green hair, Verde, who had spacial  awareness abilities, came and reported the progress of the battle.

“It has ended dayo­. How do I say?. There’s no trace of it(Troll) anymore­”

At her words, everybody turned their gaze in the direction the Troll had been.

But  exactly Verde have said, even as the cloud of dust gradually cleared up, the Troll’s shadow, that boasted a gigantic figure is nowhere to be found.

Rather, a pulped lump of flesh that was so messy that it is seemed to be dropped down to the ground is in place. It’s impossible to even recall its former shape from before.

“How is it Yakata­-sama, our little performance?”

“I’m sorry. I intended to choose a tree as hard as possible but it broke immediately and had scattered. The debris, although  Master shot it all down, somewhat added unnecessary trouble.”

With upturned eyes, the two girls report the aftermath while being a little tense. After thinking various things, he gulped down and patted the two heads while smiling a cramped smile.

Apparently, it seems to be the correct thing to do as both Arge and Natch expressions were getting much more intoxicated compared to before the fight.

And somehow from behind; ””’Even us.””’ ””’If we also take an active part..””’ ””’So jealous.””’

He heard the whispering voices but he did not understand the reason behind it and only felt sharp gazes that pierced his back whilst tilting his head in confusion.

After a while, Premier clears her throat [Ahem] and said.

“It’s going to be alright. Move back both of you. Master, the obstruction ahead have been cleared.

We must arrive at the vacant house before the sun sets. The distance is fairly far away. If we don’t leave soon, then..”

When Isshi nodded, with the 1,000 homunculi girls, he begun to move again in the forest.

. . .

. .


“Is it the vacant house that Verde meant?”

It was just a stone’s throw away as soon as we got out of the forest.

It’s a fort(stronghold) which had been made by stacking up stones. The military seemed to be stationed here in the olden days. But it isn’t being used now and it has been exposed to wind and rain for years, leaving it in a terrible state.

“I’m sorry if it is not suitable in receiving Master.” (e.g. as in the current state of a place in receiving a guest/new owner.)

Verde said and lowering her head apologetically. Isshi (with hesitancy) shakes his head and smiled back to her.

“There doesn’t seem to be any trace of people here for many years and it seems to be able to protect us from the weather. It looks safe and wide so even if 1,000 people enter, it should be OK right? So there is no objection since this place has cleared the conditions. You did well. However, the cleaning won’t be easy though.”

He said so while avoiding an insect near his foot and a spider web that hang close to his face.

“Thank you very much Master.”

She bows her head and goes back to the middle of the girls crowd.

And then for some reason after Verde goes back to her place,

””’So jealous.””’ ””’Even I want to have the opportunity to serve.””’ are heard.

Such words were heard though it is not possible to catch the details because it became noisy for a while.

He then turned his gaze towards the interior(of the fort).

Though it is likely that he would be able to live in this in its current state, to he who was a japanese man and grew up in an fairly ordinary family, the cleanness of the house is natural after all.

That being the case, the present situation can’t be accepted physiologically.

“Premier, I’ll give an important order now, hear it well. It’s an urgent order.”

To his words, she who just arrived at the new base and relaxed a little while reflecting on herself for stopping paying attention before her Master, immediately braced herself again. To each of hiswords, she took the posture of listening closey so she wouldn’t miss anything.

And after thinking about it, she shivered by the words that he spoke. (Note: I believe Premier is the one that shivered as opposed on the original post. Feel free to bypass.)

“You and I and all the members, will be cleaning this fort thoroughly. Today is an all­-nighter!”

End edit.

Silver: only saw a few mistakes here and had to fix the formatting, but other than that nice job.

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