chapter 004

4. The hero, ally of justice?

“Chi, were we too late? Where are all the wicked dolls that were said to be here.”

The man who spoke in ill mannered way was young, whose looks were handsome, and had good features.
Soft well-cared for hair and stylish, however, tight and lean muscle attached to his body, that did not correspond to the usual young men in his age group.

“Hoho, … It’s can’t be helped… Seiram’s corpse had already been found under the ruble a while ago, he was a fairly high-ranking dark magician who had tried to revive a wicked evil god in this kingdom many years ago. In the end, the idiot was too preoccupied with his summoning magic, and got squashed by a big boulder. The Evil God’s horn is also nearby. Oh well, even the likes of the continent’s top-class magicians put up protection barriers when losing control over their spells. In addition it was not easy to strike and destroy the protection system that used golems in it. My magical power is also completely emptied. When you fight, you will understand it. Right, Hero Kazami.

[Keh!], a tongue clicking sound was heard, at the preaching of the old man.

“Something like that, I know  already old man. As for the instruction from the Kingdom, they are to disposed of that Seiram guy, and to destroyed all the dolls. But, the traces of the homunculi are no where to be seen . Isn’t it somewhat strange?”

[Hmm], the nodding one called old man is the proud Kingdom’s best magician, who is also the adviser of the Magic Institute, Bazarou Okina.

“Well, as the Hero says. Homunculi are those who move only after a person’s commands it. As it is a product of black magic. The life of 1000 virgin maidens is needed for the revival of the Evil God. Which was the purpose of the 1000 homunculi created here, that is to be sacrificed.”

What on earth was that Seiram thinking.

As there was no time to give instructions to run away at least, it was unlikely.

Okina mutters so, the cave’s rooftop, by the Hero’s blows when he tore up the large magic defense and crushed the mountain when fighting the golems, has collapsed, and was not in any condition were one could go search for the whereabouts of the girls freely.

Okina was able to find the horn of the Evil God that is used for the summoning ceremony, that in the end took the life of Seiram.

At that time, big boulders came falling from the ceiling one after another.

Apparently, the cave is already on the verge of collapsing.

“Shit!!! Investigating more than this is impossible! Oy old man, let’s go out! Quick!”

“Yareyare, the Hero is a really rough employer”

In that moment when such a conversation was happening, the two people already running at high speed, did not  think to return and find the concealed stairs that run deep into Seiram magic workshop.



“Pu ha, what terrible cobwebs. Is Premier and everyone safe?”

To Isshi that asked them, the girls who crept out from the exit of the cave nodded uniformly.

It seems to be daytime in the forest.

Because there are 1000 people, I don’t really know whether all the member are here or not.

“Master, I’m sorry. Please wait a little. No. 00233, come here.”

When Premier said so, the girl who had hung her long green hair in the back, came running at him.


Though the answer was rough,  Premier continued without worrying about it.

“Besides general knowledge that was granted to us by Seiram-sama, each person should have been given one innate magic ability. Although it seems to be an experimental attempt, and assuming it was successful, yours seemS to be spacial awareness, the ability to understand what is in a wide area range, correct?”

To those words, the green haired girl called No. 0233 said,  “That’s right” while nodding and making a banzai pose.

Then, a magic aura extend around just like sonar, but none except the green haired girl,  could sense it.

So, without being perceived by others, the magic is transmitted into sphere like object, as it was her gift to grasp the wide range situation.

“[Grasp], Complete”

“I got it. Then, in case Master wants to know the surrounding circumstances, please ask this No.0233.”

Even though Isshi’s mind was overwhelmed by this development, nevertheless he was still trying to catch up to what the green haired girl said.

“Etto, please take care of me then. That gift or whatever it is, I don’t really understand it well, but I’ll questions it later. For the time being, it’s dangerous because we are in the middle of the forest, and the Hero might be near. Therefore, let’s immediately go to find a safe place to calm down  and plan our  next move. But it will be an uproar if you girls are found by common people. It will be convenient, if there is a place with large vacant land and a big unoccupied house?”

Like that, the girl absentmindedly reply with “It exist yo–“.

“Really? Good, let’s move there immediately. Aa, then, the 1.000 of you must escape quickly without any delay.”

Nodding, all the girls reply with “Yes”

When Isshi was going to start moving at once, for some reason the green haired girl tucked at his sleeve while saying “Master”.

He turn around to face the girl, thinking something was wrong, and saw the girl nervous face and said to him with a pleading tone.

“Anoo, about my name… It’s not fair that only 0001 has one.”

With such anticipation, she stared intently at Isshi.

They should hurry, but to reject a request of such a lovely girl, he just can’t do it.

Well, after thinking a little, he says.

“Your name… from your beautiful green hair, how about Verde?”

Then the girl, muttered [Verde, Verde, Verde] many times, smiling so sweetly and laughed [Ehehe].

“With this, I’m Master’s”

She says so while grabbing his arm tightly.

But, the next moment, Premier pulled them apart while forcing her way through.

“Verde, you have to become accustomed with Master greatness. Running away from this place, above all else is most important. It’s a good thing, that there are no monsters in the surrounding area.”

“Umm” said Verde who was called. And,

“Sorry …. I couldn’t  control my self. The vacant house we are going to, there is a large monster there”

What the heck. When she says monster, is it the kind of monster that would appear in games, those big ferocious monsters.

Isshi and the lovely girls before his eyes might not be able to fight against such things.
If they had weapons, the story might be completely differently, but he that was only doing a test in high school didn’t have anything.

Immediately, before Isshi could suggest to take a detour, Premier said.

“We will exterminate it, and bring Master to safe place as soon as possible.”

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  7. ほほっ、仕方なかろうて。さっき岩の下で見付けたセイラムじゃがな、長年この王国で悪しき邪神を復活させようと活動していたかなり高位な魔法使いじゃっ た。最後は間抜けにも、召喚魔法に気を取られて岩の下敷きになったようじゃがの。邪神の角も近くにあったぞい。まあ、そんな大陸でもトップクラスの魔法使 いが張った防御結界と迷わしの呪文。それにゴーレムどもを使った防衛機構を打ち崩すのは容易ではなかった。わしの魔力もすっからかんじゃよ。おぬしだって 戦ってよく分かっておろう。のう、勇者カザミよ

    Hoho, … It’s can’t be helped… Seiram corpse is already found under the rock a while ago, he is a fairly high-ranking dark magician who had tried to revive a wicked evil god in this kingdom many years ago. In the end, this idiot is too preoccupied with his summoning magic, and got squashed by a big boulder. The Evil God’s horn is also nearby. Oh well, even the likes of continent’s top-class magician put up protection barrier when losing control over his spell. In addition it was not easy to strike and destroy protection system that used golem in it. My magical power to is also completely emptied. When *you fight, you will understand it. Right, Hero Kazami.

    Ashiki Jashin: Wicked Evil God… it’s redundant in English but well…
    The Evil God is summoned by infusing its horn with magic and sacrifice (see chapter 1)


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