chapter 005

5. The girls with one digit number.

“It’s there.”

Isshi and Premier layed down in the tall grass and by Verde’s hushed voice, turn their eyes to the direction where she said to be cautious.

There, right in the middle of the grassy land, stand a huge monster which had skin of earth-like color, and glaring at the surrounding area.

Apparently, it seemed to be looking for prey.

It had a big lethal club in its hand, and the blood of its previous prey blackened it, it seemed to be impossible for the other party which consisted of a high school boy and innocent girls to go against it.

(There is no problem, as I believed Premier words, but I wonder that it is really okay to came here.)

As he look behind while burdened with such uneasiness, all the homunculi girls in their lowered position ,whim only had golden eyes as a common trait, and trusting the greatness of him.

(No no no no! There is only an uneasy element here)

As he scratch his head, Premier next to him, thought (Why are you so upset?). While not understand the real reason why such expression showed on Isshi’s face.

(Ee, Am I amusing?)

His confusion is growing more and more.

Thus in the same way Premier called Verde,

“Someone having combat skills as a gift among the people of one digit numbers, come here.”

A beautiful sound whispered quietly.

Then, a slightly active girl with silvery hair that seems to be the youngest among the girls, and a girl with raven-black hair and tanned skin which appear unusual among the homunculi stepped forward.

Premier quietly inform the two people.

“Master desires to move to safe place as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the obstruction, can you two do it?”

(No no no no!!!) Was the word that Isshi shouted in his mind.

By all odds, the girls before him, were not able to defeat that huge creature.

When he was about to stop this foolish act, the girl with silver hair opened her mouth.

“Certainly jayo, I who have a one digit number, No. 0004 believe that I can take care of that not so scary monster in a matter of seconds jayo.”

How can you be so confidence, where do you take pull it out of? No, it’s absolutely abrupt. And suddenly a huge sickle appear in the space above her head.

She, while grinning in high spirits, swing the sickle back and forth many time, a  feat not fitting her small physique at all.

With a provocative gaze that doesn’t suit her childish face, she turned towards the Troll monster’s vicinity without it even realizing it.

The other girl with tanned skin,  also showed a dazzling smile.

“I’m glad. The time for me to be useful for Master comes early. Please leave it to me. This one’s pathetic ability is to alter one’s body constitution. Ah, by the way this one is No. 0008.”

When saying so, some kind of aura momentarily ran down her slender child-like arm.

And then, she placed her hand on the large tree next to her.

The earth begin to rumble suddenly.

Isshi panicked thinking there was an earthquake, but understand the cause immediately.

The reason behind the rumbling, was because the big tree got pulled out from the earth with one hand by the tanned girl.

The earthquake was something that was caused by her showed off her power.

“Don’t worry, No. 0004 and No. 0008 can take down the like of that Troll. Master, now, as a supreme being  give the signal to start the battle. Please use this stone, this will startle the monster and allowed the girl to start the attack.”

As Premier says so, a small stone that was easy to throw was already in Isshi’s grip.

Indeed, from a glimpse of their power, it might be easy for the girls to defeat that fearsome monster.

However, there was no change in making the girls proceed to the battlefield.

Is there no other way, despite that the situation can’t be helped.

He called both the fluttering beautiful silver haired and the  raven-black haired girls, and said.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you girls, however to let you two beautiful girls face a monster… Just come back immediately if the situations become dangerous,”

Saying that, he stroked both girls’ head, making them trembling with deep emotion (or excitement).

“What a benevolent Yakata-sama. Yakata-sama we understood. Leave everything to us! We will obliterate that monster without even leaving one speck of dust left.”

“As No. 0004 says! To got picked up by a kind Master (goshujin)! This doll get more then what it deserves! It’s OK, Master, I(Boku) will make it into small pieces in an instant! IN SMALL PIECES!” (TLN:Thank you Guro-san for the correction!)

How come, I seem to have lit up their fighting spirits even more!?

Isshi said unnecessary things and then regretting it.

“Oh, that’s right!”, said the black-haired girl.

“Me and her want to hear our names before fighting, it’s not because we might die, but we who will fight for Master much more from now on, want to remember our first important fight.”

Two people stare intensely at him when they say so.

Oh, it surely was a good idea to name them in hope of victory in the fight.

He give the two, names that came to his mind.

“Arge” as to represent the color of silver of girl No. 0004. (TLN:Thx for the help)

As the girl with jet-black hair he named her “Nacht”, that means the night. (TLN:Thx for the help)

After they smiled in satisfied manner, a ferocious smile like that of carnivorous animal when they found their prey floated on their faces.

When Isshi saw this, he throw the stone that he held in his hand, and hit the Troll’s back with sound [Ctak].

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