chapter 003

3. To the surface for light

“It’s kinda bad, isn’t it?”

Isshi stand while dripping in cold sweat, in front of all the girls that bowing their head. And,

“”Your Order, Master””

They say it in unison, like it was intentional, and overwhelm him.

However, the cave keeps shaking between such greeting.

It seems that it’s not long before it totally collapse.

“It’s not the time to be surprised. Though I do not understand it well, but, anyway, we must somewhat escape from here. Oh, you said something like hero awhile ago? Speaking of hero, it’s something like ally of justice. Maybe I should ask help from that person”

To the question, the girl who had thin blue hair that introduces herself as No. 0001, turn her golden pupil to him and nodded.

“It is so. When I place myself in Master place, I think that idea is good. Our disposal will not troubling that person.”


The girl agreed with me while saying some dangerous word (it means dying right).

“In this is Ibuhl Kingdom, no all country on Mitolshia continent, the existence of us Homunculus is said abominable. Long ago in far olden days, we who were product of magic by the devil worshiper, is treated sufficiently as a slave. However, the possibility to be discarded is high. Then messenger of justice that arrive, is Iburu Kingdom hero.  Master should use the best of us.”

EEEEHHH!!!, He raise his voice to the unjust situation.

However, she nevertheless continue speaking.

“Master is a victim due to the failure of different world summoning. In the Kingdom, they seems to have warm reception and protection toward people that summoned for various reason, because of that, be relieved, please. It liberated master from pains to dealing doll like us.”

The girl seems to be saying it seriously that it is correct, that Isshi should goes to the hero.

However, he refused without hesitation.

“Something like that is completely no good. It’s out of question.”

When he said so, the girl looks puzzled for not understands his meaning and manner.

“Why is it? Though it is surely the best method to save Master life. In addition, if one think about the life in the future, the protection of the Kingdom on oneself in various way is convenient.”

Isshi sighed greatly while crossing his arm.

“Though I’m good, do you really OK to be killed or being enslaved? Such thing, somehow until you girls are able to live yourself, look after me until the end. Besides, from what you said while ago, even you have human rights. As for me, particularly as believer of justice I can’t leave it at that, or at least as a man by any standard, I can’t see pretty girls like you get killed and leave it at that.”

When he say that, the girl open her eyes wide, surprised, after calming down from her surprised state, she covered her face.

Oops, I wonder if spoke a little bit too much.

After all, I slip out as a man because the other party is a pretty girl.

“Eetto, because of that reason, I understand your troubles. As for Master order …., no request. Therefore there is no need to have protection of the hero. Let’s escape from here from another way.”

From the girl words, all the girls nodded simultaneously.

“”We received your order, Master. We from now on, will serve Master with all of our power. There is a camouflage passage that lead to outside in the inner part. Let’s hurry, and get out.””

As they said that, and all of them begun to move.

Homonculus girls of 1000, with blue hair, red hair, green hair, long hair, short hair, their physique seems to be also slightly different respectively. But it was a too unrealistic scene that all the members had golden eyes, and the 2,000 beautiful eyes twinkled between dim skies which only the torch lighted up.

“Then, Master, excuse my impoliteness. Please follow me.”

Says the first girl, while griping Isshi’s hand.

The cave is already at its limit. He follows the girl without opposing.

However, I had a feeling that I heard voices such as [dirty] [cunning] [enviable] from behind for some reason.

Isshi looks back unintentionally, but all the girls gives smile that so beautiful just like an angel smiling.

He turn to look ahead, and think it’s only his imagination.

And I called out the girl before my eyes.

“Which reminds me, I haven’t heard your name. What is your name?”

However, the girl looks troubled.

“Name… is it? I’m sorry, we who are homonculus don’t have a name. As I said before, please call me by management number No. 0001.”

To her answer that confuse Isshi, he racks his brain.

And he said after thinking for a while.

“Alright, then I will give you all name. And because I can’t name 1000 of you at once, let’s start from you. And so, because I’m the first person that you met recently, how about Purumie!.”

The girl face hardened in an instant after hearing his words, but afterward, showed a smile that newer showed until now.

“Me as a homunculus given a name, is really unbelievable. Thank you very much. I will cherish it forever.”

Then a feeling that was stronger than a while ago, felt like piercing his back for some reason.

Isshi rushed in the dark cave while admiring Purumie beautiful smile, while somehow breaking in a cold sweat.

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    “And so, because I’m the first person that you met recently, how about Purumie” are u sure her name is purumie? guro has her name translated as prime which would make sense since she is the first to be named.


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